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Monkstraps are a US 11, and the captoes US 10 Both are gently used. Let me know if you are interested and I can get some better pix
Bleeker is all done!
i find 68th to be even worse
for the park west yellowstone is probably better. ennis is an hour+ outside the park, but gives you better access to lower madison, idaho, and points west (big hole, beaverhead, etc.)*** i say 'probably' b/c as aravenel said, it is a bigger (relatively speaking) town filled w/ tourists, t-shirt shops, etc. that being said, there are also a half dozen or more nice fly shops (blue ribbon flies, madison river outfitters, bob jacklins + a bunch of 'new' ones), and you don't...
just got this - water level looks good!
Stay on the mountain? W/ new merger Big Sky is the largest (not sure by which metric) ski area in the US!I'll recommend 'Incident at Big Sky' for your reading enjoyment....http://www.amazon.com/Incident-Big-Sky-Sheriff-Mountain/dp/0393023346
We're not quite there yet, but this is also a potential cross-post for "What's the Deal w/ the Guy in the bathroom" thread
No, first (fishing) trip was the summer of the big Yellowstone fires ('88?) - started the winter visits about 7 years ago. Love the area (SW MT) - The Last Best Place!
(forgot to mulit-quote )Water level seemed OK, although w/ a couple feet of snow and iced-over banks I'm not sure anything less than drastically low levels would be readily apparent
We were just down the road from Big Sky at Lone Mountain Ranch. Fished a couple miles downstream (north) of the Big Sky turn-off, down in the canyon. Went over to Big Sky one afternoon as my kids wanted to do dome downhill - Yeti Dogs!
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