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nobody watching the footie these days?
the new bluestone (?) finally opened in the watson bldg - luv that the coffee guy had an aussie accent! the counterpeople however are are no better than fast food workers. wondered what a 'jaffle' was and couldn't read the little explanatory sheet b/c i didn't have my glasses. so i asked the clueless cashier and her response was "everything is explained on this' pointing to the tiny type i couldn't read. flat white was good
Am I the only one who was distracted by his tie length? What's the excuse? Did he grab an XL by mistake? Just retie it for goodness sake!
Of course! The old backwards-reverse-internal foldin
Be careful - this might be a fetish thing (like used underwear), no?
Did Prince lighten his skin the way Michael Jackson did? I saw his high school yearbook photo and there seems to be quite a difference.
Totti comes on late and sets in motion the the winning goal! Roma 1 Napoli 0 Of course the downside is that Juve clinch scudetto
Down 1-2, Tottti comes off the bench in the 85th and quickly scores tying goal & winner!
Kismet! I may have told this before: my dad joined a fishing club in the poconos many years ago. after his 1st visit i asked him how it went - "great place, nice guys, you gotta come check it out. the only bad thing was that i lost my favorite flybox on the river". i finally got a chance to go the next season. it was the middle of the week so no one was around - usually you have to stick to your chosen beat but we could wander their whole stretch of water (tribs of...
Barca stumble, again! Another fun Leicester match! Serie A is moribund
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