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Most fabric shrinks from its manufactured state somewhat in the first and (to a lesser extent) subsequent washes. That's why seamstresses/seamsters will "pretreat" by washing their fabric before constructing the garment -- it prevents distortion later. However, you can't do that with denim and still call it "dry." Fortunately, woven cotton stretches-to-fit quite readily.
Quote: Originally Posted by sbbbjm if you live in a humid climate, DON'T hang them outside over night. they just endup being all gross and damp and the smell intensified by morning Yeah, I wouldn't put them out overnight at all. Don't want bugs in there. Just air them out a bit.
Yeah, just make sure fresh air hits them when you take them off. Don't throw them into clothes mountain or something. It's nice outside here; I just stick them outside once in a while too to ozonate them a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Anamoly Ok thanks Eh, Im not sorting through all those pages. If anyone has a quick answer id appreciate it... Look at other old jeans of similar fit you have. The fading will be the same but a higher contrast. More importantly though: they will smell much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Kill yourself for putting a hoodie on a dog. Blame the gf. :-P But if I weighed 2.5lbs I'd want to have somebody dress me too.
Your opinions on a people-sized version of this?: (obviously without the "security" embellishment and rivetry) My understanding is that it is stonewashed black hoodie, but I'm not sure that accounts for the bleaching (and overdyed?) effect that makes it brown. All I know is I think it would look good as a zip up hoodie, perhaps with that copper/brass/aluminium Riri zippper they have. . . How off base am I here?
Born Judsons. Amazingly comfy. Make you look taller too (even though they're flat shoes. . . ). Zappos link: http://www.zappos.com/n/bs?q=7224590
Altering Men's Ready to Wear: http://www.maryroehr.com/altering-me...y-to-wear.html Supposed to be decent. Haven't seen it yet myself.
I took one. One of my favorite classes ever. Just don't expect to be doing complicated stuff in one semester. Typical projects will be a pillowcase, scrubs, shaped pillow (mine was a heart), and that sort of thing. You'll basically learn the terminology and tools of the trade. This will likely be the text for the course (and following courses if you so desire): http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Sewin.../dp/0762104201 It's cheap for how much information it contains. If...
Quote: Originally Posted by j Haha, I vaguely remember that. (BTW, what ever happened to Bjorn?) But this is a different situation. AFAIK there is no cotton equivalent to high twist/double twist wool yarns. However, any woven material cut on the bias (pieces cut so the yarns run diagonally instead of horiz/vert) will have some stretch in the horizontal/vertical directions. So, I was thinking that cutting the yoke and the back on the bias might help...
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