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Want to Buy a Brooks Brothers OCBD Extra Slim Fit Shirt in size 15.5 / 34, preferably brand new. I am interested in the Blue University Stripes Oxford and in the Classic Blue (supima made in Usa) Thanks in advance Alex
XMAS10 give you 10% off at Herring Shoes on Herring branded shoes and accessories
What's the maker of these?I think they are made in italy and clearly not shell
For Sale is: Our Legacy 1940s Button Down Shirt, size M, Japanese Fabric, in a green/white check, S/S 2010 Never worn Ask for pictures or measurements. SOLD Payment with Paypal Thanks
I have contacted Customer Service and this is the response:"We are contacting you regarding your enquiry to confirm the different between the fits offered on our RalphLauren.com and RalphLauren.co.uk websites. Our handsome Marlow Penny Loafer # 4078471 is offered in a US E fitting on RalphLauren.co.uk which is a different size compared to the D fitting offered on our US website.A US9E is therefore wider than a US9 D, and our London Bond Street store have confirmed that...
OCBD shirts will go on sale after xmas? Thanks
I notice now that all the C&J cordovan shoes listed on UK site are US E width, see here:http://www.ralphlauren.co.uk/product/index.jsp?productId=4078471&prodFindSrc=prodCrossSell&refProd=4529021Good to know.
Polo Navy Blazer, Bleeker cut
No, It's only the glued lip of the closed stitching, this could happenThere isn't a damage in the sole.Let dry, re-glue it and enjoy wearing.
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