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^The Rugby one is Women size, but the buttoning side is correct for men, probably a "boyfriend coat" inspired kind of thing, like boyfriend blazer etc. nut uncommon for the brand.
Oipolloi and End Clothing usually have a good selection, they sell out very quickly, send them an email to check if they will stock them this year.
Make an offer if interested
Make an offer if interested
The last one is a good fit overall (obviously except sleeve length), in the others the arms look very tight, shoulders seem slighty large but acceptable
I wear uk 8f on the capital, slightly snug, and uk 8,5f on the 026, slightly loose. Width is generous in both, the difference is the lenght.
This doesn't surprise me at all and unfortunately I don't think you can do much. Have you used usps? Here we have to pay duties, ever, even for supersmall amount and for used/personal goods, example 10 euro of duties and handling for 30$ declared, very frustating. You should have declared the goods as "returned goods" or similar and with a symbolic value declared. Try to contact agenzia delle dogane in...
Judge a shoe only from the heel is never a good idea, it could be easily replaced, not considering that manufacturer nail patterns can vary.BTW the shoes are 100% Church's, I don't know when they stopped to produce for BB, but I bet it was almost 15 years ago or more.Search -Brooks Brothers Church's- here or on AAAC.Cheaney made Church's "Royal Tweed" line for the US market, but they are easily recognizable by the size/last printed inside.
They are old (90's?) and not black fleece, 100% Church's considering sizing marks on the sole.
For sale is:Alain (son of Adriano Fracassi, Brescia) Made in Italy, 3 roll 2, Silk Cotton Herringbone Sportcoat, perfect for casual looks and amazing paired with raw denim.Features are:Cream/Brown Herringbone Fabric - Amazing slubby texture - 50% Silk / 50% Cotton - Fall WeightSize IT 50Unlined, Soft Construction with unpadded natural shoulders and manica a camicia.Side Vents, Ticket Pocket and 3 sleeve buttons (buttonholes uncutted)The Sportcoat is BNWT (spare buttons...
New Posts  All Forums: