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Also the loafers I purchased last year from RL.com have the L on the box, I don't know what this mean.
^ I noticed this many times. Italian site always had best promotions, inventory and prices.
This is really the first time I encountered a delay like this, and actually I don't believe this depends from Italian service.Ems is a cooperative service, the ems I've shipped to Japan arrived in 5 days, the Ems I received from USA taken 15/20 days.There isn't a standard timing.In my experience the best service to ship from Italy is the Raccomandata Internazionale that in USA became Registered Mail, but have limits of weight and dimension, it's up to 2kg and 90 cm total...
Next week I will ask if a trace like this could be done, thanks for the advice.Regards
In the past I received some ties ruined by bad packaging. They returned better than new brushing the creasing with a soft horsehair brush after repeated iron hot vapor jet (with Iron at 15/20cm from the fabric) Never Iron a tie!, It's like press a lapel roll, it will kill the shape.
I am the guy that have proxied the parcel to scohrdarkshadow, and I am really disappointed like him for this annoying delay. The curious thing is that the same day I have shipped a parcel with same service to Japan (I gave him the tracking code) and italian tracking reports that both parcels left Milan Airport the same day, 12/12. The other one was delivered to Japan after few days, so I can exclude that the delay depends from Italian Post. I shipped abroad a lot of...
Great Sale
Go with Sportquilt, it's the perfect weight for that temperature, I usually wear mine with 15 C° outside. Flyweight is more a early spring weight.
Yes, they are Loake Herring Shoes have a similar model in stock
Other Drops , 4 sweaters still available.
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