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A friend is selling a pair of: Maison Martin Margiela 22 White Velcro High Top Speed Bike Sneakers Shoes Sz. 41 Listed on ebay without reserve SOLD PM for any questions Thanks
The best way to remove adhesive is by more adhesive. Take a strip of tape (paper tape is better in this case) and attach it over the residue, then detach it quickly, repeat various times, you should be able to remove all the residue, this works over lots of surfaces, textile and not.
I had the courage to wash under running water only clarks desert boots. You wasn't able to clean them with just the usual brush and gum cleaner? Viewing first picture, they didn't need such restore.
RRL are nice and I plan to buy a pair, but they are more on the rugged side.
I've five pairs still with tags attached so I'm OK for a while, but I think that I will switch for the Polo Custom Fit pants in the future. I've tried many chinos and anyone have the quality/price/fit ratio of Rugby chinos.
The new dedicated website: http://jpressonline.com/yorkst
Two bags added
It's simply one of the many RL intepretations of the C&J penny, based on the 314 last. Based on Boston model, lined and in calf, but with different cut in the strap and what seems to be a double sole. It is some years old due to "Polo" brand (newer model are branded Ralph Lauren)
I'm not a fan too, but 1" - 1,5" shorter it surely would look better.
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