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+1(however not on all ebay sites fees apply on sale price + shipping cost)
This was a pretty common practice on italian site as long as ebay set a maximum shipping cost depending on category to stop the problem, odd that ebay.com doesn't have the same rule.Edit:Noticed the item is from Russia, just found that maximum shipping cost limit doesn't apply to international shipping cost...
Many thanks for your reply.I listed items recently with buy it now plus best offer, I received offers from lots of countries except USA, very strange comparing years ago.I noticed the problem since ebay.com site has removed the selection of item location on the left bar (it is present on the foreign sites.) I tried and honestly I don't know how to modify it know from the site.(I personally use the same serching text for every country, changing only the ebay.xx in the url...
Just a quick question, Do you think that for the common ebay user is obvious to refine the search with "worldwide" item location? (considering that ebay.com site don't have "item location" easily accesible from the left side bar anymore) I have two items (english shoes) for sale on ebay.it (my country) Do you think I would get a lot more audience listing them on ebay.co.uk or especially ebay.com? (I used to list items there but the paypal currency conversion to convert...
@jrd617 Check this site http://www.alt-wien.com/index2.html All made by C&J Lots of models and specific lasts, I think it would be possible to order online.
^ Great collection! You really love suede I really wish that C&J lasts would fit me better... I can add the 337 to the list of lasts that did not work and even these have to go, a recently acquired lovely Seymour monks:
Yes, merely aesthetic reason,I used to like a lot storm welted (chunky) shoes in the past, but now I actually prefer the cleaner look of flat welt even for double soled shoes/boots.
+1All the recent emails I've sent got replies within few hours and they were very helpful.The Galway-inspired boot is definitely more casual, denim and chinos are the obvious choice, IMO.I think they are doing a fantastic work with the new pictures, antiqued colors and Boots GMTO, especially the balmoral bootsI really love these, they look amazing for the price, but I would rarely use an oxford boot.I'm waiting this Galway-like boot GMTO without Storm-welt (they told me...
Vintage C&J Veldt Shoes UK 11: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Crockett-Jones-Veldtschoen-bespoke-leather-derby-shoe-uk-11-/331541425481?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4d3168ad49
For sale a brand new pair of: Crockett & Jones Hand Grade "Seymour I" Double Monk Strap Shoes Black Calf Single Leather Sole and Silver Buckles Size UK 8.5 E , Last 337 The shoes are in perfect conditions and never worn, only the right shoe was tried-on. Supplied with Original Box only, no shoe bags. SOLD Payment via Paypal Feel free to ask me any questions Thanks
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