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Are these the LS polos (am I remembering this right?)? Maybe I'm imagining things, but I thought they were due Feb/Mar...
There were a few models this winter that were done on a more TTS scale (and definitely a new cut, not just a relabeling of the L size as M. Gone were the nice thick buttons, replaced by a thin dainty MOP. I was given reason to believe that this was the way of the future. People didn't want to have to mentally re-size...
Are we back to the original PF cut, i.e. a size small, w/ the thicker buttons?
George Kennedy!
It's possible for DT to condemn something un-PC while sticking to his guns and keeping true to the (idiotic) style that has brought him success so far. As his success continues it' s only natural that he becomes a little more cautious as he realizes that he actually has a chance to become the nominee - he was clearly worried about alienating a sizable segment of his base support
DT = Donald Trump, not Dumb Threads
Why is it that when you pull the top off a fruity Liberty yogurt it comes completely off just fine in a single piece but with the non-fruit varieties (e.g. vanilla or coconut) the top always rips and half stays stuck on?
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