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We've had a couple of instances of surreptitious fornication in the front bushes - strangely enough, each time was M/M coupling
White trash? The NYT featured this recipe a couple of months ago (although SS subbed out the instant Ranch)! We tried it but used different pepper. It was OK but the roast was tough to shred - not sure if it was my technique or it needed longer cooking time...http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017937-mississippi-roast
The new Document stuff looks very nice! FYI: the waist measurement on the dark navy trousers reads the same (86/33.9) for both the M and L sizes p.s. you guys should maybe consider photographing the white stuff against a different color background
PSG's luck runs out.CR7 steps it up!
No one misses Merle?
Nice brownie!
Who else is tired of this interminable break? Derby weekend is almost here! El Clasico tomorrow, Roma/Lazio Sunday
Is that you you Ernest?
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