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Looks great with the Aldens
Yes, and seems to be the 325 last.
I've asked some times ago, they accept return from wordwide, but probably you need the bill/receipt.
Thanks.I think that the metal visible is a staple (used in the lasting process) that came out from the leather.Maybe could be a problem in the future, I cannot say it with certainty.
Do you wear marlow penny and wingtip in the same size?
I bought them from Triads, I didn't know Goodstead, good store.
I know the site you are talking, I bought a pair of Edwin Ed-55 and returned it yesterday because it was unfortunately too small.I don't have a great experience in denim but I found them to be really nice and with a great cut, probably the chino will be nice too.
Is there a thread about Big E Jeans? I have not found it. http://www.big-e-jeans.com/ http://denimhunters.com/history/european/bige/big-e
Are you sure that you newbury jacket is made in italy like the tropical blazer?
The dress button down have the box pleat.I found the sleeves to have a standard lenght on my 15.5, same as the polo custom in same size.Around 33/34 inches.Tropical is the cloth, a plain weave summer fabric.
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