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My new Cavendish Loafers, finally a C&J loafer that fits me well: [[SPOILER]]
A quick visual comparision between a well worn (1 years+ old) Meermin suede tassel near a brand new C&J Cavendish (maybe it could help someone) [[SPOILER]]
For sale is: a stunning Polo Ralph Lauren - Made in Italy by Corneliani - Serge Wool Dark Navy Blazer No longer made by Corneliani and no longer available, original retail price was over 1300$ Amazing quality and timeless cut, details and proportions, perfect STAPLE in every men's wardrobe. Especially made for EU Market (Drop 7) Size IT 48 7R (US 38) Rare “Polo IV” Cut, based on Polo II plus ticket pocket 3-Roll-2 buttons with great lapel roll Half Canvassed Soft...
The last is also different, 325 vs 335. The toe is slightly bulkier on the 335.
I remember your navy shell version, amazing make up.The defectwas probably caused by the lack of piping.The calf version above have the usual piping.
This happens when an item/size is bought by an american customer and next returned, it will be stocked in the us wharehouse and it will became available only to us site. It's really an annoying thing.
Considering what is the consensus, I -incredibily- ? wear the opposite: UK 8 F on the 82 Last and UK 8.5 EE in the 8000Both have a very good fit, only a slighty higher instep than my needs, but it is a minor issue.(FWIW for me UK 8.5 in the 82 is too long and roomier in the heel, UK 8 in the 8000 is too short.)
You could try to contact Bartoli, they offer a large seection of Williamshttp://www.giuseppebartoli.com/it/5_john-lobb
Many thanks for your comment, really appreciated!
^Cavalry Calf afaik is a semi-corrected waxed matte calf, Bookbinder is a classic corrected grain leather with a shiny plastic finish.
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