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C'mon, it's not really that girly...
More of a pinkish fuschia You'd think that w/ that strip Gareth Bale would've left the hairband in the changing room
Strands, on the beach - very good
I only saw the end of the second half - Roma looked to be fully in charge and then Rooney switched things around very quickly! Cole looked OK from the little I saw...
Ralph Lauren Polo doublemonk & oxford (I think the model is Telman?). Good condition, sz 10.5 - they are both the same shade of brown (slightly lighter than medium). Both pair for $150. For pickup only in NYC
Are you referring to the old Nevada Smiths or the 'new' Nevada Smiths (moved a block or so up 3rd Ave)? The new NS seems to be a very different animal...
i think i got a 90 (for a 'full' 34)
our kids' hockey team has had a couple of dinners at Manducatis Rustica - I thought it was pretty good - everything was familystylewe've had some good meals at the orig. Manducatis - Testaccio not so great, but not bad
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