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Some craziness in last posts about the marlow... chunky, unsexy, unattractive...
Psa for the black/bronze Galway lovers http://instagram.com/p/qupzTxFUoK/
Just received my first Meermin, ordered 4 July, very quick service. Happy to have ordered the right size , never had luck with loafers I am impressed with them, fit and width are very good, comfortable with no heel slippage at all. Sole and welt finish are nicely done, the only negative things I noticed are: Inconsistent Suede Nap, but this was largely expected. Toe counters are rigid and very visible One of the shoes have the back taller than the other one. However...
Final Colour only depends from burnishing /finish process.Probably they will call the factory asking to finish a pair darker or, if done locally, the "shoe doctor" will darken them with usual cream & polish, or maybe brush & dye (but I doubt)
I think that do an MTO only to have Dark brown it's a totally a waste of money! Coniston and Islay almost certainly start from the same colour, here you can see a pic of the Dark brown Islay in the making before finish: http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/An-Islay-boot-awaiting-lasting.-The-boot-will-eventually-be-stained-to-match-the-tongue-845x634.jpg You should consider also that Pembroke/Coniston Tan could be from very light to very very...
I really like the Han Timeless Clip On Sunglasses, Before buying them, are there similar alternatives? I am looking for a clip on / or acetate + metal double bridge glasses I've seen great Oliver Peoples but from collaborations no longer made. Thanks in advance
Cheaney it's 10 step above AE, and in my opinion on par with Carmina. Some recent models, quality and finish are great for the price. Never understand the comparision between AE and english/european brands... Every AE pattern/style it's soooo bad designed... Take for example a Mora Double monks and put them next the Loake, Cheaney , etc counterpart....totally different challenge....
They changed also the polo label now in mid blue with gold font. I've seen the sport coat and suit added online. Sport coats are advertised as made in italy, suits as imported There's a chanche they are corneliani made to lower standard in italy or usual standard but in slovakia. Seeing the pictures every small details looks familiar and corneliani made, such as the machine stitching at the brest pockets, etc. Here the new label:
Wilton it's 100% fully leather lined
Many lasted shoe tree don't fill the vamp all around, without touching the lining in many areas How can do that a small plastic shoe tree, occluding lining pores?? I regularly use spring plastic shoe tree in some shoes and they are perfecty fine, I simply leave the shoes dry a bit before putting them overnight. The only negative thing is that they leave a mark on insole at the toe, if anyone care.
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