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I have the same Vintage Ivy ChambrayIn Tokyo L and New York MBoth are similar, NY has a narrow waist and longer sleeves (very similar to old BB ESF 15,5/34) Tokyo has much shorter sleeves which became very short after washes and a fuller waist (fits similar to RL Rugby M and slightly smaller than PRL Custom Fit M)Hope this helps
I've noticed this too with some items of previous season.I think it is inventory they are moving to sample sale section.
NoThis isn't true.C&J for Barney's, Peal & co etc are also US sizedNot considering that all RL shoes are ALWAYS us sized only (every maker and model)RL shoes for EU market are US E width as standard, and EE width was also available.There are certainly two scales for lenght (US/UK) and maybe only one scale for width(I've found US E width to be slightly wider than my other C&J in UK E, especially the heel cupsIME from narrower to wider: US D / UK E / US E)
Very nice, although they are a US 8,5 E and not a UK 8.5
Another good option is Waterbury Buttons (supplier of Polo RL) Britex Fabrics has a good selection of them and they are available also in a 7/8" size, imho far nicer than the usual 3/4" / 2 cm size, too small in many cases.
FTFYSimply amazing tasteful collection
Seem that C&J finish (which make uniform the color) came off, revealing the unconsistent surface (typical of shell)I think you could only darkening the toe with a bit of wax polish.
Fwiw I wear Us 10 in Nike and I wear UK 8,5 both on 325 and 314 Last I suggest you to try at least a UK 9, but most probably you need a UK 9,5
Great selection from a trustworthy seller!
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