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^ Both pairs started from the same colour, the darken effect of the burnishing process can vary and the result could be different, nothing that a darker cream and polish routine couldn't resolve.
This is probably the only thing I hate of yoox.This winter I had not been able to buy various items due to this reason
In my experience sleeves are longer than stated and don't shrink, a 33 sleeves it's more a 33.5. tokyo slim fit 15 3/4 - 33 it's definitely slimmer than polo custom/regent and comparable to BB ESF 15.5/34 The differences are the slimmer waist and the sleeves a tad shorter. My next order will be tokyo slim 16 - 33 1/2 I suggest you to buy at least two similar sizes to test them
I have a similiar build and the real problem it's the sleeve lenght.the best bet would be tokyo slim fit, 15 3/4 - 33 or 16 - 33 1/2 for a more comfortable fitIn the vintage ivy, Tokyo L
Items listed in same model with various colours/sizes are all gone, so I think it's just an inventory thing. It's almost impossible that they went sold.
Free Shipping Included
^Nice find!I really like this new model too:http://www.loake.co.uk/loake-1880/hyde.htmlhttp://loake.se/blogg/2013/08/20/loake-1880-hydehttp://loake.se/blogg/2013/08/13/loake-1880-downing
In my experience it's better to size up. I own three sweater from drake's, two original fair isle and a donegal aran from years ago http://i1110.photobucket.com/albums/h441/alexPBPICS/IMG_0819.jpg All of them are tagged M/42, they are perfectly comfortable, slim and not baggy. Talking of common brands, I wear Size M in Polo RL Knitwear, and 38/40 in Sportcoats, Polo by Cornaliani & other italian brands. Note that the Aran you are interested in, is probably made by Inis...
99% Loake Pimlico
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