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Quote: Originally Posted by The Ernesto lol. 'Where do I get C&J hand grades? What do you think of these Edward Green split toes? blah blah blah... Lol, thankfully I have to save up for a wedding, so won't be asking either of those 2 questions in the next year at least! *Sigh* ... my spending is being rigorously monitored. I was thinking of buying a plain blue button-down +J shirt NWT online, but my fiance told me 'No way, you've already...
I always use them on dress shirts. I put them in straight after I iron, it's such a routine now that I never forget.
Quote: Originally Posted by RogerC Every tint in the brown range will go, from cream/beige/tan until dark chocolate. Blue trousers don't get much love on this forum, but you might pull it off, depending on shirt/tie combinations. Grey trousers: only if you are able to create enough contrast between jacket and trousers. I'm wondering ... match it with navy pants, pink shirt, mid / dark brown shoes and belt. Could work!
Interesting reading all the conversation about shoes, especially some of the comments about Loake. I have three pairs from the Shoemaker collection: a Kew in black, a Tweed in burnished calf and an Ayr 2 in black. I would have liked to step up to 1880 collection, but unfortunately I need a G fitting. Having said that, I'm very happy with the ones I have. They are made well enough and to my eyes at least, look great. I'm sure there are much better shoes, but these are...
I drive a 2006 Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart ( and a Daihatsu Sirion GTVi ( ... both such fun cars. The Colt is way more capable, but there's something charming about the little Daihatsu.
Quote: Originally Posted by grouper Considering gaining weight to buy these... Yeah me too, I'm a 32 and was so sad to see the actual waist measurement. Bump for some of the nicest light wash jeans I've seen.
Uniqlo S-002 size 31 - what's the actual waist (pulled taut with no dip) and inseam measurements?
Sorry, but I disagree. They're nice jeans, and well worth $120. $57 was just a ridiculously low price! Anyway, let the market determine how much these go for ... free bump. Quote: Originally Posted by lxlfeng I hope u didn't get your mwac jeans from the 57 dollar sale a few weeks back, Cos if you did, selling at 120 is a rip off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gutman damned if you do, damned if you don't with jeans that stretch this much. the sizes seem pretty accurate for the unstretched jean. i think it's probably easier to get your head around sizing down for something you know will stretch, than buying something which seems to be the right size but is tight as buggery. I'd have to disagree with this, a size 32 unstretched measuring at a 34 waist for example, and...
Man that's thick leather.
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