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I recently bought online a Polo by Corneliani Navy Blazer (Polo "Soft" cut) thinking to switch to gold buttons. The fabric seems to be an Hopsack with a moulinè/jaspè effect, actually I am not too convinced that this fabric could work with gold buttons, probably bright plain silver will work better, what do you think? (I still own blazer with MOP and antiqued silver button, so they aren't an option)
I think that a Spring 2013 collections was designed and manufactered (at least a part of it) Some of the last chino and shirt I bought have SP13 writed in the the tags.
They should be of the same maker, the style is identical in every detail (except welt) Honestly shape and finish look C&J to me, but never handled a pair. Always thought they were C&J as other BBBF models, like saddles, boots etc. Edit: found here a picture of the soles, they are indeed...
That medallions ins't the Loake brogue medallion?BTW C&J made longwing style also for BBBF
For Sale is: An amazing pair of Moncler Swim Trunks, these are pretty old, came from SS 2004 or 2005 Collection, one of their first Swimwear collection, they are in my closet since then, unused mint conditions, new with tags. Color is White with signature Navy/Red details - Size is XL - Made in Italy Measurements are: Flat Waist: cm 46,5 Lenght: cm 36 Price is: 150€ 120€ Shipped worldwide. Payment with Paypal Shipping worldwide only with...
They are very well made and lightweight but Eva sole isn't so durable. I suggest you to search the Mcnairy version that is built on a rounded last, Sanders Jack are on Stet last and honestly isn't the best last for Bucks.
A friend is selling a pair of: Maison Martin Margiela 22 White Velcro High Top Speed Bike Sneakers Shoes Sz. 41 Listed on ebay without reserve SOLD PM for any questions Thanks
The best way to remove adhesive is by more adhesive. Take a strip of tape (paper tape is better in this case) and attach it over the residue, then detach it quickly, repeat various times, you should be able to remove all the residue, this works over lots of surfaces, textile and not.
I had the courage to wash under running water only clarks desert boots. You wasn't able to clean them with just the usual brush and gum cleaner? Viewing first picture, they didn't need such restore.
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