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Last: BB is 240, CJ 341Welt: BB have Storm Welt, CJ Barbour Rounded Storm WeltSole: BB Dainite or double leather, CJ Double Leather
Fantastic boots, double leather soles, right?They look far better than dainite version ( that don't have the wheeled welt) just little details but they make difference.
AS Exclusive Oxford Lasts are really fantastic and so elegant! Those AS are really above the other two! How do you care for these black shoes, Do you prefer matte finish for all of them? Or have some pair bulled?
That leather/twill lining is unexpected to me, my Wilton were fully leather lined. Probably they adjusted the specs to maintein the same (low) price, (They cost almost the same since many years, few years ago they retail for just 20 £ or so under C&J, now they are under 100£ or more!) Regarding the leather quality I am not sure they are inferior only for the creases (that look normal to me) Probably the leather is clicked in a way that use more part of the hide with less...
The 325 in the actual C&J catalogue is only UK E (G width of the pembroke is on the 317 last)C&J (and every else maker) Last catalogue is full of widths and archive lasts not in current collection, used only for private labels, mto, etc.So probably the 325 last US E, is simply a UK F width of the 325.I hope C&J could one day clarify all these doubt we have...PS the marlow penny loafer on 314 is/was made on US D, US E and US EE width, and C&J have in current catalogue the...
I replied you in the other topic, btw:UK 8.5 for US DUK 8 for US EThis considering the box.
I noticed that in some case the shoes in US E Width for european market are tagged with one full size difference (the US D are always marked on the box with half size difference.)see here:
^ +1 ...So US D = UK D...and US E = UK E?
I asked them via email some time ago, they confirm that it's half a size down.I would know more about width, being the Marlow/Darltons available also in US E and EE width in the european RL flagship stores,If US D it's equivalent exactly to UK E or is narrower.
They are Benchgrade level almost for sure, these are the Wilton I ordered last winter (after one size exchange I ended up returning them due to fit reasons)Maybe the only difference would be a more open quality control, the second pair I received honestly did not look like first quality, due to a weird crease in the side caused by lasting problem.
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