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Thanks!@Sander: Yes they are chinos (Rugby University Chinos in Light Khaki)
Thanks, yes very good monks, I am very happy with fit and shape.Originally the colour was more uniform and lighter, I've darkened toes and heels a bit.Unfortunately I am not familiar with 348 last which I know it's a last where some people went TTS or size down.
Eidos Napoli Kamakura Equus Rugby RL Loake
Cannon Maiden Voyage:
Collar Point:Brooks Brothers OCBD : 8,5 cmIvy Chambray: 8 cmKamakura Regular Oxford: 9,5 cmhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/333221/kamakura-shirts-madison-ave-store/380_10#post_6617910
Absolutely,My post was simply a report of the obvious factory point of view...open to be commented.
Yes, at first I thought the same, but why do this with a boot where the tongue it's so long that it's easily handleable outside, even with an hand underside that cover the lining?
A very curious pic of an Islay uppers before lasting shows the smart way used by C&J to reduce hide waste: The hidden tongues are probably all cutted from a dark brown hide massively used, the rest in the same tan of pembroke coniston etc, matched in the finishing room. From a nice C&J factory tour by Gentleman's Gazette
About Gemming Failure, from a nice C&J Factory Tour by Gentleman's Gazette:
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