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Reding the lining writing are they uk 8 fitting 5 or 8.5?
I've just ordered 4 pair of pants,I and I hope that in the liquidation sale they will be heavily discounted to buy more. I found them so cheap (considering price of casual pants here in Europe) and easy to be tailored to fit better, great value for price. I've tried also other items but I found many of them of mediocre quality compared to Polo. I really liked only the cotton peacoat I bought last Spring, great style.
^ 100% Loake http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=7&shoeid=2392
I hope too, I own and have handled others Loake 1880 and they are very good solid shoes.Edit: I've found a pic:
I bought and returned the Kemptons last year, the suede nap was visibly different between right and left shoes, and the boots had other little flaws, returned them pretty unhappy with QC.
Here my Barbour Chelsea, I really recommend it as easy casual jacket, I sized (half) a size down to wear it only with center clip buttoned. I own also an Eskdale (I dislike the shiny effect of Liddesdale) that I prefer over substantial knits or sport coats.
Barbour Chelsea today
Very sad and unexpected news
I can't see any herringbone black jacket in usa site, only in Japan site. Could you post a link please? Thanks
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