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The toe profile from the side speak for 325 or 335, surely not 365
For sale a brand new pair of: Edward Green "Troon" Single Monk Strap Shoes Dark Oak Antique Single Leather Sole and Brass Buckle Size UK 10, Last 82, F Width The shoes are in perfect pristine conditions, never worn and never tried-on. Supplied with their Original Box, Shoe Bags, Polishing Cloth and Care Booklet Payment via Paypal in Euro Feel free to ask me any questions or additional pictures Thanks!
For sale a brand new pair of: John Lobb "Cavendish" Oxford Shoes Copper Suede Single Leather Sole with Bevelled Waist Size UK 9.5 , Last 7000, EE Width The shoes are First Quality (not R or S marking) in perfect amazing conditions and Unworn, supplied with John Lobb Box and Care Booklet SOLD Payment via Paypal in Euro Feel free to ask any question! Thanks
But are you serious?This is the Loake Official Thread, do you think that for a member interested to buy a pair of Loake, is more useful a good and honest comparision with other brands with realistic pros an cons, or a one way "appreciation" like the one you suggest (and do)?I don't see any negative comments above.
I really like their Casual / Mcnairy / Thom Browne ranges, and I own/owned and handled lots of models,but honestly I never found their Ambassadors range interesting, too "old man" lasts and styles, some really UGLY like their penny loafer.Diplomats are nicer but I don't have experience with them.Their best is obviously the casual/country range and private labeling.
ThanksShame they did not fit, still a very good price.In the past I've asked Cheany factory about other styles (seen on pictures of a factory tour) but they never replied, they helped me only asking directly for a specific model, ex. these FS029.Maybe I should try another time...
+1Come on guys
Great staple right here
Some inspiration? Source: Frame Japan Store - http://www.frame.jp/crockett/
Always nice,@NOBD What's the actual price?Thanks in advance
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