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Saw Rafa watching the game @ Anfield yesterday. He really likes to keep those glasses clean!
not sure what this means my post was meant in jest - vox is tweeting some good, snarky (made up) stuff from pitti (where i doubt he is)
i thought vox said gdl had lost the beard!?
Garcia's finalllly gone De Rossi's father to fill in until Spalletti arrives
D'ya think he'd ever consider taking on a basket case like Roma? Perfect opportunity to take on a real challenge & prove himself again...
Not that anyone really cares about the Coppa d'Italia, but Roma's exit at the hands of Serie B side Spezia spell the end for Garcia I'm afraid....
Good on ya, Claudio! Watched the Chelsea game last night - lotta fun!
Utd fall while City rally commendably. Arsenal, Chelski & Valencia (and Roma!) learn their fate today
No one's gloating! Where are the Leicester lads? Roma are shite again
Wow - a Reading success story! My roommate back in the mid-80s was a college buddy of Bill Thomas - he used to hang out w/ us and was already obsessing about the perfect pair of khakis! He was selling tie-dye ties at the time....
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