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This is the point.A trick is to add to cart your size and next change the quantity to a big number like 100 units to see how many pairs are available.
Someone could post the link just to view what are the exceptions? (to understand what will be in sale in the public sale) Thanks Edit: Sorry, I have not seen the link posted above
And also the pants Crazy location to do that (nice) job
Last November the Marlows arrived to 300$ during the public sale, with a bigger discount plus a kicker. (Total 62% off)Probably unrepeatable price.
In november they were not only sub 400$ but were 303$ plus taxes and sold out quickly, the penny in few hours.
I hope that you have removed that ugly wax build up before dyeing.
Look like an imported cheap corrected grain loafers.
^I am not presumptuous, I just say that just depends on the case, sometimes it works, sometimes not. This was my experience.
I suggest you try first with Renomat, may still work.If it doesn't try other solutions but avoids the acetone.However I use a cotton wad to strip the shoes with that products, with a pause between the applicationsThe alcohol was the common pink denatured alcohol.
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