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Really many thanks for your articulated and very helpfull answer.Thanks also for all the usefull comparisions.I think that I will order the UK 8.5 Ex as start point.Best Regards
Yes, go with M. Gitman M is relatively slimmer than Our legacy. I sold a M shirt in gitman because I found it unwearable for me, and I wear M in Our Legacy. L in gitman is instead too big, not a brand for me sadly.
^Unfortunately now the site detect your country and modify the price accordingly, to me these are 400 €.
Great, Many thanks
Someone could help me in C&J sizing? Unfortunately the only C&J that I owned and tried was the marlow penny in size 9D (314 last) that fitted in this way (the foot could't enter more): I am a Uk 8.5 in many brands and was a surprise to find that 314 last was so narrow and short. (And as far as I understand US 9D is exactly a Uk 8.5E in Boston Loafer) Now I would like to order the Shipton & Heneage Wilton (72 last offered in Ex and G width) and I would avoid to return...
This september will come the F&F sale, right?
The free shipping is with the code SHIPSHAPE, but how you take the 15% Off ?thanks
They Are Alfred Sargent.
Really like these http://www.drakes-london.com/ties/pure-cashmere-plaid-8cm-tie
Try Crane's Country or FilsonGuy on B&S
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