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Quote: Originally Posted by feliks in osaka for the month with a store within biking distance. just checked the site to see what they have, it seems kind of underwhelming. what's the quality like on the cargo pants? they're one of the few kinda cool things i noticed. If they are the slim fit cargos, like the ones I bought here, the quality is great and the fit excellent! Just size down 1 from your true waist measurement, I'm a 32 true...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Im not saying I want to change my image or instantly become CBD overnight. Im saying that I find myself making many mistakes when pairing fits with SC's, mostly too much color/pattern/boldness, therefore I think I should eliminate them from my diet until I feel ready for them again. Right now, looking back at my last few SC looks and suit looks, there is a clear difference in what I felt worked. Edit: nvm,...
I vote for the summer version. I've got one of the Belstaff racing bloussons in an antiqued / burnished tan. It's the summer version with silk lining, and I love the versatility. I can wear it through autumn and spring with a shirt underneath, and adding a warm knit, gloves and scarf is enough for the winter (which can pretty cold here in Canberra).
Yeah, easy ... as long as you only need to dress casual, and shoes aren't included. 1 x nice mid to light grey denim 1 x mainly red-toned plaid button-down shirt 1 x royal blue-ish check button-down shirt 1 x sky blue cashmere v-neck sweater 1 x navy harrington jacket Just add a natural leather belt to wear in + a nice pair of brown boots and you're good to go ... albeit with all of only 4 (6 if you count wearing both the sweater + jacket as additionals) possible...
Anyone else in Sydney for CeBIT conference at the moment? Interesting so far ... Edit: and if so, be sure to visit Redoak, best beer anywhere by far ... a must-visit for me every time I come here.
I really like my CT shirts ... Have about 15 - 20 from various iterations of the 'tailored fit' range. I'm 183cm, 75 kg, 38 chest, 32 waist (actual measurement) ... they fit just well enough to not need any alterations, and last really well for me (although I do have an approx 30 shirt rotation). For some reason they're slightly harder to iron than some of my other shirts though. But seriously, for roughly $150 shipped for 4 shirts when you catch a deal the value is far...
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Leather jackets have never really appealed to me. In a way, a lot of the ones I see in fit-pics don't either. I think a lot are pretty new and need a lot of good, honest wear to really shine. I think in 5 years they'll look much better. I only really like the cafe racer styles myself.
I always wear a sleeveless undershirt / singlet with dress shirts. To me there's nothing worse than seeing slightly transparent shirts on people in a business setting with nothing underneath, and it definitely helps the shirts last longer.
PM'd you on Reiss trousers, Polo madras shorts & burberry tie ... thinking about the FCUK jacket as well :-(
They look awesome, why are you selling?
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