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Nice but those need a stripping of old wax.
C&J Pembroke at great price in a huge size UK 12 http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOB-Crockett-Jones-Pembroke-for-J-Crew-in-Scotch-Grain-Wingtip-Size-12-E-/290756891497?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item43b2761369
Price drop
When the double monks of the handgrade line will be available? Thanks
I think that they are available only in EU, infact the UK site sell them. Here in Italy are usually available only Custom fit and Slim fit.
Really many thanks for your articulated and very helpfull answer.Thanks also for all the usefull comparisions.I think that I will order the UK 8.5 Ex as start point.Best Regards
Yes, go with M. Gitman M is relatively slimmer than Our legacy. I sold a M shirt in gitman because I found it unwearable for me, and I wear M in Our Legacy. L in gitman is instead too big, not a brand for me sadly.
^Unfortunately now the site detect your country and modify the price accordingly, to me these are 400 €.
Great, Many thanks
Someone could help me in C&J sizing? Unfortunately the only C&J that I owned and tried was the marlow penny in size 9D (314 last) that fitted in this way (the foot could't enter more): I am a Uk 8.5 in many brands and was a surprise to find that 314 last was so narrow and short. (And as far as I understand US 9D is exactly a Uk 8.5E in Boston Loafer) Now I would like to order the Shipton & Heneage Wilton (72 last offered in Ex and G width) and I would avoid to return...
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