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I received a peacoat folded in their standard medium box, it's around 50x30x10 cm
Thanks for pics. I think that you take too seriously the problem of canvassing in rtw coat, this is a casual (and relatively cheap) jacket, enjoy it for some years without disappointing. The blazer looks nice and fits good on you (I think that this fit needs a thin body, my chest would never fit in that silhouette, it was better that I have not ordered it) The cable sweater instead looks long.
This is unfortunately common with machine lasting, isn't a defect at all. I've seen worst examples of misaligned medallions etc. on C&J and other big manufacters. Your shoes aren't perfect but are in the standard, not so visible.
Someone has received the navy blazer? I'm curious to read some reviews about fit. Many thanks
Yes,I know, their mto program is a pleasure, I've emailed Kyle some times ago, but I'm still deciding, my difficult is to choose the correct size and width.
I think that the side handstitch is a nice detail for an handsewn shoes, however I think that you could ask also for a standard machine stiched strap.This full strap is really nice http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s/dress/weltline-penny-loafers-dark-brown-mimosa-calf.htmlIn shell or suede would be amazing. (even I would prefer wheeling on the sole and a classic rounded cut out in the strap)The soles are attached with a blake stitching so the thread that lock the sole...
@TV2177 See also these pics for inspiration: http://riderboot.com/2010/05/16/introducing-genuine-american-handsewns/# I'm also interested to order a penny in snuff suede, my main request would be the wheeling on the sole, far better then the standard false stitching: You could order many type of straps from rancourt, this is the "LHS" style:
For the classic navy blazers, gold for spring summer, antiqued silver for autumn winter. Light horn or MOP for a lighter navy is really nice too.
The last is surely not the 365. The pattern is similiar to the C&J Skye (different broguering and medallion) that is on the 335 last that is a 325 with bigger toe. Last could be the 325, try to call BB and ask to check the number inside the shoes were the last is written.
I think that penny is more prep. However there are different "penny" loafers. The original penny with moc construction is very casual. The welted penny like alden lhs, C&J version and others are nice and more versatile. There are then sleeker and refined penny loafers that are too dressier to be used for casual / informal wear.
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