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Hello? Anyone home?
Who's the shoe guy Daniel Day-Lewis apprenticed with - Stefano???? I believe he was near Firenze....
Desco is where I went. Looked up part and seems like $190 is about right
That's what I said: "Jeezus, $200, that's almost what the vacuum cost!" The guy looked at me like i had a hole in my head "Sir, this is a $1,400 machine". I had no idea *I guess that qualifies as cuckish admission....
$200 to replace a vacuum hose!
Moo & Foo reunited!
So is the discussion here more DIY home repair/improvement type stuff or bragging about high-end appliances?
I have to admit that we live in an apartment in NYC, so on the cuckscale I probably come in pretty high. I change my own light bulbs, can unclog a toilet, and tighten up loose screws...but the porter brings up the wine delivery We don't have a fireplace in the apt, but given the opportunity (weekend place; trips) I'll keep the (woodburning) fire going strong (one match)
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