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+ 1To the bend in Doyers ("the bloody angle"), down the steps and past the buddah w/ the burned-down-butt/glass-of-cold-tea offering. Great food & prices - we ate there regularly for 10+ years, assuming it would always be there....Interesting from wiki:Early in the century, the bend in the street became known as "the Bloody Angle" because of numerous shootings among the Tong Gangs of Chinatown that lasted into the 1930s.[4] Hatchets were frequently used, leading to the...
thnx - what is the 38 pop chest - 41.2?
I'm asking b/c the Inglese (which I've not worn) looks to be a full inch + slimmer than the Mazzarelli (which I have worn) in the same size. The 38 Mazzarelli is good on me w/ a 41.7 chest - not sure the 39 Inglese (w/ a 40.6 chest) would work. Are you saying the pop is looser to the extent I'll be OK, or would I go up to a 39?
Now I am getting worried! Are there any measurements on the popovers yet? Is sizing the same as the regular cotton shirts?
That's home of the shoo, no?
where are the popovers!?
Looking for advice on selling a vehicle. We're getting a new car and 'selling' our old one to an out-of-state relative. In order to drop the old car form our insurance policy we need to turn in the old NY plates to DMV (or have her send them in and get a receipt). What is the best way to go about this?
now that is a great concert outfit - i didn't watch (listen to?) the whole thing - was wondering if there were any better angled shots of the back? I like how in the closeups of her hands on the keyboard the bewbage can't help but thrust itself into the picture
Pretty much. 1.5 days in BA at either end, with a week on the ranch (estancia!), which is a couple of hours south of Esquel.Yes, that is remote country. One of the things that strikes me as so cool about Lee Wulff is the thought of him exploring the rivers and lakes of Labrador in his float plane back in the '50's....
New Posts  All Forums: