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I added yoox.com IT, it gave me a 10% code plus free shipping, It worked perfectly also stacked on discounted items. That's all. I have not tried the code posted above.
It worked for me also on discounted items, probably depends from country.
They feel more rigid than other brands due to thick plastic toe and heel stiffeners. One of the cheap details that justify the low price.
And If you add yoox.com on wechat you will get an additional code for 10%off plus free shipping, dont know if it works worldwide
Amazing selection!
^Thanks No, I mean finished inside insted outside like the center and last buttonholes, so when the lapel roll it's exposed the finished side. It's a little but nice detail, not so common on RTW, ime.
Being unlined I could easily check the construction and it is fused.It's a nice jacket, especially the fabric used.It's a 3/2 roll (with the first buttonhole reversed) unpadded shoulders with manica a camicia, and a very soft feel even if fused.My only complaints are a low quality sleeve lining and the lenght, very short for my taste (72,5 cm for a size 50)But I've bought it to be used very casually only with jeans/rollneck and field jacket above so not a big deal.
Very difficult to know, never seen the label before, but it clearly speaks for a small/unknow italian maker.If you want to see it I'll take a picture.
Prepping for Fall Alain Silk/Cotton Herringbone & Drumohr Rollneck
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