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At that price is nearly impossbile, almost brand new.
^ surely they will be on sale in november, wait it. http://www.zappos.com/product/7999355/color/20?si1947569=&channel=159&mr:referralID=76f997a2-08de-11e2-97b3-001b2166becc
^Great Alden Namor, really like that model.
Are you looking for a George Boot? the classic military high black boot? You can find it also from other shoemakers and new.
Yes, of course many times, one hour ago I shipped a pair of the shoes in signature, to USA.
R.I. is a registered mail, so it's fully trackable in both countries. To get the insurance, you should use the insurable version, the Assicurata Internazionale, USA is zone 2 http://www.poste.it/postali/estero/assicurata_prezzi.shtml Honestly I think that the insurance isn't necessary at all, I've shipped around 50 or more R.I. in the last years without any problems. EMS costs more, take longer, I know of retards and problems and you have to pay duties. A courier like...
Absolutely avoid the unreliable EMS. I always use Raccomandata Internazionale of Poste Italiane, surely the best service to ship abroad (up to 2kg) it's equivalent to UK royal mail international signed for. The price to USA for a pair of shoes is up to 1kg 19 Euro, up to 2kg 29 Euro. Without custom declaration because Italian post doesn't require it to ship abroad, so no duties.
He did this also in the beach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9DmGYuGX7s
I think that they are made on the Last M265 (http://www.sanders-uk.com/products/Salisbury-117.php) I've found them slighty narrower and longer compared to the most common Sanders last 4831, but not to change size, I wear size 8.5 in both. I'd say they are a standard F fitting shoes.
Talking of Sanders...
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