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Lovely jackets and great prices!
I think the new tannery is this one:http://www.cordovan.co/https://www.instagram.com/shellcordovan/They mentioned Tuscany in some of their posts.
Very nice and rare piece.It is from the 0 10 artisanal line, made in France in the early 2000's.Size is "one size" T.U., Taille unique in french.I've sold lots of these pieces years ago from a friend's collection.They are very collectable items, waiting the right buyer they can be very profitable.
They're just decorative non functional stitches, the outsole is blake stitched.Great loafers btw
White/Off White/Cream/ Ivory cotton is the easy and best choice, even a simple slim raw denim works perfectly.I personally would avoid linen sc + linen odd pants, it simply doesn't work imo.
Church's almost certainly, for a private label. They seem to be relatively old.
Those veins...
Meermin are very nice shoes, until you put them next to brands like the one you mentioned, which are obviously superior.But this is the same for Loake and all the mid-tier brands.My experience is that the finish and exterior look is nice and refined (for example the welt finish is clean and nicer than many english brands)The problem is "inside" the shoes, insole and toe and heel counters are very very stiff and make them unconfortable after a couple of hours.I would buy...
No problem,It would be an interesting read.
Wrong information... Churchs and Cheaney shoes are actually produced in different places and owned by different people. Churchs family used to own both brands and factories, then sold all to Prada (Bertelli) in the 90's Later they (Church family) reacquired the Cheaney company. They are actually completely unrelated companies and they make shoes in two separate factories. From Cheaney website: In August, 2009, cousins Jonathan and William Church conducted a...
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