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I just picked up the Zara cotton trousers in several colors. Great fit. Highly recommend
Where did you get them for 62? Quote: Originally Posted by wqvong Hey guys, Just got these in for 62.00$. Not bad, a little loose in the thigh area, but overall what I expected for Levis 514 cut. I just tuck in the excess length, I'm 30 inseam. Fit pics:
Saw one at Gap in Fremont yesterday. Also saw a couple in Macys. Couldn't help noticing since I was wearing my purple gingham (BR)
If I measure from the button to the bottom seam for the rise, I'm getting 8.75" for the selvedge and 9" for the tumbled rigids. I've owned the tumbled rigids for quite awhile and they stretched quite a bit. I'm not sure if they stretch length wise on the rise. Also, the selvedge version does not seem to stretch nearly as much as my tumbled rigids (at least not as quickly). Some of you mentioned you liked the feel of the tumbled rigids. The selvedge makes my...
They feel the same as my tumbled rigids, but when I get back from my trip this weekend, I'll take measurements to compare and try to do some fit pics with both the tumbled rigids and the selvedge versions. I'm only 5'6" and I imagine they're hemmed down to about 29-30" or so. They're probably looser than on someone who is 6' but I don't consider them 'loose'. I'll let you guys decide once I post pics.
These are hemmed since I'm pretty short. Fit pics once I clean my place...
Just got a pair from the Levis shop. I'm a big fan of the 514 cut and the selvedge version is great. The only pair of premium jeans I own are the Iron Heart SEXIH07 which are made of a really heavy denim and totally different cut so I can't really compare them to the 514 selvedge. I'd be interested to hear how people compare them to another jean of similar cut and denim weight, but overall I'm happy with these. There are a few more details than the regular 514s. I'll...
Try longer (and maybe thicker) socks. I haven't had any ankle issues since I bought my pair. Here's my pair with a couple coats of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP. I think they look great with the darker color.
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