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Just pre-ordered these beauties, thanks for heads up.But...45 days to wait.
Want to buy a pair of Rigid or Once Washed RRL Low Straight in size 34 x 30. No other model / size. Please send me a Pm if you have a pair, preferably BNWT. Thanks!
They raised their price, a couple of years ago price were around 160/180 euro for goodyear welted. Some models are ugly I agree details look cheap, others models are good.
The nicest (and expensive) I know: http://apronandbag.com/collections/all also this one is nice: http://www.labourandwait.co.uk/products/work-apron-bib I use a solid heavy canvas kitchen apron found on ebay.
I don't know, Yoox prices could be really strange,, sometimes very low, sometimes really high compared to original price.
Yes, I know Il Gergo and I have also aswered to that thread. I confirm that they are famous in Italy because there is a legend that they produced Church's shoes but clearly isn't true, they simply replicate their models. They made good shoes at decent price.
From a friend collection, for sale a pair of: MMM Line 10 - Mens Brown Boots, Size 42, Made in Italy, Dated around 2000/2004, New with box and shoebags. Blake Construction, Triple Leather Sole tapering to double with protective Vibram sheet on soles and heel. Payment with Paypal Pm for any question Thanks
Yes, and they also periodically release a 20£ off coupon so they are 80£ less!
Thanks I went with G width because I bought the Marlow Penny in 9 D and it was so small and narrow that I couldn't insert my foot inside, also last 325 in E widht was a bit narrow for my feet. I don't found this pair too wide for my feet, they are perfect in the toe area but too large in the heel and waist, considering the gap between width there is also a chance that EX would be too narrow
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