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Yes, I had also find the 325 true to size, maybe just a tad longer than usual uk size.
Sorry no, but that toe (brogue and second boot) suggest me that they are made on 325 last, so same sizing as RL Darlton wingtip, where the most common advice is to size down half.
Amazing craftsmanship, thanks for sharing this.
The brogue is clealry C&J, the boots also look C&J BF shoes were never made by loake or AS, only C&J tricker's or alden afaik.
For me the curious thing is that I used to like tassels when I was younger, now at 26 I absolutely prefer penny loafers, but not for a matter of age, just pure aesthetic.
For me yes, but it's subjective.I found tan colour great in many pictures seen on line but not so good in reality.
^I agree. Received today two 256, a otter and a tan, really love the otter colour that I keep for me, the tan in presence is too dark and brownish for my taste.
^They don't seem to be Shell, never seen wiskey crup from Church's
Self crappy shots from today:
Thanks ps.First wearing today for the rugby peacoat bought last spring, nice piece:
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