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Yes, he's Valentino Ricci, looks great as usual.
Amazing shoes for the price, curious to see how the leather will crease and age.
Go with Meermin, for the Loake see here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/274447/double-monk-conundrum/80_20#post_5270390
Hahahhhaha... I love my hair but honestly now I need an haircut...
Bad lighting...the striped shirt is liliac and trousers light beige.
For Sale is: a Church's Leather Belt - Size 42/105 - Brown (I think it's Nevada Calf colour) with Silver Buckle, The belt is in immaculate condition, absolutely no scuffs or marks. The model is CT 0007, heigth is 3.5 cm and lenght is 105 cm from the tip of the buckle to middle hole. Herring has this belt in stock for 80£ plus...
Today I received my proxied items, I found the fit of the solid oxford in 15.5 really good. Someone could compare the fit of the 15.5 rugby dress shirts to the 15.5 BB extra slim fit shirts? thanks in advance
I asked customer service and they confirmed me that in Europe they sell US E width as standard., also for Rancourt made shoes and others. I think that the US D is the UK E, so US E should be the UK F etc. Note that these shoes are also available in US EE width see here: (look inside...
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