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Good game! Ronaldo doing the Balotelli flex on the meaningless goal was priceless Did anyone see him coming off the bus as they made their way into the dressing room pre-game? Wearing what looked to be either a sequined or rhinestone studded backpack Well, thread is only 50 pages after a full season . does that by announcing his views on underwear! New thread for the World Cup?
just suppos'n the shirt is linen & the tie is wool? is the prohibition only for mix in the same garment?
Nothing to play for, but Roma-Juve all square at the half. In other news, Pjanic signs 4 yr K extension!
Is Birch on 7th just below 14th? My kids soccer place moved and I wait for them at this corner - been going to Donut Pub () before hand to stock up on after-practice snacks and always get a cup, but maybe I'll get my joe @ Birch (if that's the place) and keep Pub purchase limited to sinkers
one word: pickelwinkers
Maybe if this were the truly the case, but it wasn't really. The Chelsea loss took them out of the driver's seat, and this was just another nail in the coffin (ok, a couple of nails). Coupled w/ the Suarez's past unsportsman-like behavior (I'll give him the benefit of the doubt w/ the Evra incident, but the faking/diving and the biting are beyond the pale for me), makes makes it impossible to respect this guy (at least until he signs w/ Roma.....)
I watched the second half of the Liverpool game last night - the final 15 minute meltdown was truly incredible. I like Steven Gerrard, and felt even worse for him than after his mistake against City. His reaction at the end was commendable, especially when contrasted w/ Suarez's pathetic display which was just downright embarassing
Does everyone buy their coffee through the mail now?
Got some pix from guide! Here's an 'art' shot (Nikon waterproof), plus more from the Troutslayer
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