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5 Pairs of denim up for sale or possible trades. Acne Generic Boy one wash made in Italy. Never worn, no tags. a little grime on the bottom of one cuff on one leg but shouldn't matter because it has a 36" inseam. Haven't tried to clean it. SOLD Tagged 29/34 Waist 16 Rise 11 Inseam 36 Hem 7.75 Men Without a Country . Bought of forum a while ago. Worn very little. Hidden rivets, nice denim/details. Beautiful denim but the weirdest crotch ever, hence the cheap price. Wish...
Dereks is a good shop and he always does a nice job on resoles and what not. Recommended. Anybody know a decent tailor downtown for suit alterations? I have a suit I need work on and want it done right.
If you want a dance party you gotta go to the East side. Branx, Rotture or the Holocene usually have good weekend nights, but sometimes they have other kinds of shows. Its a cheap cab ride over or you can take the 14 or 15 bus across the river. Grab a copy of the Portland Mercury or the Willamette Week (the free papers) and you can find out what's going on.
Does reveille stock anything interesting Sugar Cane stuff? I haven't gone there yet. Local 35 has great sales all of the time, their staff is friendly enough. My favorite low key place to drink on the East Side other than what that has been mentioned was the basement back when you could smoke inside (its still pretty good). The Roadside Attraction has a good porch for sunny days. Chin Yen down the street from Beauhaland has the cheapest bucket of liquor for cheap. Circa 33...
Got the Crate's right away, as described. Bump for legit seller.
I have a friend who has this problem. She coats her belt buckles with clear nail polish and it works for her. She also has to coat the back of the buttons on her jeans with it too. Maybe try this or another clear coat rather than find a belt you probably won't like.
Might be willing to proxy as long as it doesn't become complicated. PM me and let me know what you are looking for. Their stock is low, especially on shoes.
Drop. Uniqlo 5 dollars off and R&B and Acne 10 dollars off.
I have the following for sale currently but would love to trade for some grey denim that is not too slim that will end up with a 32.5 inch waist and at least a 33 inch inseam. Prefer selvedge, lightly worn raw (N&F, 3sixteen ect). Willing to trade multiple pairs for one... Let me know what you have.
pm'd about the AE. Good seller too.
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