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This doesn't have sense at all, except in the case they offer a shade identical to the shoes.(But who really wants to mantain their shoes with the same colour as new without a little patina and character?)Company branded products are simply re-branded products marked-up, in the case of Loake surely cheap ones like Kiwi etc, and certainly Saphir, Burgol etc. for the top tier shoe brands.Talking of Loake, their leathers generally have unattractive uniformity and look...
I saw the listing, Unfortunately these are 100% not C&J but Alfred Sargent, and corrected grain calf not shellAS did some make-up for Polo more than 10 years ago.
^very nice Color 8 ages so well
Have you noticed this season less drops that usual? Many items in my dream box are still at full price.
Just found this (one month old) article in italian about the "Abital" actual situation (the factory owned by Corneliani where Polo RL garments where made) http://rassegna-stampa.veneziepost.it/stories/rassegna_stampa/30960_abital_a_rischio_200_posti_di_lavoro/#.U3YzSNJ_tMg The article says that the contract between RL and Corneliani expired this year after 15 years and they didn't found an economic agreement to renew it, Polo consider Corneliani prices way too high. So...
Two recent Sportcoats from Polo RL, made in italy: Surely not Corneliani Labels, and strangely two different labels. Anyone recognize them?
Yes, CorrectActually the have also factories in other countriesHere they explain that First lines are always made in italy, second lines made in slovakia, romania etc.http://www.eastonline.eu/attachments/article/937/162%20166%20cornelliani_east12.pdf"Parliamo dell’estero. Dov’è arrivata laCorneliani con gli insediamenti produttivi?In Romania. In Slovacchia. In Cina. InRomania si fanno pantaloni. In Slovacchiagiacche e pantaloni. In Cina si produce inconto terzi....
I was searching on ebay when I came across this jackets: So...or Corneliani changed its label, or (all or a part of) sportcoats are already no longer made by Corneliani since last season.
^Peluso Napoli
This is stunning and What a DEAL!!! It's a shame I'm no longer a 40!
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