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Some pictures of the double monks lineup sent me today by a friend in Madrid: In the bottom right corner probably there are the grain version in whiskey and tan This reddish color look great
Alfred Sargent, 99 last
Wear them!
They are usually included also in online Private sale, and even public sale, but probably this could change every year. The lowest price ever I remember was during 2011 november public sale, they were around 300$, sold out in few hours.
For Sale is: A pair of Valentini Light Blue Cotton/Linen Seersucker Shorts, Size 54 (No alterations), Made in Italy, Slightly Used, Very Good conditions. Approx. measurements are: Flat Waist: cm 48 Leg Lenght: cm 55 Inseam Lenght: cm 28 Hem: cm 26,5 SOLD Payment with Paypal I use only trackable registered mail with signature on delivery Pm for any question Thanks
The repositioning of the brand it's a great news.I am still a fan of the Michelangelo products, I have been wearing for many years eidos, michelangelo and correale sport coats, and they are among my favourites, amazing feeling and value for money.Can't wait to see the new collections and the increased quality and details.
^I prefer the Wingtip.
How is the stock in Madrid store? They maintain full stock of all size/models right? I have a friend that fly regularly to Madrid so I could avoid the wait and delay.
1988 N&L Poulsen Skone Russian Calf Handstitched Norwegian Split Toe
If one shoe is darker in homogeneous way then the other probably the sun method suggeste by Namor is the best choice. the big problem is when the difference is in panels of a single shoes, in this case I would return/exchange the shoes if possible.
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