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Someone has received the navy blazer? I'm curious to read some reviews about fit. Many thanks
Yes,I know, their mto program is a pleasure, I've emailed Kyle some times ago, but I'm still deciding, my difficult is to choose the correct size and width.
I think that the side handstitch is a nice detail for an handsewn shoes, however I think that you could ask also for a standard machine stiched strap.This full strap is really nice http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s/dress/weltline-penny-loafers-dark-brown-mimosa-calf.htmlIn shell or suede would be amazing. (even I would prefer wheeling on the sole and a classic rounded cut out in the strap)The soles are attached with a blake stitching so the thread that lock the sole...
@TV2177 See also these pics for inspiration: http://riderboot.com/2010/05/16/introducing-genuine-american-handsewns/# I'm also interested to order a penny in snuff suede, my main request would be the wheeling on the sole, far better then the standard false stitching: You could order many type of straps from rancourt, this is the "LHS" style:
For the classic navy blazers, gold for spring summer, antiqued silver for autumn winter. Light horn or MOP for a lighter navy is really nice too.
The last is surely not the 365. The pattern is similiar to the C&J Skye (different broguering and medallion) that is on the 335 last that is a 325 with bigger toe. Last could be the 325, try to call BB and ask to check the number inside the shoes were the last is written.
I think that penny is more prep. However there are different "penny" loafers. The original penny with moc construction is very casual. The welted penny like alden lhs, C&J version and others are nice and more versatile. There are then sleeker and refined penny loafers that are too dressier to be used for casual / informal wear.
You could ask C&J for a oak bark sole like handgrades, if it's possible.
^It's nice but not so special, the strap could be better designed.
Interesting, from the past emails that I sent to customer service, they told me that E witdh is available only for EU market. Anyone see the penny in E width in USA stores?
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