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Help me understand this - what does 450g of water mean? a cup? 2 cups?
...and Hazard (w/ his big bottom) opens the scoring
All my LP sweaters are 48 or 50, and I don't know how this one got in the mix but my loss is your gain. This light grey Loro Piana v-neck sweater is in perfect condition, and stored w/ cedar blocks. It was worn a couple of times until I noticed how large it was. This will fit a US 42. These very nice sweaters are priced - I think they are close to $1000 now - get yours for much less! PRICE DROP
Cleav & Clockwise - League Cup quarter-final brings Chelsea to the Baseball Ground (err, iPro?) today! Newcastle did it, now it's the Rams' turn
I had a similar day Sunday. Juve tied Sampdoria and Roma faced Genoa a few hours later with the chance to make up some ground (a chance that was squandered last weekend). Thirty minutes in the Genoa keeper is sent off and a penalty awarded - backup goalie is thrown into his first Serie A game....and makes the save. Roma finally score a nice goal 10 minutes later, but 10 man Genoa frustrate further efforts for the remainder of the match and then get the equalizer deep...
Tough one for the Rams Those 6 pointers can be killers!
Gotcha - so it's just that the Riemers run larger than the Dents...
Be careful there - unless you know all the 'codes' (wide stance, toe-tapping, etc.), you may be getting yourself into something you didn't bargain for.
If you don't mind me asking, what is the sizing problem? I'm a 8.5 in lined gloves - do you think an 8 for unlined would be better?
Hmm, I had no idea. I was on a 4 or 5 around 6 o'clock (Wall to USQ) - a train had just left as I came down the stairs, but another arrivved w/in 2 mins. - not crowded, quick ride up to USQ. Traffic was good, too. Drove out to Flushing around 7:15 - quick ride up 3rd Ave - no tunnel congestion and flowing LIE .....
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