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To me both seem to be leather problem and not cracked finish (Galway less pronunced)Where I can find Bick4 online in Europe? (curious to try it)
You should try the MdO Lotion, ime far better that Reno for regular care of well mantained shoes where Reno is "too much". Anyway, I would ask you a sizing advice for Last 184. I wear 8F on the 82 last, should I stick with 8F or try the 8E? Thanks in advance
They are made by Sanders, you should try to list them with McNairy and Sanders in the title.
These are gorgeousWhat last are they?Thanks
I saw that listing, and I remember that difference, it was clearly visible. So it isn't seller fault, subs pairs have SUBS stamped on the sole, good price anyway.
^ Frame.jp in Japan
For Sale is a pair of: Ralph Lauren Marlow Penny Loafers Dark Brown Horween Shell Cordovan Fully Leather Lined and with Double Leather Soles Handmade in England by Crockett & Jones Last 314 Size US 10, E Width The shoes are in perfect pristine conditions, never worn and never tried-on Supplied with their Original Box and Shoe Bags Retail Price 995$ Pictures: Payment via Paypal in Euro Feel free to ask me any questions, also about sizing or...
Yes indeed,However a mahogany brown as intermediate shade would be better to create more depth.Apply only few thin layers of creams, saphir cream is seriously very pigmented.I made mistakes in the past abusing with its use.Try to use more the wax which is easier to remove in case of error.Use black only on toes/ heels.Hope this help.
Two nice Drake's sweaters: @4saken http://www.styleforum.net/t/508659/ @Collector23 http://www.styleforum.net/t/508655/
I've recently re-joined the club, finally found the perfect fit with US E width I have forgotten how beautiful is this colour in the sun... Best penny loafer ever...
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