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The last of the tassel isn't the 325 (cavendish) or the 72 (langham), the toe profile, the curve of the toe is different.325 is totally different, is a generous blucher last, 72 have a more classic rounded toe compared to Darlton tassel.325:72:RL last:I think that like the 240 last for Peal & Co., the last of tassel doesn't have a corrispondent in the actual C&J catalogue, and is a RL choice from the factory C&J last range.
Probably the 314 last in G widht offers a better fit.If I understand well, problem for many people is that the correct size in lenght is small in width, correct size in widht is long in lenght.
It is strange, I own many kind of loafers and never had problem with size and fit.I think that the point with these is that they are narrow and very stiff.Probably I have UK 9 in this last, converted (adding one full size) to US 10and not UK 8.5 converted adding half size to US 9 as I thought...
These Loafers have tricky sizing, after reading "stay TTS or sizing down" I have chosen a 9 of Penny. I have Uk 8.25/8.5 and the 9d is absolutely small! surely also a 9.5 would be small. Is it possible that my size in this shoe is 10D ?!? Thanks
For sale is a pair of Ralph Lauren Marlow / Darlton Penny Loafers - Size US 9D Made in England by Crockett & Jones from Genuine Horween Dark Brown Shell Cordovan. Shoes are perfect quality, brand new in box and never tried on, unfortunately they are too small for me. These shoes retail for 620 £ at ralphlauren.co.uk and for 795 $ (850 $ in store) at ralphlauren.com These shoes are very rare in Europe and they will be shipped from Italy. Without any problems of proxy...
They use also burgundy cavalry calf, semi-corrected grain
Someone own both C&J Pembroke and Darlton Wingtip or C&J Boston and Darlton Penny to compare the size, UK vs US? I don't understand if a UK 8.5 of C&J is identical to a US 9 of corresponding RL models (as reported on the box). Thanks
Cheaney FactorySend an email to sbone@cheaney.co.ukI asked in august, they were 175£ plus carriage.
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