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Great choice, the nicest Loake 1880 model
Half a dozen of Made in USA sportcoats are now online. From pictures they look very similar to the Corneliani, being made with Polo Patterns and specifications. Waiting someone to handle and try on them to know If the shoulders and general feeling are the same.
Nice report. Although the tone of your comparation between real italian food experience and the surrogate you can find elsewhere in the word is pretty funny for an italian. example: considering that most of the best caseifici of Campania don't have distribution and sell their product only at the factory, and that a great Mozzarella remains great only for 10-12 hours (after this time a purist use it only for pasta al forno and other recipes) I can't see how someone can...
I've writed this here lots of times, C&J make them in US E and even EE width (but rarely available I think)RL shoes sold outside the american market (Europe and Australia for sure, probably even Japan but I don't have confirmation) are US E width as standard, not only the C&J range but also the rebranded AE, Rancourt etc.London, Milan, Paris boutiques etc, and also the EU webstores have in stock the Cordovan range only in E width.(and the same is for Alden, here they start...
Tassel is surely not on 72 last, 72 have a classic round toe, marlow tassel is more pointed and probably built on 302 or other archive last.
How is it possibile this is still unsold? http://www.styleforum.net/t/413306/nwot-borrelli-napoli-sorrento-golden-tweed-sportcoat-38r-soft-shoulder-3-r-2-patch-pockets-msrp-1440 Great selection for US 9D feet: http://www.styleforum.net/t/416250/crockett-jones-shoes-boots-5-pairs-size-9-us-brand-new
Cheviot look very very nice, a traditional but refined longwing. It's the same identical pattern as the cj black fleece longwing.
This version it's very very nice, Although I always thought 325 last isn't the best choice with cap toe, I found it perfect for a wingtip but with toe cap in my opinion it looks too bulbous. I really prefer for example AS Cambridge on Last 87
I usually wear size UK 8 E/F in almost all english brands and lasts, and only sometimes UK 8,5 (all Sanders lasts, Loake Last 26, Cheaney 12508)I went with Uk 8 in Ron last for my first meermin (consider that many customers recommend half a size smaller than Hiro Last) and it fits very well both in lenght and width, more on the roomy side than snug side.In my opinion Ron last isn't absolutely a narrow last, I consider it a true UK F width.The C&J 314E and 72Ex loafer lasts...
If could help, my feet are around 27-27.2 cm / 10.5-10.8 cmAnd Ron Last in size UK 8 fit me perfectly,I wear size UK 8 in C&J and US 9 W in sebago docksidesYou could try a UK 9, but probably you need a UK 8,5 in a wider fit
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