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You can run but you cannot hide. Mamma mia! Muller!!! Mi dispiace German power & efficiency too much for Italians
Potentially good games today: Wenger's swan song? Can Juve hold on (Dybala & Marchisio out !)?
What does the fox say?
Do you use Eric's tabmaker?
How do you keep your pants up?
When are the polos due?
Are these the LS polos (am I remembering this right?)? Maybe I'm imagining things, but I thought they were due Feb/Mar...
There were a few models this winter that were done on a more TTS scale (and definitely a new cut, not just a relabeling of the L size as M. Gone were the nice thick buttons, replaced by a thin dainty MOP. I was given reason to believe that this was the way of the future. People didn't want to have to mentally re-size...
Are we back to the original PF cut, i.e. a size small, w/ the thicker buttons?
New Posts  All Forums: