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^Renovateur and Lotion have the same purpose but the Lotion is less concentrated. The graisse is good for leather soles and workboots.
For the Cordovan Fans: http://www.tresbienshop.com/brand/trickers/teck-cordovan-derby http://www.tresbienshop.com/brand/trickers/mogano-cordovan-derby £595...
The big difference between this type of edges and the classic handrolled edges is that these are pressed, and I think that it depends from the weight of the fabric. However could also be a simple choice of the tiemaker. Both types of handstiched edges are called in Italian "orlino a mano".
Thanks guys @Spoo, yes it's mine and...I don't want to sell it
Is this soporific? A piece of art from Finamore: Unlined 9 fold repp tie, the bar tack is sewn at 30 (!) cm from the tip.
Yes, the problem is clear, but I noticed that is more common on Veldt Shoes.
Seems to be a Veldtschoen boots, so it isn't the welt.Lots of Veldt resoled shoes looks like that with that irregular stitching, I don't know why.
How is the fit of their dress shirt (collar sized) compared to casual shirt? 15.5 fit like a Medium? Thanks
Herring Shoes have in stock some models on the beloved 73 last. Cheaney also made shoes with this last, renamed 2003. Last 100 was made for some years and then replaced by 173.
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