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I remain skepctical.
I exclude that Italian customs have problem with items mentioned above. I received many times leather goods or clothing from USA, clearly declared as shirts, trousers, shoes etc. both from stores and private members. Never had a problem with duties, absolutely. In Italy every parcel shipped from outside EU is processed by customs and every parcel declared over 25$ will pay duties, without exclusions. The parcels are processed in different airports with different...
In Italy USPS First Class and Priority Flat Rate service aren't trackable and could take from 3 weeks to months to be delivered.To Italy/Europe I suggest you next time to add Registered Mail options or to ship with Priority Parcel Service (code begin with C letter)Both very quick services.
The wingtip started from the same colour of Lindrick?
Church's Top Line Betis Calf Monks at Herring Shoes, size 8.5 Just 470£
I would say unwearable with a tie.
I don't understand what is the actual state of your BB jacket, It looks ruined? Brooks Brothers Jacket isn't a Barbour Jacket, you will surely able to rewax the fabric. The Barbour wax dressing isn't suited for all the barbour fabric but only for the original one, BB jacket it surely easier to mantain, buy a spray-on wax and live in peace some example http://www.countryattire.com/accessories/garment-treatments.html And In this video you can see how even an unproperly...
They use great leathers from the best tanneries but with this kind of craftsmanship and QC, honestly it look more like a waste of good materials...
I don't know if they are US sized in Us market, here they are always UK sized, IME their shoes are bigger around half size comparing to common English brands.
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