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Yes, CorrectActually the have also factories in other countriesHere they explain that First lines are always made in italy, second lines made in slovakia, romania etc.http://www.eastonline.eu/attachments/article/937/162%20166%20cornelliani_east12.pdf"Parliamo dell’estero. Dov’è arrivata laCorneliani con gli insediamenti produttivi?In Romania. In Slovacchia. In Cina. InRomania si fanno pantaloni. In Slovacchiagiacche e pantaloni. In Cina si produce inconto terzi....
I was searching on ebay when I came across this jackets: So...or Corneliani changed its label, or (all or a part of) sportcoats are already no longer made by Corneliani since last season.
^Peluso Napoli
This is stunning and What a DEAL!!! It's a shame I'm no longer a 40!
24 and 26 are shorter than other loake lasts, so it's more likely that your size is Uk 6 and not UK 7 on the 1639 last.
Someone tried/ordered the new button down Linen Shirts and could give some advice about the fit? I don't know if I should order the same size of the vintage ivy or smaller. thanks in advance
For Sale is: BNIB pair of Edward Green Troon in Dark Oak Antique, Size UK 8 / US 8.5 , Last 82, F Width A classy and understated single monk in the most popular EG color and last. Never worn, minor creasing for being tried on for few minutes but they don't fit. Supplied with Original Box, Shoe Bags and Polishing Cloth. Shipping Worldwide with Fedex Courier Payment via Paypal Feel free to ask every questions Thanks
The affiliation expired and as I've understand correctly when an affiliate account expired, user and official thread will be freezed and no longer visible to normal users. The same happened in the past with Afinepairofshoes. The point is why he decided to not renovate it, btw his site and ebaystore are pretty alive as always.
Simply stunning
I confirm you that it doesn't wotk also for me trying on the IT site.
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