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Try those Falke, they have a silicon insert in the heel to prevent slippage.They are really invisible and also pretty long lasting.
Start with invisible socks.
Looks like a 3 roll 2.To say that you probably never search through yoox...they have great ability to ruin the look of suit and jackets...By the way they sell items they get from worldwide stores in stocks, the big part are items that went unsold at the end of season, but they accept literally everything like old items, items without tags etc.They care only that garments have original inside labels / fabric composition and are not visibly used/damaged.
I've restored ties many times, some of them with huge creasing for bad packaging. Never never iron a tie you could kill the 3D shape, use simply a steamer or vapor jet of an iron at 10/15 cm from fabric and after brush and press it with a very very soft brush after the jet. Reapeting this many times the ties return like new and fabric and shape remain perfect. But your ties are perfect, it's a common fold when boxed, they don't need any care.
^Go with a snuff suede chukka, versatile in both uses.
I agree, very good fitIn Stitches, have you considered a good derby shoe for casual wear?
Ruined? Your ties are perfect, that fold will disapper with first wears.
The new line look extremely promising, amazing elegant shapes.At 2.45 you can see how they attach outsolehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uQE51-FuZg
If anyone is interested Pediwear now stock Saphir MdO http://www.pediwear.co.uk/saphir-shoe-care/medaille-dor-1925/
^ travetti are bartacks and she talks of side long seams and collar as special requests. By the way I think that one of the best quality an artisan should have it's also the consistency of its work during time and above all the continous attention to customer requests. The big problem for artisans (and especially italian) is that more customers they acquire, less time they devote to every garment and special request, forgetting and not caring of them. A shirt could be...
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