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Are the Chinese (and India) on board w/ all this? 'Cause ain't nothing changing (except for the worse) until they are...
Do you do a lot of spit roasting?
Alessandro Florenzi celebrates 1st goal of the season by climbing into stands to kiss his nonna! Roma’s Alessandro Florenzi showed he is the perfect grandson after scoring against Cagliari before celebrating his goal by running into the stands to hug and kiss his grandmother. Florenzi’s reaction to his first goal of the season was undoubtedly heart-warming, but the referee was unmoved as he coldly booked Florenzi for climbing up into the stands to embrace his...
You also had some charity walk/run thing going on in the morning that shut down the Westside Highway, plus UN week starts today (I think) so there was some diplopriv-shutdown prep going on.
Is that John Doe? Peter Zaremba always looks good....
It looks like he's got striped pents & a solid jacket
Focus was a Dutch group in the mid-70's (famous song, IIRC, was Hocus Pocus)Tarkus was the name of the 2nd or 3rd ELP album
Roma looking strong 4 - 0!
Is this guy a little long in the tooth? I know you don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I'd thoroughly vet those restaurants.
Sturgill Simpson is my new country discovery - he's very good!
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