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Worked for me, 3 OCBD shipped to Italy
Guys that writing is under the soles, nobody can look at it and it will be disappeared after few wearings, it's only a joke.
Yes, you are correct but today only a small amount of production is consistent with their past.If you take a 90's catalogue and compare the actual offer and approach you couldn't be really sad.I don't have anything against Prada itself, only their purpose to make Church's a "fashion oriented" profitable brand year after year.
I don't know if this it was ever posted, however great article and pictures. http://www.webflakes.com/fashion/bonne-gueule/visit-to-filson-factory.html
Perfect, thanks
25$ off is for everyone or require a personal code or card? thanks
The last 73 was replaced (more than 10 years ago) by the last 100 then replaced by the 173. Post pictures also of the box. Church's used to be "The" English Shoemaker, very sad what's going on now...
Church's made a tons of different models before the Prada disgrace. It's almost impossible to schedule every model they produced. In what last are they made?
Also that Seriously contrasting welt, silver eyelets, leather sole, color combination... I think it's a well done example of not too boring / not to crazy, and ridiculously unwearable shoes, like many of his shoes.
A great looking McNairy Brogue, classic with a twist.
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