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What kind of polish have you used?
The point is that I did not talk of fast sewing.As I have added above my grandmother is an hand emboiderer and I really enjoy her patient and amazing work.I really understand how attention needs to maintain that regularity in a circular edge like yours, but this is perfection in a point of view, not necessarily for everyone.I do not talk in technical terms, but in aesthetic terms.The edges that you call rustic could be perfect as yours in a technical term, with the same...
Also perfection is in the eye of the beholder...why you call them rustic?My grandmother is an hand embroiderer so I am familiar with this kind of work.
Thanks for your response.I know your attention to details and really appreciate your work, and I dislike how much you the edges poor stitched (sometimes machine-made that imitate handwork) but I did not speak of that case.Yes, probably my point of view depends as I am an Italian, I simply prefer the romantic look of different but equally well made edge, with various twists and irregularities (that for me not mean imperfections)The target to have such a regular and circular...
Sorry, I meant euro yes was at around 250/270$ with the additional code (25% plus 20% if I remember correctly) I bought the Marlow and missed it.
^Last november they went on sale for around 180/200 $, I regret not having taken one.
Are you talking of GIVE2012 code? It doesn't work for me...I'll wait the mid-season sale, should be on end of april like the RL private sale, right? Tomorrow I should receive the waxed cotton peacoat, I'll post pics.
Yes, same style and last as Boston but with reversed strap cut-out.
Am I the only one who thinks they are so perfect as to be unattractive, especially in pocketsquare?
Really nice, but please redo the knots.
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