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The brogue is clealry C&J, the boots also look C&J BF shoes were never made by loake or AS, only C&J tricker's or alden afaik.
For me the curious thing is that I used to like tassels when I was younger, now at 26 I absolutely prefer penny loafers, but not for a matter of age, just pure aesthetic.
For me yes, but it's subjective.I found tan colour great in many pictures seen on line but not so good in reality.
^I agree. Received today two 256, a otter and a tan, really love the otter colour that I keep for me, the tan in presence is too dark and brownish for my taste.
^They don't seem to be Shell, never seen wiskey crup from Church's
Self crappy shots from today:
Thanks ps.First wearing today for the rugby peacoat bought last spring, nice piece:
I plan to buy a bunch of university cords during november sale, someone could comment if they will shrink with handwash? Thanks
For sale is: MMM Line 11 - Vintage Black Trifold Wallet, Made in Italy, New with Box. Price is 200€ Shipped with tracking and signature on delivery. Payment with Paypal Thanks
Nice vest, is it from this season? Fits true to size? Thanks
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