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YesSwansea Pattern, different medallion/sole, probably same 341 lasthttp://www.crockettandjones.com/product/swansea-black
I've tried marlow in both d and e width (and other close friend us EE too) D width is surely narrower than uk e. E width is very similar to uk e, maybe a touch wider. My experience is one full size down too, ex. Us9/uk8
I perfectly understand your disappointment but imho returning a pair of shoes only because they're slightly creased, the same creases you will get at the first wear is a waste of time and money.Better to ask for a discount or a gift (free shoetrees ?)
It's a stock model:http://m.crockettandjones.com//product/harvard2-whiskey
Seems that right shoe was simply tried on in store.If you are picky ask for an exchange, but with a delivery time of 8 weeks, I would keep this pair.
You are comparing a brand who make one/two pair of shoes from an hide, with a brand which use even the last millimeter of those expensive leather. Obviusly JL select the denser and better part of the hide for his vamps, with Meermin is only a matter of luck, some pair can be perfect, others very poor. Anyway the creases on your Meermin are perfectly acceptable.
Honestly I never noticed it, thanks for the information!
Anyway just checked on my pairs:29 = dark brown suede (29R on the box)2 = snuff suede (2WR on the box)
Where is the colour code?On the writing inside?Afaik Espresso is the darkest brown offered by C&J.Mink should be a touch lighter.
It should be the 238 Last
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