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Getting rid of 50-60 very nice ties - many never tied. These are not skinny ties - almost all are 3.5 inches. Will mail in U.S. - NY pickup and group buys get bigger discounts. First up is a a collection from storied cravateur Carlo Franco. Luxurious Como silks and 7-fold construction highlight what are arguably some of the most tasteful designs from his collection. $30 each, all 5 for $120, NYC pickup is $100:slayer:
This thread is dragging - no one cares about the Germans? Where is the schadenfreude? Who's ready for the weekend?
I've had a couple of stinky Irish sweaters - I think that the wool is minimally processed (or at least processed in such a way that less lanolin is removed) - leaves the wool very water resistant and w/ a nice gamy smell....
Where is that full zip marled grey number that people voted on?
Warehouse is a funny place. My father-in-law loves the "deals" but 1/2 the wine he gets is turned enough that even I can tell it's bad (his solution is to 'just drink it fast'). I have seen some good booze deals on stuff that you don't see everywhere... Cool weather when?
little late to the party but i found the cotton rotas to be cut much slimmer than the wool. i'm good w/ a 48 in the wool but needed a 50 in cotton (and they are still slimmer than the 48s)
I dread this time of year when you get the football/baseball overlap. At my kidz hockey games the other dads talk of nothing else, constantly checking phones for the latest scores & headlines. I try to steer clear but with the whole Jeter thing going on it achieved a critical mass that couldn't be ignored. I only offer up the safest, most meager of observations, but I always feel like Apu making small talk at the Kwik-E-mart."So, I hope to watch the Metropolitans of...
Coraggio, Francesco
I check B&S everyday too, and never see any of this great stuff!
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