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Always nice,@NOBD What's the actual price?Thanks in advance
US sites always have bigger % due to different currency.
I definitely agree, Loake are very good shoes until compared side by side with superior shoes, the BIG difference is in the lasts- volumes- shapes, they make a huge difference in quality and beauty feeling, definitely more than materials used.For example when I put my Cannon on capital last next to my EG on 82 last, the loake last (and especially heel shape and heel height) look ridiculously coarse.Forgiving the comparision and wearing them they are surely nice, albeit...
^ENJOYCOLORS, related to dreambox items 10,15, 20 % off
Yes, they are the Loake Jack
100% Sanders, essentially an Archie model but on Stet last
Talking of PRL Corneliani Pants, which is the slimmer cut between Regent and Preston? Thanks in advance
Consider that the "final sale" thing is valid only for the USA market as far as I know. Probably it depends from the fact the items sent from Italy to USA, and next returned from customers, never returns in stock worldwide but remains available only on USA website from the american wharehouse. By the way, don't take returns at all in this way, doesn't sound like a good decision...but they know what's its better for them for sure.
I've compared the prices many times between different countries (it's very easy, just change the 2 letters that identify the country in the item url) and honestly I noticed that US prices are almost always higher than IT site or generally Eu sites.But maybe for some brands it's the opposite.Code are 20% instead 15% only for the different currency, a 20% in dollars it's almost the same discount than a 15% in euro.
^The Rugby one is Women size, but the buttoning side is correct for men, probably a "boyfriend coat" inspired kind of thing, like boyfriend blazer etc. nut uncommon for the brand.
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