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NoThis isn't true.C&J for Barney's, Peal & co etc are also US sizedNot considering that all RL shoes are ALWAYS us sized only (every maker and model)RL shoes for EU market are US E width as standard, and EE width was also available.There are certainly two scales for lenght (US/UK) and maybe only one scale for width(I've found US E width to be slightly wider than my other C&J in UK E, especially the heel cupsIME from narrower to wider: US D / UK E / US E)
Very nice, although they are a US 8,5 E and not a UK 8.5
Another good option is Waterbury Buttons (supplier of Polo RL) Britex Fabrics has a good selection of them and they are available also in a 7/8" size, imho far nicer than the usual 3/4" / 2 cm size, too small in many cases.
FTFYSimply amazing tasteful collection
Seem that C&J finish (which make uniform the color) came off, revealing the unconsistent surface (typical of shell)I think you could only darkening the toe with a bit of wax polish.
Fwiw I wear Us 10 in Nike and I wear UK 8,5 both on 325 and 314 Last I suggest you to try at least a UK 9, but most probably you need a UK 9,5
Great selection from a trustworthy seller!
Lovely jackets and great prices!
I think the new tannery is this one:http://www.cordovan.co/https://www.instagram.com/shellcordovan/They mentioned Tuscany in some of their posts.
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