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Simplifying it'is a (carded) flannel-like cloth with 2x2 twill instead 2x1 twill.
Code is loveMYdreambox
I've asked if a trace as suggested can be done and the answer was negative. The only way was to send a complaint form asking refund for undelivered items, lost item etc. that would be turned to foreing post that start the search. I tought that sending it after only 10 days would have been a bit hasty, so I waited a bit considering that usually usps is pretty slow and christmas backlog. I've shipped two EMS the same days, one was delivered (not arrived) to Japan 14/12, the...
I should have brought the formal complaint form to the post office this afternoon but fortunately this morning tracking was updated, this confirm my idea that parcel was arrived in USA from a long time waiting to be processed. After having experienced how USPS is slow with parcel from abroad, I will use only registered mail to usa in the future, for sure...
Just received LOVEMYDREAMBOX promotion via emal for SS items, 15% off and free shipping, I don't know if it works only in selected countries.
Yes, really good news, now I hope that USPS would not take another month to release the parcel from Custom.
Probably a special make up for a retailer, it's similar to the coniston but differ for eyelets, last (240 usually used by peal&co) and for the flat welt and double leather sole.It's really nice.
I am very happy to inform you that after almost a month since parcel has left Italy, it was finally processed in USA: Inbound Into Customs Processed Through Sort Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) January 08, 2013, 9:03 pm
^Unfortunately they aren't only 30 Euro more.As I have writed some post ago Fedex, UPS etc. prices are proibitive here without a contract subscription.These are the prices calculated for the same shipment, and they don't need any comments [[SPOILER]]
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