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It's simply one of the many RL intepretations of the C&J penny, based on the 314 last. Based on Boston model, lined and in calf, but with different cut in the strap and what seems to be a double sole. It is some years old due to "Polo" brand (newer model are branded Ralph Lauren)
I'm not a fan too, but 1" - 1,5" shorter it surely would look better.
Nice but it's too long for you.
I'm impressed by how supple they are.
For sale is a pair of: Mark McNairy Derby Boots, Size UK 9 US 10, Made in England by Sanders, Brand New. Amazing Make-up featuring: Sand suede with medium brown leather toe caps and heel counters, 7- eyelets, bellow tongue, natural storm welt and EVA brown rubber sole. Measurements: Outsole Lenght: cm 31,2 Outsole Width: cm 11,7 Insole Lenght: cm 29,2 Price is: 220 € Shipped to Europe 230 € Shipped to Usa and Rest of World Payment with Paypal. PM...
Yesterday I've handled some shell Alden of a friend and I noticed how shell is more uniform throughout the shoe compared to C&J where there are areas pretty dry and areas with perfect surface.
What size have you ordered?
Cordovan reborn from http://shoeshinecoach.wordpress.com/ impressive work as usual
Anyone knows what Ralph Lauren Line is this from? Purple Label? Thanks
They could be made by Sanders, how old are they?As far as I know TB shoes made by Tricker's have always the "Made in England" stamp on the sole.Actual TB shoes are all made by Sanders and incredibly sold at same price of old Tricker's with huge mark-up.You can see an example of the same heel pattern and sole (without made in england stamp)...
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