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^price are even better on the Fr site that ship to the rest of EU, but you cant ship to US.
Yoox is wrong considering it uk size, it is obviously a us size 11.5 and there is a good chance they are E widht from eu stock
That particular sole edge finishing is typical of AS Exclusive, general proportions are similar too, heel patterns is the same, all have 4 nails only in the corners.
^They look more like AS exclusive, with the same welt and sole edge finishing, also size window never seen in cj
Considering : 1 the super favorable exchange rate 2 vat deduction 3 the very low custom fee (under 10%) to be paid compared to Eu Vat Seem that you are never happy, you (Americans) already are making incredible smoking deals everywhere, buying from EU. Ok I understand you, this was not a great move for Meermin and it lack of style, making additional profit from us customers only. but you are paying now just a bit more (or the same) than with the previuos exchange rate...
^They are Alfred Sargent.
^Being the Park last an elongated last, uk 8 should be fine.
Very Nice,probably a retailer's custom make up
You Americans really love low buttoning point I always found Lorenzo buttoning point (and also NMWA Formosa) already very low for a 3B jacket.
I would have sent the shoes to CJ for exchange/free repair. However it is easily fixable (from your pic seem that he put the hook in place slighty rotated, bad work but not a big deal) and also it is covered by pants, you can have it fixed at first factory resoling (I suggest this) But if it's a problem for you, you only have to send the boots back to CJ to be sure of a 100% perfect job, asking at least for a free return (so you pay only the first shipment)
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