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Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Or at least link me so i can try and be more successful. Lord knows i need it Quote: Originally Posted by ryanmnguyen I can arrange that. Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Thank you for starting me on the road to turning my life around Quote: Originally Posted by ryanmnguyen ^ I know the...
lol you guys are still at it huh? ill admit, i read all the posts in this topic and some of them are funny. i had a good laugh at the bright glittery ones lol i wanted this topic to get locked but hey, if i cant do anything about it might as well have a laugh i guess. theres not much i can do either way lol topic success!
Quote: Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon yeah, like taking the wrong exit on the freeway. sorry about that . just get back on and try [] exit, i think they'd be more up your alley. Hey thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.
Quote: Originally Posted by BEAR JEW probably not judging by his extreme homophobic comments im actually not homophobic, and i actually dont mean anything i said just purposely TRYING to get the ban hammer so this topic gets deleted heh..
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