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Yes, those dimples are the proof the shoes are handwelted, being the holdfast carved from insole, they are caused by the pulled thread.You should read this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/297037/sole-welting
So I am the only one who wear 8,5 in the JL 8000 and 8 in the EG 82? Anyway they are 8,5 EE in the 8000 (great fit, no way I can wear an 8 in lenght) and 8 F in the 82 (slighty short, but 8,5 F is very loose so probably also a 8,5 E could work but never tried it).
Very nice
^Definitely not Made in England, RL description are often wrong. This shoe have the same details and description says Made in Italy: http://www.ralphlauren.fr/product/index.jsp?productId=48502671 Both have the embossed circle on the heel-side like all RL Made in Italy shoes. Anyway the soles look similar to this Ovadia & Sons Made in Italy shoe (certainly inspired by Marlow PTB...) http://www.styleforum.net/g/i/1855244/a/652156/ovadia-sons-snuff-suede-laceup-size-9/ and...
Great price!
Those creases are clearly caused by a sub-par cut (from marginal part of the hide) in the vamp area, a vein is visible on the rigth shoe and the leather looks too thin overall. This is the most common and well know problem of Meermins, they source great leathers but using every cm of them.
Thanks,Yes I think they hold up very well, I did only simple maintenance (spring shoe trees, a brushing after each wear and a lighter to burn the suede nap)Talking of comfort the C&J are far superior, the meermin now are comfortable but break-in period was pretty long,I think the main problem is the stiff and thick (visible also from the outside) plastic toe and heel stiffeners.Anyway they are very nice for the price, I definitely can recommend them.
My new Cavendish Loafers, finally a C&J loafer that fits me well: [[SPOILER]]
A quick visual comparision between a well worn (1 years+ old) Meermin suede tassel near a brand new C&J Cavendish (maybe it could help someone) [[SPOILER]]
For sale is: A stunning Polo Ralph Lauren - Made in Italy by Corneliani - Serge Wool Dark Navy Blazer It is from the previous and very high quality Italian-made line no longer available and its original retail price was over 1300$ Amazing quality and timeless cut, details and proportions, a perfect STAPLE in every men's wardrobe. Especially made for EU Market (Drop 7) Size IT 48 7R (US 38) Rare “Polo IV” Cut, based on Polo II plus ticket pocket 3-Roll-2 buttons with...
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