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Luis Enrique looked to be wearing NMWA at last night's Copa match against Athletico - can anyone confirm? ancora:
There's the big fella....
cleav that name rings a bell - did he spend time at birmingham in the 70s?i don't know about tfc - tuned into the spurs game and saw that defoe was back (@ sunderland!) - i think some guys get to msl and find thmeselves terribly disillusioned
Sweaters are from my personal collection and all in perfect condition. 2 beautiful Norwegian ski sweaters, 1/4 zip: Dale of Norway & Skjaeveland. The Dale pattern is the official US Olympic ski team's (not sure which year). Each has an internal drawcord at the waist. The Barbour is VERY heavy, w/ a fleece-lined collar/cuffs, extra long sleeves and thumb holes. You could wear this working outside in freezing temperatures w/ a polypro base layer and be quite...
EFV - Very nice! These seem to me much better - I understand the need to 'stand out', but glad to see many more 'normal' folks in these. Love the 'photographer becomes the photographed' shots. Monsieur Greg looking quite good, and w/ a break in his trousers!
I may be too old for this stuff - 90% of those people look ridiculous to me....
West Ham v. Everton FA Cup thriller! Great game, and exciting PSO - all even after 9 shots - Spanish keepers face each other and Everton's puts his shot off the bar - WH keeper whips off his gloves and buries his kick - Big Sam and the crowd at the Boleyn start blowing bubbles!
2 goals from totti save roma from derby humiliation
I realize were going into s/s, but for next year's cold season maybe moorer coats? i think bloomies (barneys?) might carry a basic model, but i think the better ones maybe unavailable here. p.s. love my tie your ties!
Didn't know they made chips! I am a big fan of their (slightly spicy) relish...
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