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Yes, they are Loake Herring Shoes have a similar model in stock
Other Drops , 4 sweaters still available.
^ I'm waiting the markdown too, honestly I don't understand the reason of that price, the herringbone vest was discounted to 60 $(before kicker or code) dollars if I remember correctly and went sold out quickly, the other models are now 77... There are also other items that are still high considering the final sale.
Go here: http://www.yoox.com/it/uomo#/d=11633&dept=men&gender=U&page=1&season=P right click, open jacket picture on a new tab and change the "11" with 14 for hi resolution and "f" to r for the rear picture. example: http://cdn.yoox.biz/41/41318044ft_11_f.jpg to http://cdn.yoox.biz/41/41318044ft_14_f.jpg
+1This was amazingDo you know what size were this?
Removing an embroided logo without leaving marks is nearly as impossible in an oxford cloth, removing the pocket with a seam ripper as suggested is really easy. I have removed the rugby patch in my last chinos and I will surely remove the pockets of my just ordered shirt.
I agree, but Yoox isn't a small family business, they works with big BIG numbers. They (sadly) don't care of fake or mislabeled items as they don't care of putting girls jackets on men section as seen some page back.
This.The point is that they couldn't check all the items they bought from stores.Disonest store could send to yoox also used items or mislabeled or relabeled items in the stock they send to them and problems like this could happens but fortunately returns are easy.
Final Sale is coming...some items in my cart have additional reduction, while in the listing page they still have old price.
There isn't a rule for Yoox. The items came from stores of all over the world so every shop has their inventory methods, someone leave the tags, other detach them before sending items to wharehouse.
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