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Love the Corsica ! - better than Phocea or Nizza IMO, although I haven't tried the reserve blends. Now they've got all these 'workshop' beans less is more sometimes....* have been drinking A&V's french roast for the last week or so - not complaining
Trump's problem is that most of his supporters are the people who won't vote because they're afraid they'll then be called for jury duty
Saw Rafa watching the game @ Anfield yesterday. He really likes to keep those glasses clean!
not sure what this means my post was meant in jest - vox is tweeting some good, snarky (made up) stuff from pitti (where i doubt he is)
i thought vox said gdl had lost the beard!?
Garcia's finalllly gone De Rossi's father to fill in until Spalletti arrives
D'ya think he'd ever consider taking on a basket case like Roma? Perfect opportunity to take on a real challenge & prove himself again...
Not that anyone really cares about the Coppa d'Italia, but Roma's exit at the hands of Serie B side Spezia spell the end for Garcia I'm afraid....
Good on ya, Claudio! Watched the Chelsea game last night - lotta fun!
Utd fall while City rally commendably. Arsenal, Chelski & Valencia (and Roma!) learn their fate today
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