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Group! thnx
What is the "G" in GMTO?
And that water is pretty murky Nobby wif 'is teef in!
'At's awlright, Argie, come on in for a scrub!
A miserable Marxist shite!
I love it! Derby throw w/ just a minute left - no time wasting - just chuck it back to the keeper! And Paul Breitner had just won the World Cup the previous summer.....* "A Charlie George special!" is what we called all goals scored from outside the penalty area...
I will watch game after work. Believe it or not I think that kit is dark brown Back in my Shoot subscription days just about every team wore Umbro, and IIRC Mitre was the ball of choice! Truth be told I was flipping around waiting for Liverpool-Chelsea to start Roma provide all the heartbreak I need right now. Arsenal was my original English team after a trip to Highbury back in the early 70's, but now I kinda go w/ the underdog, and always against ManU (sorry...
Sempre!Saw the Shotton(sp?) & Hendry goals on Saturday, and then the final score - Rams do the business! Also, the Umbro kit
if you are looking for hard pants, then ed is your man
Been lookin' for some pents!
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