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I will try here for a sizing question on the nice Camoshita Capri collared shirts: for a 38 - 39 shirt (relatively slim build) would you go for a 48 or a 50?
Allora, mamma mia - al giorno l' ottimo!
Shoos are spoken for.
Sort of related: when I was in high school there were only a handful of kids who had cars, split between the IA gearheads who were really into cars and a few non-greasers who for whatever reason had one (either purchased themselves or an old family car). The parking lot was never more than 1/2 full, and that's w/ the teachers. Today that parking lot is completely full (with shiny new 'nice' imports & SUVs, as are the streets surrounding the school to the point that...
I don' think I've ever seen or been given a menu in a coffee bar. Have you been to City of Saints yet?
sigh...still don't know what 3rd Wave means. I had a cup of Starbucks at the gate in the Butte airport in 1989 - had never seen it before. It was in one of those pots like you see in diners sitting on a hotplate. Is that 1st wave?
Wait, I thought Peet's, etc. WAS part of the coffee snob bandwagon?
C'mon, it's not really that girly...
More of a pinkish fuschia You'd think that w/ that strip Gareth Bale would've left the hairband in the changing room
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