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Quote: Originally Posted by ohyoumad Ok..I've been wearing these for about 8 months. Sat in something that turned the pocket red. What should I use to remove the stain? They're dirty, you should wash them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doug11 Ended up buying some "aimish" black leather belts form flea bay - i'll post what they are like when they arrive. I think I bought the same ones. Are they the dress belts? Mine are really good for the price, although for some reason the brown is more substantial than the black.
Quote: Originally Posted by ColonialBoy I'm an education student & need some cheap nice stuff - thats for the info! Tried posting in some other threads and found people here very snooty. Where I will be working sporting a $10 tie is considered way overdressed. No worries at all, you can find some decent stuff at good prices during LE sales. Just have to be a bit selective, I've got some things I'm really happy with and others not so...
Crap, couldn't resist buying these in the LEC sale: Men's Long Sleeve Vintage Fleece Crew - in charcoal for bumming around at home, yay for no giant PUMA etc logos all over the front! Men's Canvas Lace-up Shoe - in navy, I already have the white ones and for the price they're great. Men's Short Sleeve Heritage Mesh Polo - in navy $79.97 shipped - hope they work out!
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I can see $25. Espresso back in LA goes for $2-$6 depending on the coffee bar. At least for me, my machine paid for itself in a couple of weeks, I mean, several months. Yeah, I paid $1300 for a Rancilio Rocky machine / Silvia grinder combo about 3 years ago now. Man that was painful at the time (stepping up from $1xx machines) ... but 3 years later I have to say, so worth it. Has easily paid for itself...
They are very chunky and ugly IMO. They will look bad with everything, including running shorts. But at least with running shorts, if you are running, they may be useful.
S. Paul: fantastic transaction (R&B RB15 jeans) ... really helpful seller, great communication, jeans exactly as described.
*sigh* yeah ... Looking through his blog / tumblr again, just some awesome stuff. Thi shirts, belts and wallets are beautiful! If only I'd come across it earlier. Anyone know of anything similar that's still available?
Reviving a very old thread just to say ... I've been wearing my Esef Sky every day this week (on training for work so can wear casual), and am loving them more and more each day. Nice soft, heavy denim with a really interesting look. Mine have been tapered a little and the fit is perfect. Have to say, I'm really loving the higher rise as well. Still no washes yet, but they're starting to feel a little like I should. Anyone else still wearing these? If only the Esef guy...
Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr 1. There is no amazing place for fashion in Singapore. 2. Hot oriental chicks. Super hot chicks. Hot chicks. WHERE. 3. SPGs are mostly nasty looking. If you go out enough, you would know. 4. Girls who don't wear little. And those who wear less are the ones who should cover up more. Only reason to stop by in Malaysia is because everything's so cheap. That is if you can stand the smell of sewers everywhere...
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