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Griezmann gets the away equalizer - Atleti in the driver's seat!
Totti: ‘Well done Ranieri!’ By Football Italia staff Roma captain Francesco Totti congratulates Claudio Ranieri on winning the Premier League. The former Giallorossi Coach has led Leicester City to the title with two games to spare, with the remarkable feat made mathematically certain by Tottenham’s draw with Chelsea yesterday. “Congratulations boss,” Totti wrote on his official website. “You’ve really been great, you deserve all of this satisfaction!” Ranieri is a...
We once went went to South Mountain Arena to watch a hockey clinic being conducted by Rod Gilbert - he kissed her too! And to go full circle w/ a t-shirt story - fast forward 25 years: my bother made up these Grateful Rangers / Steal Your Faceoff shirts that he was selling at Dead shows at the Garden - Rod Gilbert (the Bill Walton of hockey) was one of his last sales before the cops got them!
Re: airport access - are you talking about NJ/SO? Newark airport is very convenient to any of those towns on the Morris/Essex line (Morristown thru Newark). I grew up nearby and have very fond memories of SO. My buddy's dad taught @ Seton Hall and all 7 kids went there - saw some great, very intense Big East b-ball games. Orange Lawn & Tennis used to have a U.S. Open warmup tournament (when Open was on grass @ Forest Hills) that we would sneak into. Ilie Nastase kissed...
Worlds collide!
Again, Super Sub Totti! Comes on late to score tying goal and sparks team to come from behind victory
BPL is a spinetingler! Leicester has tricky final 3 games although they should be able to pull it off. All Spanish CL & Europa finals?
nobody watching the footie these days?
the new bluestone (?) finally opened in the watson bldg - luv that the coffee guy had an aussie accent! the counterpeople however are are no better than fast food workers. wondered what a 'jaffle' was and couldn't read the little explanatory sheet b/c i didn't have my glasses. so i asked the clueless cashier and her response was "everything is explained on this' pointing to the tiny type i couldn't read. flat white was good
Am I the only one who was distracted by his tie length? What's the excuse? Did he grab an XL by mistake? Just retie it for goodness sake!
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