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For sale a brand new pair of: Edward Green "Troon" Single Monk Strap Shoes Dark Oak Antique Single Leather Sole and Brass Buckle Size UK 10 , Last 82, F Width The shoes are First Quality in perfect amazing conditions (pictures speak for themself) and never worn, never tried-on, supplied with their Original Box, Shoe Bags, Polishing Mat and Care Booklet Pictures: Price is: 475 GBP / 599 € - Worldwide Shipping Included with Fedex...
For sale a brand new pair of: John Lobb "Cavendish" Oxford Shoes Copper Suede (the nicest suede I've ever handled, in a rich and warm colour, a perfect match for flannel) Single Leather Sole with Bevelled Waist Size UK 9.5 , Last 7000, EE Width The shoes are First Quality (not R or S marking) in perfect amazing conditions (pictures speak for themself) and Unworn, supplied with John Lobb Box and Care Booklet (note: the box is from another JL Prestige...
But are you serious?This is the Loake Official Thread, do you think that for a member interested to buy a pair of Loake, is more useful a good and honest comparision with other brands with realistic pros an cons, or a one way "appreciation" like the one you suggest (and do)?I don't see any negative comments above.
I really like their Casual / Mcnairy / Thom Browne ranges, and I own/owned and handled lots of models,but honestly I never found their Ambassadors range interesting, too "old man" lasts and styles, some really UGLY like their penny loafer.Diplomats are nicer but I don't have experience with them.Their best is obviously the casual/country range and private labeling.
ThanksShame they did not fit, still a very good price.In the past I've asked Cheany factory about other styles (seen on pictures of a factory tour) but they never replied, they helped me only asking directly for a specific model, ex. these FS029.Maybe I should try another time...
+1Come on guys
Great staple right here
Some inspiration? Source: Frame Japan Store - http://www.frame.jp/crockett/
Always nice,@NOBD What's the actual price?Thanks in advance
US sites always have bigger % due to different currency.
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