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Be careful - this might be a fetish thing (like used underwear), no?
Did Prince lighten his skin the way Michael Jackson did? I saw his high school yearbook photo and there seems to be quite a difference.
Totti comes on late and sets in motion the the winning goal! Roma 1 Napoli 0 Of course the downside is that Juve clinch scudetto
Down 1-2, Tottti comes off the bench in the 85th and quickly scores tying goal & winner!
Kismet! I may have told this before: my dad joined a fishing club in the poconos many years ago. after his 1st visit i asked him how it went - "great place, nice guys, you gotta come check it out. the only bad thing was that i lost my favorite flybox on the river". i finally got a chance to go the next season. it was the middle of the week so no one was around - usually you have to stick to your chosen beat but we could wander their whole stretch of water (tribs of...
Barca stumble, again! Another fun Leicester match! Serie A is moribund
We've had a couple of instances of surreptitious fornication in the front bushes - strangely enough, each time was M/M coupling
White trash? The NYT featured this recipe a couple of months ago (although SS subbed out the instant Ranch)! We tried it but used different pepper. It was OK but the roast was tough to shred - not sure if it was my technique or it needed longer cooking time...http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017937-mississippi-roast
The new Document stuff looks very nice! FYI: the waist measurement on the dark navy trousers reads the same (86/33.9) for both the M and L sizes p.s. you guys should maybe consider photographing the white stuff against a different color background
PSG's luck runs out.CR7 steps it up!
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