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Canvassing and lining are obviously two different things. Pictures speak better
Yes, with lighter materials than a standard jacket.It's pretty easy to check the construction in unlined jacket looking under the lining and inside fabric.
Talking of MOP: Sleeves (and hair ) are actually shortened.
Polo are far better in quality of fabric and construction in my experience, at least for oxford shirts. I own Polo shirts that are pretty new after 5 years of where, where rugby are visibly old and worn after one year. The oxford used is surely not the same.
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I agree, but the right silver buttons could be very classy, especially in a DB.Honestly never liked smoked MOP.BTW these are my other two spring summer blazers:Sartoria Correale and Polo
I recently bought online a Polo by Corneliani Navy Blazer (Polo "Soft" cut) thinking to switch to gold buttons. The fabric seems to be an Hopsack with a moulinè/jaspè effect, actually I am not too convinced that this fabric could work with gold buttons, probably bright plain silver will work better, what do you think? (I still own blazer with MOP and antiqued silver button, so they aren't an option)
I think that a Spring 2013 collections was designed and manufactered (at least a part of it) Some of the last chino and shirt I bought have SP13 writed in the the tags.
They should be of the same maker, the style is identical in every detail (except welt) Honestly shape and finish look C&J to me, but never handled a pair. Always thought they were C&J as other BBBF models, like saddles, boots etc. Edit: found here a picture of the soles, they are indeed...
That medallions ins't the Loake brogue medallion?BTW C&J made longwing style also for BBBF
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