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DPD is a network of couriers: In UK DPD services are handled by Parcelforce, here in Italy by BTR, etc.You should search what is the courier in your country.
That pair doesn't have the best color combination (in my opinion)and not sure of how shell could work on a deck shoe.I was talking of this model: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12752234Probably the most refined REAL Deck Shoes on the marketYou can ask Rancourt to custom made them for you with your prefered detailsThe JL it's a great shoe, but it's more a dress shoes than a boat shoes,Are they welted? I don't know but they look like they are, so they...
Rancourt, and see also ralph lauren boat shoes made by them. Car shoe made some very refined deck shoes in the past, I don't know if they offer some model these days.
Your jacket it's from their "younger" line, a recent fashion oriented line, with very slim fit also in my experience.(However it could be even a model for asian market)They offer / offered also a tradional fit in their full cut paddock jackets.
Never handled them but from the pictures they seem pretty cheap, and with false moc-construction (pre-punched holes)Yoox and Amazon are full of Sperry/sebago/timberland at discount price, if you want a boat shoes buy a real one.
NEWLOOK2010% off for 1 item15% off for 2 items20% off for 3 or more items
^Amazing sunglasses, deets? Thanks in advance
Really? It's already low, considering the nature of the brand.The fit it's great, enjoy it!
I didn't know the print trick, but I've always seen the accepted amount visiting the ended listing from mobile site.
Great Jacket
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