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Yes, I was talking about the F width, G width would be far too big for me.The point is that 8,5 is actually pretty long on me, and as I understand Capital is slightly longer than 026 (http://www.styleforum.net/t/330233/chukka-decision-loake-kempton-or-pimlico/10_10#post_6055435)I think I will try the 8 before, hoping it will fit, Thanks for your help.
Someone could confirm that Capital Last runs half size bigger than 026 last, as I've read here on the past? I'm a uk 8,5 in the 026 with a confortable/loose fit, I am an 8 in the capital, right? thanks in advance. P.S: X-posted from the shoe-care thread, a patina that I did for a friend on his 1880 Berkely, process details HERE
A friend asked me if I can do anything to change the sad toneless uniformity of the Loake Dark brown (Berkeley model 1880 line), this is the result, just finished: A cheap looking brogue without any character is now a very attractive shoes, the original leather colour was a chocolate brown without any undertone or burnishing, so I've tried to enhance the contrast brown/black. I've used: Renomat and Acetone to strip the colour of the uppers except the broguering areas...
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I suggest you to check the Cm sizechart, http://kamakurashirts.com/contents/styleguide/The sizechart in inches isn't so reliable.I am a 15.5/M in Rugby and I am a 16 in Tokyo Slim Fit, I tried also the 15 3/4-33 but I prefer the 16-33.5, longer arms and a bit more comfortable with sportcoatsHowever a 15 3/4 works too, perfect to be worn more fitted with rolled up sleeves, unfortunately it comes only with 33 sleeve and they are a tad short for me.Chest an shoulders fit in...
The Vintage Ivy it's shorter that the other cuts, but definitely longer compared to other BD sport shirts I own.It's doesn't look bad untucked but if you are looking for a very short fit you will have to alter them.
@j ingevaldsson Fantastic Shoes, congrats Talking of the misleading Goodyear term use, the real reason is that here in Italy the correct transaltion for handwelted term is "guardolo (welt) cucito a mano (handsewn)" , it's long to pronounce and very difficult to understand for common customers being the word guardolo a technic word, unknow to most. "Goodyear cucito a mano" or "Goodyear a mano" it's the more common way to explain this construction to that large part of...
Those Sanders Salisbury in Dark Brown are very temping! Great Sale!I own and handled many Casual/Country Sanders Shoes, they are generous in width but a bit short in lenght compared to other english brands, so I think you should go TTS.M265 have a generous toe box and a more symmetric shape compared to 4831, which is a bit wider but better shaped in my opinion.
Just for curiosity talking of basic/classic white sneakers, what are the shoes you would consider above CP Achilles?I don't know so much about sneakers and always considered CP at the top, even above MMM Gat.Thanks
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