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Downtown is not so horrible that you will forever mourn the UWS. Like most things, you'll quickly get used to it and once you're settled in you may even find future trips back to the old 'hood seem like a strange distant land. Are you east or west? West Village is nice (duh), and non-NYU parts of central Village have something to offer. Noho (if I'm thinking of the right are)a is still sleepy at times - ditto Nolita, although all these areas really heat up w/...
I think there is a Bean a few doors up, just down from the Strand Have you been to Madman?
the people have voted w/ their $$$!
ay, yi yi. this is not what i envisioned
this is precisely what i felt. didn't like the thigh tightness so went w/ the 36 and nipped in the waist 3/4"
this is will ellis' new (?) book, lots of interesting stuff - the pix of the abandoned building in the creedmoor psychiatric hospital are truly remarkable. 40+ years of pigeons roosting there has left the place filled w/ mounds of guano several feet deep. an institutional bathroom for the criminally insane would be weird enough - filled it w/ 3 foot piles of pigeon poop makes it positively surreal
they just opened another spot in that strip on 8th st btwn b'dwy & university - haven't stopped in yet. have been going to madman on university across from bagel bob's
Hey - there is a Caffe Bene opening up in the middle of a string of always emptyB'dway storefronts that AY would tell you are good b/c the landlords are maximizing their revenue! * it is caffebene and is south korean!
kyle - is that the 250 donegal shown on the tunic?
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