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Thanks for replying so promptly, Master Squirrel and landshark. Thank God, I keep e-mail records of my requested specs. I will have to wear the tuxedo tonight and next week so it looks like it will have to do.
This may seem like a stupid question, but I just wanted to be sure in case I was incorrect. I had ordered a tuxedo from Mr.Ned and specified peak lapels. I got this and threw it straight into my closet without checking. Now that I really sit down and look at it, it seems like I got a tuxedo with a notched lapel. Please confirm that my inexperienced eyes aren't mistaking a peak lapel for a notched one. Thanks in advance
Cool, thanks for the replies, guys.
I keep reading about how PS with rolled edges are "better", but I don't see any particular reason why. My understanding is that apparently rolled edges are impossible to do by machine (aka it requires handwork), but is that pretty much the only reason why it's considered "better"? If anything, I would logically think that a non-rolled edge would create a cleaner profile which would be preferrable? Is the purpose of the rolled edge to give it some visual "flair" like a...
Not really, even if it was faux pas to wear an orphaned suit jacket and my Mr.Ned suit jacket/sportcoat/whatever it is was considered an orphaned suit jacket, I'd still wear it as much as I currently do.I'm just on here trying to learn stylistic rules; it doesn't mean I follow them or even care.In fact, I really don't care about style at all.I only do so because I think these are things a well rounded man should know, especially with regards to formal attire.That, and also...
I know the pictures aren't very good, but if you saw me wearing this, would you think it was an orphaned suit jacket or a sportcoat?Based upon that reasoning my sportcoat is looking more and more like a suit jacketSounds like I got an orphaned suit jacket made
Sorry for the thread revive, but I figured a thread revive would be better than starting a new thread and getting a bunch of "use the search button" responses. I'm still confused as to what the real difference is between a suit jacket, sport coat, and a blazer. Specifically, from what I gather, a solid navy sport coat with matching colored buttons made on the formal side is essentially the same as a suit coat. I only ask because I got a sport coat/blazer, whatever the...
No, apparently logical reasoning isn't your's.To you, adequate physical strength + maturity = okay to ride a 600cc, 1000cc, or let's take it to the logical conclusion of a 1400cc bikeTo me, skill/experience + maturity = okay to ride a 600cc, 1000cc, or let's take it to the logical conclusion of a 1400cc bikeDo you need to retake basic high school algebra or are you able to figure out what I mean when I say "adequate physical strength" is not equal to skill/experience.
Fine, "adequate physical strength" is not a replacement for skill/experience.I would think that would be obvious to even a mentally challenged individual Start on a 250, you can generally sell it back for roughly what you paid for it, unless you overpaid in the first place
As always, maturity does NOT equal skill/experienceRIding a motorcycle safely requires both maturity AND skill/experience.Larger CC bikes require more skill/experience to safely handle because the margin for error is much smaller.The bikes are generally heavier and thus harder to handle,The greater power means that that it is that much easier to give too much throttle be it in a corner or even straight up and down.For instance, a new rider can be as mature as they want,...
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