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Yes, you are right, but I wasn't talking of UlsterJust my preference...I really prefer peak lapels for navy overcoat.
I suggest you also a visit to Halston, via dei guantai nuovi, a great store. a writing in english http://www.therakeonline.com/read.php?id=98&d=2012-06-07&t=Toni-Rossi:-Halston
I used the equivalent italian service of UK International Signed For, so signature on delivery and tracking.This is the first time I had a problem with this service and I used it a large number of times especially in last months.I suppose the shoes were stolen at the post office depot where they were on hold waiting to be delivered after holiday (the store was closed from 22/12 to 03/01 and I shipped them on mid december and arrived in Uk 19/12)Tomorrow I will send the...
The shoes I sent back to Shipton & Heneage (Wilton Suede Loafer) were stolen in UK and the box arrived empty... If you will see for sale a pair of Wilton suede loafer in size 8,5 without a box, they were my shoes...
Simplifying it'is a (carded) flannel-like cloth with 2x2 twill instead 2x1 twill.
Code is loveMYdreambox
I've asked if a trace as suggested can be done and the answer was negative. The only way was to send a complaint form asking refund for undelivered items, lost item etc. that would be turned to foreing post that start the search. I tought that sending it after only 10 days would have been a bit hasty, so I waited a bit considering that usually usps is pretty slow and christmas backlog. I've shipped two EMS the same days, one was delivered (not arrived) to Japan 14/12, the...
I should have brought the formal complaint form to the post office this afternoon but fortunately this morning tracking was updated, this confirm my idea that parcel was arrived in USA from a long time waiting to be processed. After having experienced how USPS is slow with parcel from abroad, I will use only registered mail to usa in the future, for sure...
Just received LOVEMYDREAMBOX promotion via emal for SS items, 15% off and free shipping, I don't know if it works only in selected countries.
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