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Some points:1 your boots are already constructed with welted-veldtschoen construction2 you must say "badly waxed folded upper" not welt (the welt is underneath)3 "extra leather" (now I understand) is random, can vary, nothing to worry about.but the real point is...these are boots! rugged boots! so enjoy them, don't baby/overcare them PS:See how these shoes are made:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dxbk8PfFePYand consider the difference between welted vs welted-Veldtschoen...
C&J Snowdown boots are constructed with Veldt N°3 (on the diagram above)The welt is underneath the folded upper (the part visible from the outside)You are talking of: "badly waxed welt and the ‘extra leather’" which is very odd.Your boots are perfectly fine, the only minor concern is about the "bumps" on the toes, caused (I think) by slightly loose lasting and depends more from the construnction itsef.Due to Veldt construction nature the toe lasting maching can't stretch...
Of course, they were absolutely correct.Veldt is the shoe that is close to waterproof, but they remains leather shoes.In terms of funcionality even Veldt shoes lose compared with any cheap modern rubber boots.(I would prefer to use leather boots all the time)PS a well worn Snowdon boot by @Crat:http://www.styleforum.net/t/227575/quintessential-crockett-jones-thread-reviews-quality-etc/6990#post_7152539
Veldtschoen shoes don't have a visible welt, that portion of the shoes is the folded upper.That "issue" is merely cosmetic, re-wax those edges or ignore them with confidence...they will be scuffed at the first wearing...The bumps on the toe are much more relevant and depend from a slighty loose lasting.Anyway REAL waterproof leather shoes do not exist or existed, a Veldt boot is nice mostly for the sake of tradition, not for its real funcionality.
Great price!
For Sale is a pair of: Cheaney "Reigate" Double Monk Strap Shoes Bronzed Espresso Calf Double Leather Sole Hand Made in England Retail Price: € 465.00 They are brand new in A1 first quality conditions, minor creasing for being tried-on (metal toe taps added by local cobbler) Supplied with original box, shoe bags and care booklets Size: UK 7 , Last 125 , F Width Pictures: SOLD Worldwide Shipping with FedEx, DHL or Registered Mail, depending on...
My unlined suede penny had the same creasing out of the box,I think it is related with the lack of lining during lasting stretch or last removing.It is a very minor issue, imho.Ps congrats for the purchase anyway, great couple of amazing Loafers.
Italy, in the year 2000, by an idea of Federico Marchetti, called nowadays the "italian Steve Jobs"Search google to find the full story of his amazing insight.
ThanksI'm eyeing some suits, how are the pants?From the pictures they seem to be very slimThanks in advance
I wear the same size in all 325 uk sized shoes.I can compare the Cavendish (I own two pairs in UK 8,5) also to the 325 bbbf longwing (you own) in size us 9,5d (which I recently tried and returned)The longwing is longer and narrower. (I would have preferred a us 9e)Hope this helps
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