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99% Loake Pimlico
This is pretty common, although it shouldn't Keep the shoes if they fit, rtw shoes with a perfect heel balance are very rare.
Great Post, thanksI've read here in the past that the luxury shoe tree it's based on 337 last, so it fits the 348 better?
Yes, I wear Size 8 in the capital (perfect fit) and 8,5 in the 026, the lenght it's almost the same.026 Kempton in 8,5 fits very nice026 C. Tyrwhitt cap toe boots in 8,5 fit loose with dress socks, perfect with thick country socks.Never tried a size 8 in the 026 but I think it would have been too tight.
I love these shoes since I saw a pic of Namor wearing them, it should be the same brown shell of marlows.It's a shame I can't fit any D widht C&J
I absolutely agree, both a raw denim or a cream/white denim would have worked well.I really love the look of a clean fitting raw denim with tweedish sportcoat, If well executed it's very classy, the problem is to find a perfect fitting jeans...I'm still searching.And white jeans are so nice for casual summer fit too, a clean white denim, a simple oxford or chambray shirt, perfect...Mimo, life needs both
Thanks!@Sander: Yes they are chinos (Rugby University Chinos in Light Khaki)
Thanks, yes very good monks, I am very happy with fit and shape.Originally the colour was more uniform and lighter, I've darkened toes and heels a bit.Unfortunately I am not familiar with 348 last which I know it's a last where some people went TTS or size down.
Eidos Napoli Kamakura Equus Rugby RL Loake
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