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Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Heh. I appreciate your sentiments completely, but you can't hold onto that ideal. But right now they are the possibility of every perfect pair of jeans you've always hoped for. Yet they must inevitably become the amazing pair of jeans they're intended to be, with all their flaws. That's hidden inside of them. You must release one and accept the other, my little grasshopper. And to release them, you must...
Ya, my resistance is basically due to the fact that the soak will introduce wrinkle and fold where I have (semi-caustic) pristine, flat denim. They're like the Platonic ideal of jeans right now. That said, why go through the pain twice?
Sigh. I am resisting soaking them as they have that amazing new jean stiffness. Want to enjoy it a bit, but maybe I'll give in and run a hot bath for 'em when I get home from work. And then suffer when I try and get them on again.
Iron Heart 634S.
Weird, the Self Edge site says there should be some minor shrinkage. I guess I'll find out soon enough.
Quote: Oh, if those are one-wash, you won't be getting any additional shrink. Really? I thought I'd still get some out of hot water, just that it would be minor (which is really all I need).
Quote: Wish there was some kind of thigh measurement I could take and compare to the measurements on SE Couldn't you just measure a pair of pants you own? Just bought the 634S's myself as my first pair of premium. Looking forward to the whole process.
Quote: If you haven't soaked yet, you're wasting your time getting them to stretch out before soak. All break-in should really be done after soaking. Really? The waist is already relaxing a bit. I know it'll shrink back up, but the gymnastics I am going through to get them on (and I am practically sleeping in 'em) are sort of ridiculous. I was told they should stretch up to a size in the waist after a few weeks, so my plan was to get that done, then...
Quote: good place to get into it man. self edge rules Yeah, the guys were awesome. Knowledgeable and friendly. I totally felt good with what I bought walking out of there. Quote: Right on! Such an awesome brand to sink your teeth into. Good call. I hope you love 'em. Fit pix plz. Maybe in a few weeks. The waistband needs to break down a bit; right now they're seriously tight. Apparently there'll be some give. Then I need to soak 'em...
Just wanted to post a thanks for all the answers. Finally tool the plunge today after a trip into Self Edge (great shop with great staff). I asked about Onis but after trying on a pair of Iron Hearts, I was sold. These things feel like they could stop bullets, and durability's one of the things I was looking for. The Onis are next...
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