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It should be the 240.
It is basically a (faux) cap toe Snowdow http://www.frame.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=10834
The welt is stiched to the mid sole which is next cemented to the outsole.This is pretty common for this kind of vibram sole ( and also for vibram morflex, crepe soles etc.)Btw Very nice make up.All these boots make ups from meermin are very nice, but that fucking omnipresent storm welt is a deal breaker for me.I really dislike how meermin, carmina and orher spanish makers do it
Thanks for posting this, very very strange sizing...
It is considered by vendors a standard US width.C&J (like Eg, Trickers) have only one scale for widthC&J marked D are truly narrower than the ones marked as E (and not identical and just conversion)http://www.styleforum.net/t/177625/uk-or-us-sizing-c-j-for-bbThe sizing used for lenght is controversial as previously stated, but the one used for width seems to be clear.
The only sure thing is that they are a narrow Uk D width, as stated by the /4 on the insole. Consider this if you compare them to your UK E size (/5 writed on insole)
They are Hiro Yanagimachi Bespoke http://instagram.com/hiroyanagi1999
The toe profile from the side speak for 325 or 335, surely not 365
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For sale a brand new pair of: John Lobb "Cavendish" Oxford Shoes Copper Suede Single Leather Sole with Bevelled Waist Size UK 9.5 , Last 7000, EE Width The shoes are First Quality (not R or S marking) in perfect amazing conditions and Unworn, supplied with John Lobb Box and Care Booklet SOLD Payment via Paypal in Euro Feel free to ask any question! Thanks
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