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I agree however the pocket with the logo is easy to unstitch. There is available the dress sized flap version in blue and pink. I wear it here, I prefer it over the classic university oxford with the frayed details.
Nice field jacket, who is the maker?thanks
Great Job!I should try to do the same work on some ties.I suggest you a classic Gutermann 30 Thread M1003 that you can easily find.It isn't a difficult job.To make a larger bartack you could go with tick thread or do various stitches (insted one) before begin to do the buttonhole stitch around (I hope is understandable).I have these pics that shown the bartacks that I made as first attemp to make the "Ambrosi cuffs" in some pants (forgot the denim) :
Wearing sneakers today after many years, a pair of customized vans with cutted logos.
In what size/colour are you interested?I have a white oxford without logo in size L just tried on, now too big for me.
Yes, he's Valentino Ricci, looks great as usual.
Amazing shoes for the price, curious to see how the leather will crease and age.
Go with Meermin, for the Loake see here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/274447/double-monk-conundrum/80_20#post_5270390
Hahahhhaha... I love my hair but honestly now I need an haircut...
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