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Saphir has in its catalogue a product for patent and corrected grain leather, the Vernis Rife. I don't know if it's work, never tried it.
If only C&J D width could fit me... I've passed/returned lots of deals for this reason...
Corneliani started to work for Polo in 1999. They made also the signature Blue Label.
Always considered this last very unattractive, seems a symmetric last.
Sometimes in the same Polo label there is writed also Corneliani S.p.a Mantova, but it's rare.
She doesn't work with locals because any napolitans would pay this (crazy) amount for a shirt. In Italy and in Naples in particular the shirt it is considered a garment with short life that isn't worth high investment. It should primarly fit well (being well constructed) and next have nice handworks but without obsession for them. Personalization in terms of style and construction details is more important of redundant scenic handwork. Merolla and Satriano Cinque (de...
Yes the original impuntura was surely done with complett machine, I replicated it in the same place using the original little marks (left by the washing process used for the garment finishing)However I just tried to do a backstitch there and you are totally (and obviously) right, the backstitch in a similar layers of fabric doesn't show the typical overlapping.I fell in error having used it only for thin fabrics, so I could have been used the proper backstitch and not the...
I agree Sorry to have bothered you, thanks for your answer.I am only a self-taught who like to alter his own clothes,I shortened sleeves in a jacket some days ago and I had to redo all the impuntura and I used the running stitch, so the reason of my curiosity. [[SPOILER]] But now I stop, the thread is for another purpose, many thanks.
^Thanks for your answers Backstitch is also easier to do and more precise, my doubt born because I rarely seen the classic overlapping in the underside of backstitch in lapels and flaps. also pictures found on Jefferyd blog confirm this, for example here: Or maybe I am making confusion with terms, how do you call the stitch above? Thanks
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