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There's still a big gap between size M and L? In the past I've tried a candy stripes in L and returned for its hugeness in chest, the size M was instead too slim.
Me too... a pair of Edwin ed-55 red selvage, hope to have taken the correct size...
Rugby RL ocbd & belt Incotex Sanders Bucks
^At that price surely in China.
^ Walk-over?
I cannot believe... Addio Maestro.
I think that the market is full of elongated double monks, the meermins are nice just for its classic rounded shape.It's really a great proportioned and designed model, too good to be true at this price.
I have also found this , last comment :http://www.thesimplyrefined.com/meermin-double-monks/I contacted them today for the monks, 25 days to delivery!
They had a big offer from Prada and sold the location, the tailor room remain at the upstairs of the current building. Surely the new store will be at the same level if not better of the actual store.
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