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Prepping for Fall Alain Silk/Cotton Herringbone & Drumohr Rollneck
The very small detail that makes a real difference (for me) is the squared storm welt of this batch, compared to the rounded storm welt of the previous MTO.My perfect version would be:Double leather soles, squared storm welt, four metal eyelets and four speedhooks, a third MTO?
I am interested to do and MTO for a modified Harrogate: Exactly the same above, same pattern and last 341 but with: Flat Welt Mahogany or Dark Brown Grain Brass (preferred) or Silver Buckles Dainite (preferred) or Double leather sole Anyone interested? Let me know Thanks
I am in europe and here they stock only e width, afaik outside usa e widht is the standard, d width is available only in usa
Same last, different width. Maybe different size marking? Some models on the box are stamped with one full size difference ex. us 9e uk8 instead the usual half a size of the us d models
Great choice, the nicest Loake 1880 model
Half a dozen of Made in USA sportcoats are now online. From pictures they look very similar to the Corneliani, being made with Polo Patterns and specifications. Waiting someone to handle and try on them to know If the shoulders and general feeling are the same.
Nice report. Although the tone of your comparation between real italian food experience and the surrogate you can find elsewhere in the word is pretty funny for an italian. example: considering that most of the best caseifici of Campania don't have distribution and sell their product only at the factory, and that a great Mozzarella remains great only for 10-12 hours (after this time a purist use it only for pasta al forno and other recipes) I can't see how someone can...
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