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There are two layers of rubber sole, a mid sole stitched to the welt and an outsole glued to the mid sole.This is the normal procedure for welted shoes, used also for Vibram Gumlite, Crepe soles, etc.
The cream is from saphir medaille d'or cordovan range from google translator: first link: "Persistent treatment with sapphire Cordovan Care and a hard smooth rubbing tool (similar to a shoe-Bone) produces the popular high-gloss" "... only sapphire Cordovan cream, black has been used and no water-gloss polishing technique was applied" Second link (where the wax tin is visibible): "...today discovered a method by which Cordovan within a short time can bring shoeshine...
Some incredible shine on cordovan: http://shoeshinecoach.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/cordovan-schuh-leder-glanz-polieren-pflegen-wasserglanz-gloss-alden-trickers-shoes-shine-coach-frankfurt-schuhpflege-schuhputzer-vorher-nachher/ http://shoeshinecoach.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/cordovan-leder-hochglanz-spiegelglanz-wasserglanz-polieren-shoe-shine-coach-frankfurt-neue-methode-entdeck/
Yes, It's used also on elbow patchs,It's exactly the point used by tailors on the lapels, lining etc. could be spaced in various ways and could have structural or decorative purpose.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmYJhzXkpe0
Great work, the punto festone is nice, try also a spaced punto indietro / Pickstitch.
Wood Wood Eland Chinos should be ok for you.
^ It's clearly an excellent product but I think that isn't suited for shoes well cared but it's perfect to restore worn, scuffed or dry leather shoes. I care regularly all my shoes and I found that Reno isn't so necessary, Lotion Medaille d'or (or other lighter lotions) is better for my purpose, that's all.
C&J Pembroke or Cardiff Herring Grassmere by Cheaney Church's Grafton
Yes Renovateur is greasy , should be used in small doses, I much prefer the Medaille D'or Lotion
Thanks for reply you confirm my preference for coffee, great colour
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