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Tassel is surely not on 72 last, 72 have a classic round toe, marlow tassel is more pointed and probably built on 302 or other archive last.
How is it possibile this is still unsold? http://www.styleforum.net/t/413306/nwot-borrelli-napoli-sorrento-golden-tweed-sportcoat-38r-soft-shoulder-3-r-2-patch-pockets-msrp-1440 Great selection for US 9D feet: http://www.styleforum.net/t/416250/crockett-jones-shoes-boots-5-pairs-size-9-us-brand-new
Cheviot look very very nice, a traditional but refined longwing. It's the same identical pattern as the cj black fleece longwing.
This version it's very very nice, Although I always thought 325 last isn't the best choice with cap toe, I found it perfect for a wingtip but with toe cap in my opinion it looks too bulbous. I really prefer for example AS Cambridge on Last 87
I usually wear size UK 8 E/F in almost all english brands and lasts, and only sometimes UK 8,5 (all Sanders lasts, Loake Last 26, Cheaney 12508)I went with Uk 8 in Ron last for my first meermin (consider that many customers recommend half a size smaller than Hiro Last) and it fits very well both in lenght and width, more on the roomy side than snug side.In my opinion Ron last isn't absolutely a narrow last, I consider it a true UK F width.The C&J 314E and 72Ex loafer lasts...
If could help, my feet are around 27-27.2 cm / 10.5-10.8 cmAnd Ron Last in size UK 8 fit me perfectly,I wear size UK 8 in C&J and US 9 W in sebago docksidesYou could try a UK 9, but probably you need a UK 8,5 in a wider fit
You could be certain the seller measured the sleeves without folding the french cuffs., the shirts are tagged only with collar size, it's impossible they are so long, they should measure the usual 34/35 lenght.
Pembroke in uk E width should be wider than Marlow in us D width.Check the insole under the sock liner, E widht are marked x/5, many us sized C&J I've seen are x/4.That number is the widthC&J G widht is very wide in my experience, especially in the heel area.Ps pembroke color can vary from light tan to dark chestnut depending from batch, some of them are very dark
Summer10 works for carts over 150 € only from smartphone, all items
Unusual Galway Delapre from Sid Mashburn http://www.sidmashburn.com/shop/what-s-new/dark-brown-edward-green-galway-boot.html
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