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My eybrows are really weird. Half of my eyebrow looks fine, but the other half pretty much has no hair inside and only a contour of hair around. From afar it looks as if I shave parts of my eyebrows. Is there anything to do about this apart from surgery (1000's of $)?
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Me no get. Your hair is closely cropped to your head. What hair cut options do you really have other than a military style buzz cut or drawing "666" into the back of your head with a pair of buzz shears? BTW, the guy in the red bow tie in the back - he ended up yacking by the end of the night, didn't he? well it's been 1 month and 2 weeks since first picture, so my hair is a bit longer now. It looks...
Hello, I want to start taking care of my hair. Here are my pictures: first one after haircut, 2nd one week later. So, what would be the best haircut for me guys? I also want advice about hair products. I currently have gel and pomade. I have problem with keeping my hair up - I usually apply gel or pomade after shower and my hair looks great because of shape and wet look, but it ends in 10 minutes. I was thinking of getting fix spray and hairdryer in order to help me...
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