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Have never heard of GPS Sport, although I have a built-in GPS in my car that I hate and will never use. Is this so they can see who is still in the changing room when they come out after halftime and the ref counts only 10 players? LeBlanc looks at his iPad, "Oh, Cavani must be taking a dump"
I dunno - like so:very strange - it looked like there might be a cigarette pack-shaped insert up between the shoulder blades on the back,
So after the Napoli - Paris St. Germain friendly I saw the strangest thing when folks were exchanging jerseys - all the Paris guys were wearing what looked like black asymetrical sports bras under their shirts - very bizarre
are you reading the montalbano series? where does this thread reside?
you no make fun of gareth!
you will find it only gets worse, and you will get increasingly sensitive to it. each time you are subjected to it you will wonder why on earth you thought that this might possibly be an enjoyable experience. you will grow to dread the thought of going to a new "hot" spot. you will find that a quiet atmosphere more than compensates for minor culinary blips or snafus. you'll come to view a good, serene restaurant as a true oasis, and will return again and again. AND...
Now I'm hearing Benatia may be ManU-bound
We're considering am few days here in late August - any recommendations on places to stay? H/W, 2 11 yr old kids.
sweetness - tell me they're 9cm, yes?
When did this happen? If you didn't order are you out of luck?
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