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^I noticed on last pair that I bought that they switch the production to china and they fit now bigger all around, the pairs made in sri lanka that I own are slimmer and have a nicer finishing in some details. I hope was a case and not a definitive change, considering that they indeed have many factories all over the world.
There's still a big gap between size M and L? In the past I've tried a candy stripes in L and returned for its hugeness in chest, the size M was instead too slim.
Me too... a pair of Edwin ed-55 red selvage, hope to have taken the correct size...
Rugby RL ocbd & belt Incotex Sanders Bucks
^At that price surely in China.
^ Walk-over?
I cannot believe... Addio Maestro.
I think that the market is full of elongated double monks, the meermins are nice just for its classic rounded shape.It's really a great proportioned and designed model, too good to be true at this price.
I have also found this , last comment :http://www.thesimplyrefined.com/meermin-double-monks/I contacted them today for the monks, 25 days to delivery!
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