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For the classic navy blazers, gold for spring summer, antiqued silver for autumn winter. Light horn or MOP for a lighter navy is really nice too.
The last is surely not the 365. The pattern is similiar to the C&J Skye (different broguering and medallion) that is on the 335 last that is a 325 with bigger toe. Last could be the 325, try to call BB and ask to check the number inside the shoes were the last is written.
I think that penny is more prep. However there are different "penny" loafers. The original penny with moc construction is very casual. The welted penny like alden lhs, C&J version and others are nice and more versatile. There are then sleeker and refined penny loafers that are too dressier to be used for casual / informal wear.
You could ask C&J for a oak bark sole like handgrades, if it's possible.
^It's nice but not so special, the strap could be better designed.
Interesting, from the past emails that I sent to customer service, they told me that E witdh is available only for EU market. Anyone see the penny in E width in USA stores?
Yes C&J make them (all models) on E width for the EU market (see UK RL site)Unfortunately here in Europe that aren't the big sales like in USA so they are really expensive.
Yes many accessories, shorts etc, are excluded, however many items at good price. Thanks for the code! Now I'm deciding what to order.
The sale is up, but many exclusions...
Yes, unfortunately they are not included...
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