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These shoes are even too perfect to be an Allen Edmonds. I don't see any relevant flaw, it's possible to see the same "defects" on shoes that cost x10.
Nice, have you considered english bridle belts? I think they would fit your style better.
^Fantastic colour, how old are they?
Amazing colour and patina, nice find
The problem isn't of Royal Mail itself, every national post have this limit for their standard or registered mail services. Even in Italy the limit is 2kg to ship abroad with Registered Mail (equivalent to RM Int. Signed For service/Recorded Mail), and the dimensional limit is a total of 90cm, every country have the same limit as far as I know, being these cooperative services. By the way, where is the problem to pay import duties when you have the VAT deducted?
I've owned the Lulworth, not the same but very similar, extremely nice and refined saddle shoes, C&J made some nice saddle shoes.325 is longer compared to 314 and other lasts, the Boston in UK 8 should fit.
They look pretty cheap.
Church's? black pair have a different heel counter, but they probably are Church's too, bad pictures and lack of inside writing don't help.
They are probably here now
^ 13% Off YOOXCODE: 13BIRTHDAY valid for 13 days.
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