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But have you ever try to wear boots with a tight bone lacing? It would be hard to walk, and almost impossible to drive a car, I think that the size is correct, nice boots!
Thanks for this info,I've seen 302 last only in some Peal & Co models, I've suspected it was made on that last.
I don't know why everyone always exclude the possibility that RL use/used customized last as Alden with BB. The wingtip looks 325 ok I agree but for example the tassel isn't for sure made on 325 or 72, the C&J actual tassel lasts.
Amazing shine!
I have not yet received the email with that code, but thanks for the heads up, I've just ordered an item with a great discount, thanks
Yes, I had also find the 325 true to size, maybe just a tad longer than usual uk size.
Sorry no, but that toe (brogue and second boot) suggest me that they are made on 325 last, so same sizing as RL Darlton wingtip, where the most common advice is to size down half.
Amazing craftsmanship, thanks for sharing this.
The brogue is clealry C&J, the boots also look C&J BF shoes were never made by loake or AS, only C&J tricker's or alden afaik.
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