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I was talking of these:
They have just introduced the "Vintage Oxford" shirts, anyone know more?http://shop.kamakurashirts.com/goods_en_usd_596.htmlIt's similar but more comfortable in the chest /armholes and it's tapered and darted do it doesn't have the annoying waist fullness of the ESF.
A rare C&J Longwing, and even more rare in whiskey shell, MTO for Japanese Market found on Rakuten: "Cheviot" model - 335 Last
X-post from C&J Thread, surely you would be interested.C&J Whiskey Cordovan examples from Japanese RAKUTEN:Links: [[SPOILER]]
C&J Whiskey Cordovan MTO examples from Japanese RAKUTEN:Links: [[SPOILER]]
They were probably altered not considering that linen creases would have shortened them, however they look fine to me, in this case are the sleeves of his shirts to be too long (or cuffs too wide)
^Leydon Last / Lined
PSA for European members: 20/25% OFF on every RRL item - RL european webstores (.co.uk/.fr), code RLGIVE13 I've ordered a pair of RRL Low Straight for 172€ shipped.
Yes I writed this in the other thread, the chart in inches is totally wrong, the correct one is the chart in Cm.The are very slim and tapered, sizing up is the right choice.I have very large shoulders, and I noticed a large yoke.I've just compared the Ivy Chambray to my casual oxfords, all size M or 15,5 in Polo Custom, Rugby RL etc.NY Ivy Kamakura in Size M, have yoke 4 cm larger, back lenght 5 cm longer, similar pit to pit but noticeable tapered waist.I can't understand...
If could help, New york fit size M pit to pit is 21,5", tokyo fit size L is 22"Sleeves from shoulders seam NY 26, Tokyo 24,75The tokyo is 0,5 inch longer.I own the new york and the tokyo is coming from a forum member.Compare the measurements above to charts and you can find how the chart in inches it totally wrongI found it very tapered not "slighty tapered" at least compared to BB ESF (15,5 - 34)The large yoke makes the sleeve longer, and considering the very large cuffs...
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