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Yes C&J make them (all models) on E width for the EU market (see UK RL site)Unfortunately here in Europe that aren't the big sales like in USA so they are really expensive.
Yes many accessories, shorts etc, are excluded, however many items at good price. Thanks for the code! Now I'm deciding what to order.
The sale is up, but many exclusions...
Yes, unfortunately they are not included...
Yes, the Langham tassel is on this last, and the Shipton & Heneage Wilton that I want to buy (available both in EX and G width)
Anyone knows how the last 72 (EX width) fits compared to 314 ? I found the 314 (E) to narrow for me, is the 72 similar or more generous? Thanks
If they aren't on the 325, they are made on a very similar last, and RL chosen it from the big C&J's last catalogue (considering also the discontinued lasts) But surely they aren't on the 341.
I have not tried on the PTB but they should be on the 325 like the C&J Grasmere. http://www.styleforum.net/t/268417/crockett-jones-for-ralph-lauren-cordovan-marlow-darlton-gifford-garran-lindrick-mccallum-rhett/1060_20#post_5341777
Have you used neutral polish?However you should remove the wax before apply another coat of dark brown shoe cream, that should restore the color in the creases.
Sorry for the mistake, I was deceived by that closeup. By the way the shoe on the left looks good to me, It's the shoe on the right that needs some care.
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