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No, only same patternIt is welted (storm) and not veldtschoen
Yes C&JSedbergh model pattern in dark brown grainLast should be the 325
Standard colour for the Cavendish is Polo Brown Suede which is more reddish,Snuff is more yellowish,Tobacco is also another colour and it's slightly lighter than Snuff.
No size upUk 8,5 / Us 9,5Your usual C&J size should fit
ThanksHarvard is a lovely model, great purchase!What colour/leather have you chosen?I have the RL Marlow Penny on 314 Last, I had the US 9D but was supersmall, recently I've bought a US 9.5E and they fit very similar to my UK 8.5E Cavendish
Do you suggest to take the same size of the cavendish or half size down?P.S. Color on the box is "Snuff Suede", same used for Sidney, Chiltern and other models.
Here's an old pic:They're both 8.5 but fit slightly different, the snuff is looser due to softer suede.
IMO the Vincent is actually the nicest RTW english tassel loafer, I love the slightly oversized tassels.I already have the Cavendish in D.Brown Suede and Snuff Suede (MTO) so I have to pass, If Burgundy was available it would have been an instakop.363 Last is a rounded/almond toe last, 348 has a squared toe, the profile is also different and softer363 is more similar to 341, here's a comparision between a Londsale (363) and Harrogate (341), same size:
A talented craftsman can do almost everything with every leather (ex. the incredible Meccariello's seamless wholecut boots)I have no doubt they could make them, simply refuse to because they need too much care and hassles.So we'll see only one of a kind special shoes for special clients...
Yes,J Press stock them since foreverOne of the nicest casual belt
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