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RRL are nice and I plan to buy a pair, but they are more on the rugged side.
I've five pairs still with tags attached so I'm OK for a while, but I think that I will switch for the Polo Custom Fit pants in the future. I've tried many chinos and anyone have the quality/price/fit ratio of Rugby chinos.
The new dedicated website: http://jpressonline.com/yorkst
Two bags added
It's simply one of the many RL intepretations of the C&J penny, based on the 314 last. Based on Boston model, lined and in calf, but with different cut in the strap and what seems to be a double sole. It is some years old due to "Polo" brand (newer model are branded Ralph Lauren)
I'm not a fan too, but 1" - 1,5" shorter it surely would look better.
Nice but it's too long for you.
I'm impressed by how supple they are.
For sale is a pair of: Mark McNairy Derby Boots, Size UK 9 US 10, Made in England by Sanders, Brand New. Amazing Make-up featuring: Sand suede with medium brown leather toe caps and heel counters, 7- eyelets, bellow tongue, natural storm welt and EVA brown rubber sole. Measurements: Outsole Lenght: cm 31,2 Outsole Width: cm 11,7 Insole Lenght: cm 29,2 Price is: 220 € Shipped to Europe 230 € Shipped to Usa and Rest of World Payment with Paypal. PM...
Yesterday I've handled some shell Alden of a friend and I noticed how shell is more uniform throughout the shoe compared to C&J where there are areas pretty dry and areas with perfect surface.
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