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^you can also add the registered mail option (2kg limit) to first class or priority More reliable and less expensive than ems
Ron last is a very nice last for loafer, sleek but not too much. I suggest you to order the size 10 if you have heel slippage in the hiro 10.5 I've inquired them about new SS string loafers, and they told some new models will be added to MTO page within few weeks. I suggested a Chocolate Brown Lama Calf version, I hope they will consider it. Those Galway boots are very nice and have lot of potential, but the wide eyelets position and spacing kill them as usual. I would...
If you like the style , I think definitely yes.Franceschetti is a very good factory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI27w_BnCv0The shell used could be sourced by Comipel or from argentina/japan, who knows, try to contact them via email asking about the shoes in the listing.
Cordovan: http://boutique.franceschetti.it/it/brand/w-gibbs/calzature/pantofola-newcastle.html http://boutique.franceschetti.it/it/brand/w-gibbs/calzature/derby-bristol.html http://boutique.franceschetti.it/it/brand/w-gibbs/calzature/pantofola-brighton.html
I don't know if they produce cordovan shoes under Franceschetti brand, but surely with their W.Gibbs Brand (they're actually for sale in their webshop) http://franceschetti.it/portfolios/w-gibbs/ I never handled them and don't know what cordovan they use, but they appear to be very nice, Blake-rapid construction.
Yes, but items posted in the "marketplace"-only remain in the limbo.I personally view only CM section (so I lose all the "marketplace"-only items)
I noticed that many people post their auctions in the "marketplace" (the shoes above are an example) without selecting between S&D or CM area, this is a problem because these auctions are visible only browsing the general marketplace (viewing ALL auctions of CM+SD+"marketplace") and they aren't visible browsing only the CM or S&D sections, as most people do. So they have less audience and the item is invisible to the normal user that selects CM or SD only (99% of the...
The main brand was Michelangelo and If I remember correctly the factory belong to Isaia family since many decades, and maybe was founded by them (there was a brief history on the old website)So the different branding is probably just marketing, and Sartoria Correale is just a name with no background.All the three brands were very common here in Italy,Correale (at the top) and Michelangelo with more classical fabrics and cuts, eidos more casual oriented.
Isaia Group have two factories: One in Casalnuovo (Naples) that produces only Isaia garments (no private labeling afaik) Another one -Michelangelo Spa- in Frosinone (near Rome) that used to produce three brands: Michelangelo, Eidos, Sartoria Correale plus private labeling. Their jackets could be from completely unstructured to fused (very good fusing) or half canvassed depending on brand or requests. Always very high quality, nice cut and fabric in my experience, but...
Saphir shoe creams are very pigmented so they are perfect for a quick and persistent recolouring process (infact I avoid them for regular care using them only in case of scuffs etc)Choose only one tone darker than actual colour (one colour or a mix of colours) and next finish the result with darker (dark brown/black) wax polishes (toe/heel/broguing areas)I suggest you to avoid Light Cognac/Cognac, they are VERY orangish IME
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