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For Sale is a pair of: Cheaney "Reigate" Double Monk Strap Shoes Bronzed Espresso Calf Double Leather Sole Hand Made in England Retail Price: € 465.00 They are brand new in A1 first quality conditions, minor creasing for being tried-on (metal toe taps added by local cobbler) Supplied with original box, shoe bags and care booklets Size: UK 7 , Last 125 , F Width Pictures: Price is: 249 € + Shipping Open to reasonable offers Worldwide Shipping...
My unlined suede penny had the same creasing out of the box,I think it is related with the lack of lining during lasting stretch or last removing.It is a very minor issue, imho.Ps congrats for the purchase anyway, great couple of amazing Loafers.
Italy, in the year 2000, by an idea of Federico Marchetti, called nowadays the "italian Steve Jobs"Search google to find the full story of his amazing insight.
ThanksI'm eyeing some suits, how are the pants?From the pictures they seem to be very slimThanks in advance
I wear the same size in all 325 uk sized shoes.I can compare the Cavendish (I own two pairs in UK 8,5) also to the 325 bbbf longwing (you own) in size us 9,5d (which I recently tried and returned)The longwing is longer and narrower. (I would have preferred a us 9e)Hope this helps
They worked to re-produce it with an english tannery (Baker, I suppose)It is made by Ox hides.Here you can read more:http://m.crockettandjones.com//news/index/aw16-russian-grain
Thom Browne not Ford. They're the maker of their made in england range (previously trickers-made) Anyway very solid english shoes, and great quality-price ratio. IMO they are above Loake 1880, especially comfort-wise.
This is a very sad story.I hope you can find a resolution soon.Anyway FWIW (and for next shipments) the most reliable service to ship worldwide (up to 2kg) using national post is the Registered Mail which has legal value and it is always locked during transit.It is a serious thing, and postal employers are directly responsible for any issues.
+1 Ealing is more balanced, Tetbury is very sleek, too sleek for many people, have you ever seen them in person? Chiltern is very nice too, a very conservative classic rounded toe last, suited for casual wear.
FWIW I wear UK 8,5 E in C&J and 9,5 E in leydon last - 8,5 E/ 9D in barrie Here in Italy is very very common to wear the same size Uk and Us in the classic aldens (considering barrie last and us e width) for example UK 7 / US 7 E In my experience Alden has very strange sizing, not so consistent like english brands. Anyway @AMD500 I suggest you to try UK 8.5 E
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