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^Unfortunately they aren't only 30 Euro more.As I have writed some post ago Fedex, UPS etc. prices are proibitive here without a contract subscription.These are the prices calculated for the same shipment, and they don't need any comments [[SPOILER]]
Price Drop
Great ensamble, loving those wide masculine lapels.
Happy that my advice was so usefull for you.
Never seen them sold on line, sometimes on ebay, but rarely, try to search with cravatta instead tie.Their website was always just a simple catalogue and addresses.
They are sold also in selected stores but they could be ordered only in their showroom or at Pitti and not from the standard sale agents.This at least until some years ago, a friend sold them in his boutique with other nice products like striped swimwear etc.
^ Honestly I think that a similar comment was not worth of answearing.
Sorry but this it totally untrue.This is a legend built by italians themselves and the web it's full of complaints writed by totally inexperienced people that at the first problem (90% of the case with untrackable and unregistered mail) fills the web with anathemas against mails and sellers.Italian Mail is on par with many other National Post and in my experience actually Italian Customs are pretty efficient, better and better than some years ago where they were pretty...
I've opened a PSA thread and forgot to write it here: A bounch of Boglioli Sport Coat for 59 € at ThreeDifferent.com , slightly defected. http://www.threedifferent.it/shopping-online/boglioli?mar_id=386&genere=1&cat_id=0&scat_id=0&collezione=0&ext_id=0 Some of them with invisible flaws.
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