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Fraying at the fifth or sixth cycle it's incredible! I think that fine clothes can last longer only if handwashed at home (that is the standard in Italy) Even the finer batista fabric should last at least 50-80 cycle if handwashed and natural dried. I never had a shirt handwashed frayed anywhere except in the inside of the collar but was caused by the beard.
They aren't lying, but they are forcing in ambiguous way the use of the terms "hand" and "handmade" as it's sadly common today in clothing business The machines are always guided by the hands of the workers. A sleeve is handset also in 1$ jacket as padding, canvas are set in place by hands but this don't obviuolsy mean they are hand stitched or finished. However this is simply marketing, they made what seem to be very good products.
The typical machine made pickstitching or surgeon cuffs are considered handwork?I think handwork it's only in the fantasy of their saleperson, not only a single handmade detail but a single handsewn stitch is possible at this price at this volume and in china.
Thanks for reply.China, ok... and considering their very high volumes manufacturing costs are extremely low, but not so low to do handwork at this scale...(even the simple button stitching)and with which craftsmen?However I am very curious to see their products in presence, I would order the hopsack havana.(And doing all the alteration myself , I could also check the construction method and materials used under the skin)Anyone did this before?
Could you post pics of the hand details you are talking?Have you dissect a jacket to see inside?I really really doubt that a jacket at this price point could have hand made details ( and especially that could be hand canvassed!!)I always tought they were all fused or at best half canvas.Ps. where these garments are made?Thanks
I know that, but they aren't loafers.btw, just curiosity...
I bought all my Falke and plain Marcoliani from, good price and free shipping worldwide.
Weird stuff ok, but also blake stitched? I don't see any stitching on the welt area.
Try those Falke, they have a silicon insert in the heel to prevent slippage.They are really invisible and also pretty long lasting.
Start with invisible socks.
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