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Us D is more likely to be a Uk D because insole is marked with a "4" so narrower than the insole of Uk E marked with a "5".So seem they use a single scale for width (like Edward green) and two scales for lenght (uk/us)It is pretty confusing and what they said sometimes don't correspond to buyers experience
It doesn't look like a problem of tried on shoes but a problem of the overlapping between layers: toe stiffener, lining, vamp/cap toe leather. This could happen with factory made shoes where layers aren't perfectly skived.
Many thanks, very helpful
Many thanks for your thoughts, (However it is made on 363 last not 337) So you wear the same size in cavendish and vincent and you suggest to take the same size? Do you have some comparision pictures? Thanks in advance
EG G width is available only MTO, never heard of a retailer that stock it and it's very hard to find used or on ebayso unfortunately you are almost obliged to try F width before and it would be a good start.Ime EG F isn't so wide but depends on last/pattern.
Considering also that boots tend to fit larger than shoes on the same size, probably you would be safer going with UK 7.5Ebut you could always wear a thick wool socks even with the UK 8E
Nice purchase, these are made of dark cognac cordovan crup+ Top Drawer = WIN
YesSwansea Pattern, different medallion/sole, probably same 341 lasthttp://www.crockettandjones.com/product/swansea-black
I've tried marlow in both d and e width (and other close friend us EE too) D width is surely narrower than uk e. E width is very similar to uk e, maybe a touch wider. My experience is one full size down too, ex. Us9/uk8
I perfectly understand your disappointment but imho returning a pair of shoes only because they're slightly creased, the same creases you will get at the first wear is a waste of time and money.Better to ask for a discount or a gift (free shoetrees ?)
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