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The new Document stuff looks very nice! FYI: the waist measurement on the dark navy trousers reads the same (86/33.9) for both the M and L sizes p.s. you guys should maybe consider photographing the white stuff against a different color background
PSG's luck runs out.CR7 steps it up!
Nice brownie!
Who else is tired of this interminable break? Derby weekend is almost here! El Clasico tomorrow, Roma/Lazio Sunday
Is that you you Ernest?
Same moniker, but I don't really post...
lefty - Is that you (left field) on the NAFFF?
Sounds interesting! The club is cool but I remember thinking it would be cooler (was about 15 yrs ago) - assume it's same place (around the side & upstairs in Fraunces Tavern). We were invited by a member we only knew through my wife's work. Ran into a friend of my father who owned a section of Nelson's Spring Creek just upstream from Livingston MT (Yellowstone trib) that we had visited a couple times and had a bunch of drinks I forget what the presentation was...
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