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Your jacket it's from their "younger" line, a recent fashion oriented line, with very slim fit also in my experience.(However it could be even a model for asian market)They offer / offered also a tradional fit in their full cut paddock jackets.
Never handled them but from the pictures they seem pretty cheap, and with false moc-construction (pre-punched holes)Yoox and Amazon are full of Sperry/sebago/timberland at discount price, if you want a boat shoes buy a real one.
NEWLOOK2010% off for 1 item15% off for 2 items20% off for 3 or more items
^Amazing sunglasses, deets? Thanks in advance
Really? It's already low, considering the nature of the brand.The fit it's great, enjoy it!
I didn't know the print trick, but I've always seen the accepted amount visiting the ended listing from mobile site.
Great Jacket
All the RL shoes sold outside US are US E width as standard, all the european RL boutique have in stock E width, and C&J makes also EE width but are very rare.The same it's for the rebranded Rancourt made, AE etc, here only US E widthAnd as far as I have understand C&J US D are narrower than their counterpart UK E.
They are mens, Us sized in a rare narrow B width. They are pretty old, maybe 10 years old considering logo and fonts. The are essentially a rebranded Langham I Loafers
There is really a lot of confusion about the conversion, hope that C&J itself could ever provide a clarification. So for your experience D widht it's essentially Uk D? like Edward Green sizing
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