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It should be a simple slip-stitch after folded and pressed like you said, it's probably the nicer and refined method.Anyway, I love to alter my garments by myself and to do the cuffs I use the XXX method too.Sometimes I add a zig-zag stitching (I don't have an overlocker but a simple Bernina) to contain the raveling at the edge before doing the handstitiches ("punto mosca" in italian)
Yes,It is considered "rough" by other tailors less inclined to handwork.Afaik the standard method is the overlock+machine straight stitching which give a more refined simple look.There is also another method where the edge of the fabric is folded becoming invisible, se this example from Celentano (Rome)
Both are seriously lovely
That auction could be a win for the buyer. That tear isn't diffcult to repair and it would be almost invisible with a bit of polish work. (My father has an inclination to destroy his nice shoes and I've repaired similar tears with great result.)
Yes, all european stores sell E width of every model, AE, Rancourt and other makers includedI've seen also Marlows in EEAnyway these shoes are becoming a rarity, I've recently visited the new Polo Flagship in Rome, and no Marlows...(they closed the store in Milan where were stocked EG Purple Label, C&J models etc)
FWIW I wear 8,5 E on the Cavendish and 9,5 E on the Marlow penny,Marlow Tassel last is slightly longer and narrower.You could try 8E but it could be on the smaller side.Us E Width is the standard outside US, it is a touch wider than UK E, I notice the difference only at the heels.
Even Italian tailors? It would be strange, being the most common word.The front parts of the jacket are called in italian "quarti anteriori" or simply "davanti".Anyway, UrbanComposition, great report and amazing jackets especially the DB.I have no doubt Arrigo's DB cut "doppio uso" was influenced by a great client like @carpu65 a real connoisseur
Great work as usual and many thanks for the mention @razl I would happily do a nice discount mentioning this thread!
Do you mean the shoes sold at factory sale with the FS sticker and not marked B?I always thought they were samples-old stock-etc.
There's a "B" as B-grade written inside near the size.
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