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I can confirm that the difference is one full size in lenght a US 9,5 D correspond to a UK 8,5 in lenght but the width is different US D width usually has a "4" insole, UK E width has a "5" insole
For regular care MdO Lotion is far better in my opinion, never liked the Renovateur so much. https://www.valmour.com/polish_medaille-dor/polish-lotion-saphir-medaille-dor.html I recommend Valmour too, I buy from them since many years, always with excellent service.
Awesome price Absolute bargain considering actual RRP!
+1Great deal indeed
Thanks for the mention @mosivy!Free shipping worldwide if you mention this thread!
@Tamyom is right, and all these boots are 100% Alfred Sargent on their 88 last.It's a common mistake to consider that stamp a C&J stamp, but it isn't.It is the old AS stamp used in their classic and premier line (before they switched to handgrade / exclusive etc.)They used to make shoes for Polo in the early 2000's
For Sale is a pair of: Church's "Consul" Cap Toe Oxford Shoes Brown Nevada Calf Single Leather Sole Size UK 6.5 , Last 100 , G Width Hand Made in England Retail Price: € 590.00 The shoes are brand new in A1 perfect conditions (minimal creasing for being tried on) Supplied with Original Box, Shoe Bags and Care Booklet Payment via Paypal in Euro Worldwide Shipping with Fedex Courier or Registered Mail, depending on destination Feel free to ask me any questions or...
I've seen C&J EE only at italian retailers, it is surely wider than E.It should be slightly narrower than F or maybe identical.
My last experience (member with positive feedbacks) was:"Ok perfect I pay immediately", then "I'm paying" then "I'll pay" then he sent me the wrong amount (100 euro less) which I refunded then again "I'll pay", now after a week of troubling he's disappeared...
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