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Not really, when you consider the price of a pair of white socks, and the level of information washing with them gives you about colour bleed ...
Awesome, just what I'm after! Measurements?
Lol I'd better clarify. Coming up in March I've got a church wedding in Australia and the traditional banquet wedding in Singapore ... with the same girl though.
Make do with what I've got.
Just hammer them, don't worry about it. Then when the sole wears down too far replace it.
Yeah, I'm in. Getting married (twice) + renovations = broke.
Bugger, it's hard to remember exactly when I bought what. So, limiting it to strictly what I remember I bought in 2011 (there's been a lot of delicious wine) I'd have to say my best purchases was Land's End Canvas. Sizing down to S (slim true M in reality) they are warm, comfy and just plain awesome. I've got light and dark grey marle, both are awesome, bought both for my fiance as well, which she loves. Great for bumming around in jeans and tee. Denim-wise I've been...
Possibly very true. I definitely find that for myself, even on a condensed timeframe say 2 instead of 5 years. After a while of learning things become effortless right? But then I don't think I've ever posted a WAYWT so hard to agree or disagree with me factually. I'd be interested to hear your experiences though.
I've got these in a 32 and they're awesome jeans, someone buy! The fabric feels great and the fit is perfect. Nice and slim without that skin-tight calf look. Good luck with the sale!
Depends on how dark the navy is. I've got a lighter navy shade blazer, and it looks good with my light grey, light brown or white jeans. And nice tan boots ... or cream canvas shoes (bluchers, not sneakers).
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