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^That visible seams it's an annoying detail, although I handled the Loake Berkeley (the previous 1880 longwing) and it's really barely noticeable, when compared to other longwings with the same seam, such as Meermin Barker or others, where it's like a punch in the eye.
I thought it was lenghtened due to the gap between buttons and hem, but in the blu jacket above It's the same, so this huge gap it's the standard for Lardini.Surely in the cream jacket, that Pick-stitching position it's just a designing choice.By the way, on yoox fake garments are very rare and almost zero, items with minor alterations or slightly used/untagged not so uncommon.
^lenghtened sleeves?
^ Fantastic make-up, double sole and 341 last are perfection. Can you share where you have bought them? it's a retailer mto? Thanks in advance
^ Both pairs started from the same colour, the darken effect of the burnishing process can vary and the result could be different, nothing that a darker cream and polish routine couldn't resolve.
This is probably the only thing I hate of yoox.This winter I had not been able to buy various items due to this reason
In my experience sleeves are longer than stated and don't shrink, a 33 sleeves it's more a 33.5. tokyo slim fit 15 3/4 - 33 it's definitely slimmer than polo custom/regent and comparable to BB ESF 15.5/34 The differences are the slimmer waist and the sleeves a tad shorter. My next order will be tokyo slim 16 - 33 1/2 I suggest you to buy at least two similar sizes to test them
I have a similiar build and the real problem it's the sleeve lenght.the best bet would be tokyo slim fit, 15 3/4 - 33 or 16 - 33 1/2 for a more comfortable fitIn the vintage ivy, Tokyo L
Items listed in same model with various colours/sizes are all gone, so I think it's just an inventory thing. It's almost impossible that they went sold.
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