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N° 30 MMM Margiela Items, and others will be added: EBAY Listings
The Marlows were surely 50 % off plus 25 kicker, but few items were discounted 50 % off so you are also correct.The kicker during private sale was 15%.
If I remembr correctly, during the private sale the discount was 40 + 15, during the public sale 50 + 25.
+1 stunning shoes btw
They are Mcnairy Boots made years ago for Urban Outfitters, ebay find bought for a friend. Even I am not an unusual boots guy, I found those great looking, really nice boots.
Yes, almost unrepeatable price. The curious thing was that discount was bigger during the public sale than private sale.
Last year the total discount when I bought my Marlow penny was an incredible 62%, 303 $ before tax, retail for 795. Wingtips were sold out in most size during the november sale, only tassel and penny were largely available.
Yes, they are, you can see the tag near the pocket in their pictures.
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