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It's possible for DT to condemn something un-PC while sticking to his guns and keeping true to the (idiotic) style that has brought him success so far. As his success continues it' s only natural that he becomes a little more cautious as he realizes that he actually has a chance to become the nominee - he was clearly worried about alienating a sizable segment of his base support
DT = Donald Trump, not Dumb Threads
Why is it that when you pull the top off a fruity Liberty yogurt it comes completely off just fine in a single piece but with the non-fruit varieties (e.g. vanilla or coconut) the top always rips and half stays stuck on?
Also, it could be argued that the Panthers came about as a result of the Klan; i.e. the Klan helped begat the Panthers so it will always be more culpable in the eyes of many
I like it when people say "drop"
Not if they are of the same ilk as Trump/Cruz. I don't think the MSM lamented the election GHWB.
I might be wrong, but I think a lot more 'normal' people used to be down at the DMV before online/mail-in options became available. Now anyone w/ routine/non-pressing business jumps at the opportunity to avoid the riff-raff if at all possible. The folks you see in person are the ones who can't get their s#it together enough to plan ahead and take care of things via the internet/mail. There's also a subset of people who HAVE to show up in person b/c their dealing w/ more...
Mamma mia....
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