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I can't see any herringbone black jacket in usa site, only in Japan site. Could you post a link please? Thanks
Ask to write merchandise and not gift, and to write a lower value, you should not have problem.I have not ordered the shaggy yet, probably M will fit me better for my taste.
^ Randomkoreandude is the man. I suggest you to go with the same size of Polo, I've read many times to size up but from my experience this isn't the best advice. The gap between size is huge, go with same size of PRL in shirts, pants, and outerwear. I have not tried sweater so I can't talk about them.
TRICKORTREAT30 30% OFF at My-Wardrobe
Pics please!
^Thanks The jeans are a pair of Incotex.
I bought that ocdb no logo in spring sale and they went on sale, last year every jackets, pants etc. was on sale, this sale WTF happened!? By the way the cords are on sale, good, I would try also the slim jeans considering their cheap price, I should order the same size of chinos or size up? Thanks in advance
I remember that last november almost every item was heavily discounted, also core pieces. I missed the 30% sale because I did not need any sweaters but now I regret...
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