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I agree Sorry to have bothered you, thanks for your answer.I am only a self-taught who like to alter his own clothes,I shortened sleeves in a jacket some days ago and I had to redo all the impuntura and I used the running stitch, so the reason of my curiosity. [[SPOILER]] But now I stop, the thread is for another purpose, many thanks.
^Thanks for your answers Backstitch is also easier to do and more precise, my doubt born because I rarely seen the classic overlapping in the underside of backstitch in lapels and flaps. also pictures found on Jefferyd blog confirm this, for example here: Or maybe I am making confusion with terms, how do you call the stitch above? Thanks
^Great post as usual! I have a question about pickstitching, In the lapel do you usually use a real backstitch or a running stitch like the one used for pocket flaps? Thanks
If you would mantain the original colour avoid using saphir cream too much, it is very pigmented. Use it only for scuffs, prefer lotion or renovateur. I suggest you saphir polish in dark brown in the toe and heel and medium brown /mahogany mix in the rest oh the shoe.
Reversed Monks
A friend is selling a pair of Marc Jacobs White Zip It Sneakers in size 7 / 41 Listed on ebay without reserve, SOLD PM for any questions Thanks
Guys take a jacket and look at it, don't read simply sentences over internet. These are two lapels of soft totally unlined jacket, without padding etc..."with nothing in them"... A cotton twill and an herringbone wool, you can see the very light fusing in both. Jacket uncanvassed or unfused exists but are of cheap quality or require a proper fabric , a lot of the jackets considered totally uncostructed in reality are light canvassed or light fused.
Canvassing and lining are obviously two different things. Pictures speak better
Yes, with lighter materials than a standard jacket.It's pretty easy to check the construction in unlined jacket looking under the lining and inside fabric.
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