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Rabbit island is the vaccination spot (little island), right? We DID visit, and stashed a bunch of old goblets and costume jewelry in the underbrush early one morning. Later that day we were all out for a nice paddle w/ the kids (then 5 yrs old) and "came across" a mysterious old map hidden in a hollow log on one of the back ponds. After much deliberation and discernment it was determined that the 'X' was probably Rabbit island so we paddled back and had the kids search...
my wife's friend married into family w/ a camp on spitfire. i love those old st regis-only boats (idem? item?) that you see out there. we always had so-so fishing but one night the scheduled dinner fare got pushed back a day as a cousin had got a laker - big & delicious, fed 15+ people! * everyone we met seemed pretty down to earth, but that is big-timer country
don't forget strootman at roma!
lefty - we just back from lake placid on sunday! short trip(s), w/ emphasis on kid-stuff (camp, ice cream, 'tubing', hockey-store shopping, etc.) only got to fish for a few a little off dock in lakes george & placid - spinning gear w/ worms - sons got some small bass... those guideboats are beautiful. is upper st regis part of the st regis canoe area? we had a great little 3-day trip in there about 15 years ago - beautiful as all get out. trolled w/ a sinking line the...
is she the one in the pith helmet?
Why can't you stomach this argument? Are you saying that Suarez doesn't have an appetite for this type of thing? When all is said and done Luis will have to swallow his pride and apologize if he has any hope of tasting victory at the end of the tournament
Originally Posted by HRoi View Post I'm getting confused about all these Suarez controversies. So much information and opinion to chew on and digest. I wish there was a good bite-sized synopsis that I could sink my teeth int you said a mouthful there, but i dunno - this may be an example of the press biting off more than they can chew (or their eyes are bigger than their stomach?), i mean they've really torn into this story w/ gusto - a couple of sound bites and the...
France was not the defending champion
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