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I confirm you that it doesn't wotk also for me trying on the IT site.
For sale is:A stunning Polo Ralph Lauren Made in Italy by Corneliani, 2-buttons Hopsack Navy Blazer especially made for EU market.Features are:Solid Navy - 100% Extrafine Virgin WoolSize IT 50 Drop 7 RPolo "Soft" Cut, I think it's based on Polo I, fully lined and with rear side vents.Antiqued Silver Metal ButtonsThe Cut it's called "Soft" but in the reality the jacket it's SUPER Soft:The lightweight plain-weave fabric it's luxurious and breathable, perfect for summerCanvas...
I was wearing Falke step socks as usual (with loafers), I just like the sockless look...
All this Cannon talking...and you've made me want to wear mine today. After lots of wear and some winter rainy days as beaters, they still look like new, with a simple saphir routine.
Their F fitting is already generally wider than most english brands E or F fitting, especially in country/casual lasts. So G width would be a good wide fit and good for you, I never tried a G width however, but I own and handled lots of their F fitting.
^ It's just an aesthetic thing, the shoes are pretty confortable as they are.
1) first buckle with leather and second buckle with elastic it's the standard (some makers don't use elastic at all, as JL William)2) you can take a soft brass brush, cover the leather and patiently brush the buckles, I did this with metal buttons and it works perfectly.The only think I dislike of my Cannons it's the heel heigth, I think the heel it's too low and unbalanced, the shoe looks like it's sitting on the heel.btw It's an easy fix.
That Liddesdale, If bought from End it is surely a slimmer version, probably the Heritage Liddesdale.
It's only a matter of luck, I have seen perfectly finished 1880 as badly finished pairs, or perfectly finished pairs with visible belly leather with weird creasing. At this price point it's pretty common. In the Cannon above it's really a irrilevant flaw, a bit of shoe cream and it will be invisible. Imho Loake and Allen Edmonds are only vaguely comparable...
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