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What do you enjoy the most? For me that's basketball, so it's how I keep in shape. I hit the gym most days for a year once, and just couldn't keep it up because there was no love. But with bball, I reckon I could play all day, every day, and still want more. So go for what you love!
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the info, I just ordered a pair from Context. I'm a 32" true waist, so ordered a size 30 for a slim / straight fit. Can't wait 'til they arrive!
I like their silk/cashmere knits for the price, got a nice lightweight zip cardigan.
Received my APC shirt and Hilfiger sweater from acl1 today. The garments were exactly as described, shipping was nice and fast and I found acl1 to be a very friendly seller.
This is true! Especially if you wear boxers rather than briefs ... the 511 is the pair of pants that made me switch to briefs, to avoid being squished in rather weird and uncomfortable ways and directions! Quote: Originally Posted by robbie the difference between 511 and 514 denim models is the 511 and 510 are for people who prefer to choke their balls, whereas the 514 is roomy enough to prevent such a tragedy from happening.
2009 was the first year I really paid any attention to sartorial matters. Thanks to everyone for a very informative forum here! There's been a lot of purchases this year, both good and bad, as I've rebuilt / diversified my wardrobe. I was also surprised how much stuff I had in my closet that simply didn't fit when going through for a cleanout. Best purchase: - Very happy with lots of purchases, but on value, a pair of nice dark Saba straight leg jeans has to win ($14 AUS...
Not sure what size you are, but I've got one of these (http://cgi.ebay.com.au/MATINIQUE-V-N...1#ht_589wt_940) ... really nice! Very lightweight though. Edit: Sorry, missed the post where you said you were a size small, this one's too big.
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