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As much as I love fishing, I just can't see ever willingly subjecting myself to the 'combat fishing' conditions. My dad says that our recent Patagonia trip has made Montana seem a little too crowded for him. Forget seeing another angler - you wouldn't see another person all day. One of my sons landed this guy the first day:
nobody watch the football?
^^^ Concur - I initially went down after hearing that they'd stretch a bit, but a full size down was just too snug.
Sterling's 1st was a cracker! Suarez really is a putz.... Moyes out!?!
He is quick!! * Watching last year's Switzerland-Brazil friendly the other night - Alves OG for the Swiss win
another sizing question: can you give me measurements for the Lightning Bolt shirts? M = ? L = ? thnx
Great stuff Cleav! What an experience for a young boy. I remember Gerry Daly from my Shoot 'pin-ups', but seem to recall him being w/ Utd back then. Bruce Rioch (the Englishman who captained Scotland!) & Franny Lee are the Derby names that stick out in my mind, and of course the name of their stadium - the Baseball Ground! Always liked the B/W kit....
question - is the sizing different on these s/s weights? you click on the blue minnis and get this info: Size Chest (CM / IN) Length (CM / IN) Shoulder (CM / IN) Inseam (CM / IN) Rise (CM / IN) Waist (CM / IN) 52 Regular 109 / 42.9 76.5 / 30.1 47 / 18.5 93 / 36.6 26 / 10.2 91.5 / 36 IINM, the pants measurements are the same as the 50 winter suits, and for the jackets these are actually smaller than those for the 50 Regular winter suits
This fixture was my first exposure to English football! Family was visiting London in the early 70's. My dad got tickets and off we went to Highbury! Quite an experience for a young American whose exposure to English football were stories from teammates who had been at ASL, and an always tardy subscription to ShootFor the Gunners -Bob Wilson in goal, Alan Ball, Liam Brady, Charlie George, Pat Rice, Sammy Nelson, etc.For the Hammers I remember Mervyn Day was in goal, w/...
Bastardi !
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