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The sun calls for boat shoes today Sartoria Correale Cotton Blazer, Kamakura Chambray, Equus belt, Rugby Chinos, Sebago
It's the first time I've read of this very curious "law". I have a doubt...the canvassing it's usually made of linen, so even a canvassed 100% wool jacket will became a wool+linen garment?
Yes, after the first soak and before ironing it feels like cardboard, it will soften up after few wears.I have one broken in and one new and I noticed the difference.
They were very well made even if fused, soft and with nice lapel roll.Being unlined it will be easy for you to check the construction, but almost certainly it's fused.
^ This is from Pre-Ciongoli Era. The Michelangelo Group, produced in the Frosinone factory three brands: Sartoria Correale (Little brother of Isaia), Michelangelo (usually classical styles and suits), Eidos (Casual Sportcoats / Washed jackets) I have 4 sportcoats from them, a Correale washed DB (fused), an Eidos herringbone tweed (fused), 2 Michelangelo totally uncostructed Sportcoats, in a fantastic cut with slanted darts. They are absolutely among my favourites...
I don't see anything wrong to wear pants in that way with an high rise, it's old fashioned and there's the advantage to look taller. Obviously they work better with a sport coat, but imo even with a good shirt they work perfectly
Pants fit and cuffs are nice and I like the high rise with a tapered leg, however a chukka (lined?) paired with short sleeve it' incoherent, I would swap the polo with a casual rolled up shirt.
The only restocks I've seen are of the vintage ivy originally advertised as super limited run , restocked lots of times.
Price Drop, now 499$ Shipped Wordwide
Yes, both have a midsole.
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