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Chapel is a model especially made for Prada Outlets,It's very similar to the Shannon, differences are:Last: 103 vs 224Pattern: Shannon has the handstiched sides, the Chapel is machine stitched and its pattern is identical to Church's FulbeckBoth are Polished Binder and comparable in quality, but price is far superior for the Shannon which has a ridicolous RRP of 690 Euro, the power of marketing...
100% Fake,There are some sellers from Turkey and Netherlands who sell only fake TB items, mostly shirts, CLEARLY fake with cheap details, with tons of happy stupid buyers....
Amazing Boots
What kind of brush have you used? Anyway a simple lighter will remove that "hair" in few seconds. I "burn" regularly all my suede shoes, it's the best method to make them to look always fine and brand new. (it's used also during production line at final finish stage) Simply be careful near stitching.
I've just returned a blazer bought on Yoox for my father (Size 54)(this one: http://images.yoox.com/41/41529897ip_14_f.jpg)The quality of the jacket is very nice overall, nice cut too, but it is fused, with a heavy fusing, not so great.The big problem was the sizing, completely off, I bought a 54 and it fits like a regular 50 / slim 52.I could have kept it for me, it fits me very nice (I am a 50) but I did not like the fusing and the micropattern of the fabric, not visible...
Bear in mind that Ben Silver C&J are Us sized and D width which is narrower than UK E Width, I doubt you can fit into them if you are a US EE
^100 or 103? It should be the 100, never seen the 103 used on an oxford and it is way chunkier
They're some decades old, probably from 80's.
Yes, that writing is Cheaney, Last is their 175They always made longwings on this last, I agree that it is similar to C&J 325.Which is the brand of these shoes?
Sorry, just discovered what J/K means,However I think that this kind of jokes should be avoided anyway, selling on ebay is already not easy.
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