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^Construction of sole seem to be very poor, heels and even toes have begun to disintegrate.
These are C&J, the last is visibly the signature 240 used for Peal, medallion is also used for other C&J -Peal modelsThe double monks are C&J too, 99% based on the Lowndes on the same last500£ for the Cottesmore? 100£ more than Coniston
You can find this and the full range of products at, best source for Avel / Saphir.
I've seen other (rare) cases of similar weird creasing in shell, I don't think they depends from fit but from the leather itself. Ask for an exchange if possible.
A clear and helpful video for novices, from John Lobb
Shipton & Heneage have in stock few styles compared to the big C&J range.But If I am looking for a precise style and S&H have it, I would go with S&H for sure.These are...
I've also had the same suspect when I bought the penny in 9D, very very narrow to be UK E.Maybe they use modified last in width?Considering that in some markets, these shoes are available also in US E and EE width.
I think they are of same standard.Probably big stores with high volume could have better price from factories for their rebranded shoes.Fox example Shipton & Heneage is actually selling rebranded C&J shoes for 259 £
Grosvenor collection is made by Sanders, Bench-made collection is made by Tricker's They are a pleasure to deal with, with quick customer service, and shipping is free within europe. They also regularly send discount code via email.
What US size do you wear in the marlow?
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