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The Polished Binder booklet comes from another shoes and it isn't related.The shoes above (I've seen the original listing) aren't Bookbinder.I think Aniline Calf is the church's name for box calf, aniline dyed is essentially every hide pre-coloured during tannage, opposed to crust leathers.This kind of leathers have a flat, uniform color and it will take polish like any other full grain leather.
Just noticed C&J introduced two new loafers lasts, both for penny and tassel, 375 and 376 last (376 Last is already used for the new Harvard 2) They will be probably replace the Boston (314) and Cavendish 2 (325) in the C&J catalogue in the next future. Here the Boston 2 (376) and Cavendish 3 (375) made for Frame Jp: Same pattern different medallion and sole Probably same last
They are Cheaney, probably 175 last
The pattern is based on Alfred Sargent Dumfries but last seem different, I am not an expert about AS so I can't help sorry
They're Alfred Sargent
They used to write "dark brown cordovan" on the box, on the recent pairs I've seen only "dark brown" Anyway the pair pictured is cleary shell.
This is my experience, as Lauren said Us D is certainly narrower than Uk E.But fit can vary from case to case.
Us D is more likely to be a Uk D because insole is marked with a "4" so narrower than the insole of Uk E marked with a "5".So seem they use a single scale for width (like Edward green) and two scales for lenght (uk/us)It is pretty confusing and what they said sometimes don't correspond to buyers experience
It doesn't look like a problem of tried on shoes but a problem of the overlapping between layers: toe stiffener, lining, vamp/cap toe leather. This could happen with factory made shoes where layers aren't perfectly skived.
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