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Church's Top Line Betis Calf Monks at Herring Shoes, size 8.5 Just 470£
I would say unwearable with a tie.
I don't understand what is the actual state of your BB jacket, It looks ruined? Brooks Brothers Jacket isn't a Barbour Jacket, you will surely able to rewax the fabric. The Barbour wax dressing isn't suited for all the barbour fabric but only for the original one, BB jacket it surely easier to mantain, buy a spray-on wax and live in peace some example And In this video you can see how even an unproperly...
They use great leathers from the best tanneries but with this kind of craftsmanship and QC, honestly it look more like a waste of good materials...
I don't know if they are US sized in Us market, here they are always UK sized, IME their shoes are bigger around half size comparing to common English brands.
Great buy,I've seen them on ebay too, they were mis-labeled as uk 9.5 E, in reality they are UK 10 F / US 10.5 E
^Ridicolous answer, and even the right cap toe seems to have a flaw in the center area near stitching. The problem isn't only the colour but also the rougher nap of the suede in that area that make the difference more evident and is the real defect.
Use cream for restoring or recolouring scuffs. For the regular care, a good conditioner and wax polish are fine. Avoid neutral wax, it should be used only as soft stripper or for waxing the welt. It's easy to remove the factory finishing.
^I have both colours, cognac wax is available only in MDO range and in 100ml. Cognac is a dark tan with a red tone, mahogany is a brown with a red tone. For C&J chestnut I would go with mahogany.
^ "Unknow code" even in Italy.
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