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^This is womenswear, it should be from early years of 2000, first years after miss deanna production.
Yes, it was possible.Just for some hours before the previous 20% off promotion expired.It's curious that shipping isn't free anymore even in Italy where it was almost always free, but price was reduced to 5 Euro.
Nice writingIt should be the Mackenzie check, also Macleod check have a similar colorfull design, probably even better.
He looks like a mannequin.
^I agree, Sockless look is a thing, wear shoes without socks another one. I never never would use shoes without socks, It's an uncomfortable and stupid thing when there are available perfect invisibile loafer socks (search Falke) but I really like sockless look during summer also with casual sport coat.
I recently bought a Polo "Soft" cut navy blazer with silver metal buttons based on Polo I or Bradford cut, and I found it longer too, but I like it to wear in more formal way than other shorter jackets.Have you tried Bleecker cut? It's the slimmer and shorter cut offered by Polo, surely you will like it.I have two jackets made in this cut for the EU market, they differ for double vents instead single vent and for drop, in europe it's always 7R instead 6R.
Great, many thanks!I was interested to see how subtle is the two tone blue, I have some set of metal buttons that I want to swap on it.I'm so curios to see the fit of the Havana on me, I will order it, thanks for your pics.
This is an incredible fit to be a Suitsupply RTW, very nice jacket too.Is this one from this season? (however your buttons look to be MOP),en,pd.html?start=15&cgid=JacketsIf yes, do you have pics in daylight?Thanks in advance
This explain all.Neutral polish should be used only in rare cases, one of them is to remove the old polish manteining some of the old layers, or is used as gentle stripper instead renomat or similar product.Never use it for regualar care.You removed the layer of burnishing finish process.Here you can see the original colour of C&J Clifford and the final colour (different model but identical process):
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