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Amazing selection!
^Thanks No, I mean finished inside insted outside like the center and last buttonholes, so when the lapel roll it's exposed the finished side. It's a little but nice detail, not so common on RTW, ime.
Being unlined I could easily check the construction and it is fused.It's a nice jacket, especially the fabric used.It's a 3/2 roll (with the first buttonhole reversed) unpadded shoulders with manica a camicia, and a very soft feel even if fused.My only complaints are a low quality sleeve lining and the lenght, very short for my taste (72,5 cm for a size 50)But I've bought it to be used very casually only with jeans/rollneck and field jacket above so not a big deal.
Very difficult to know, never seen the label before, but it clearly speaks for a small/unknow italian maker.If you want to see it I'll take a picture.
Prepping for Fall Alain Silk/Cotton Herringbone & Drumohr Rollneck
The very small detail that makes a real difference (for me) is the squared storm welt of this batch, compared to the rounded storm welt of the previous MTO.My perfect version would be:Double leather soles, squared storm welt, four metal eyelets and four speedhooks, a third MTO?
I am interested to do and MTO for a modified Harrogate: Exactly the same above, same pattern and last 341 but with: Flat Welt Mahogany or Dark Brown Grain Brass (preferred) or Silver Buckles Dainite (preferred) or Double leather sole Anyone interested? Let me know Thanks
I am in europe and here they stock only e width, afaik outside usa e widht is the standard, d width is available only in usa
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