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Island (Iceland)! Copa replay!
I have been in the woods w/o tv/internet/phone/newspaper - did Nainggolan play?
49 years ago today the Lisbon Lions, pride of Glasgow, become the first British team to win the European Cup defeating Inter 2-1. Celtic won every competition they entered that year. I'm pretty sure all the players were born within 20 miles of Parkhead
For the NYC guys: do any of you shop at Moore Bros.? I have abstained from the grape for the last decade but now have a glass on Saturday night (+ buy for my wife & the house) and find myself drawn to them. I'm bummed that they are being forced out to Brooklyn! Although the selection is smaller, and the prices are a little higher, I love the whole control aspect and the idea of working only w/ small producers. I am cheap and buy the lower end stuff but I can...
Where are Cleav & the Lee Marvin avatar guy?!? Did the Rams pull off a miracle today?
Guy Clark joins TVZ in songwriter heaven....
Soft tissue! He doesn't want to know about soft tissue...
Ouch! Kompany out.. Zizou forgot to wear a belt (nerves?)!
"Full kit wanker!"
Griezmann gets the away equalizer - Atleti in the driver's seat!
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