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Burn the fibers with a lighter, it's an easy job and it's part of the regular maintenance of suede leather. example of factory finish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyeoMvgoos0&feature=player_detailpage&t=281
They are identical except for lining colour and last, C.T. version is made on 026, Herring on 024 last (slightly squared toe)
Great comparision, Strand looks very nice in these pictures.My only pair of Loake shoes, tan grain boots for C.T, always impressed with the overall quality and look, especially after a good polishing. [[SPOILER]]
I agree, lenght look good to me for that kind of jeans. Great fit, but why not a nice pair of light beige chinos?
Maybe not posted before, Septieme Largeur triple buckle boots from their FB page
I was pretty certain they are, thanks.C&J finishing definitely changed over the years.
^Just for curiosity, they are Polo branded inside or "Ralph Lauren"? I noticed that every Polo turned out with this amazing colour. The last Ralph Lauren are so dark when new.
I own many pairs of Car Shoe Driving Loafer, some of them bought in the first year of 2000 before the driving loafer hype. They are surely the best driving loafer on the market considering the big brands. But see also Miserocchi Range http://www.miserocchisnc.it/ They are the original maker of the Car Shoes, they were the owner of the Registered Patent that was sold to Prada togheter with the use of "Car Shoe" name, they still produce with the original machinery that...
Isn't possibile to see well but seems that the stiches on the welt are HUGE, this stitches x inch ratio kill the look of the shoes, imo.Good for and AE but absolutely not for high end shoes.
These shoes are even too perfect to be an Allen Edmonds. I don't see any relevant flaw, it's possible to see the same "defects" on shoes that cost x10.
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