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I hope that you have removed that ugly wax build up before dyeing.
Look like an imported cheap corrected grain loafers.
^I am not presumptuous, I just say that just depends on the case, sometimes it works, sometimes not. This was my experience.
I suggest you try first with Renomat, may still work.If it doesn't try other solutions but avoids the acetone.However I use a cotton wad to strip the shoes with that products, with a pause between the applicationsThe alcohol was the common pink denatured alcohol.
Before saying this have you tried to remove layers and layers of silicon polish (a true disgrace for the leather) with Renomat?My experience with Renomat is that it could be harsh in some case or some leathers and absolutely soft and near useless in other cases.(Read what I write in the link posted)I use it from many years.Of course I agree that after using a nailpolish remover or alchol the leather would be conditioned, In this case I use saphir medaille d'or Lotion (the...
Namor, really nice. Also Mitchell Leather and Yuketen made shell wallets.
I did the same job here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/228153/the-official-shoe-care-thread-tutorials-photos-etc/240_20#post_4796409
Looking at the soles they are made by Loake, probably same level of 1880 shoes.
It's simply the wax build up, strip the shoes with Renomat (it should works if the shoes were not polished with silicon products) and repolish them with good quality cream and wax.
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