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You forgot the Pantheon!! Piazza di Popolo Piazza Navona Circus Maximus Vittorio Emmanuele's "Wedding Cake" The Jewish Ghetto Trastevere The Borghese Gradens Too many churches to list... I really love the Ara Pacis (Augustus' Altar of Peace - right across from his mausoleum) We went to a photography show at the new Maxxi Museum - well worth a look..
lefty - check this out
don't turn off your tv
Often they are smoking a cigarette while checking their phone (while "riding")!*spellcheck!
Did move again? I thought I would have seen him in the 'hood by now...
We always try to tailor restaurants around our sightseeing rather than seek out destination spots. There are so many good places that it is hard to go wrong if you put in a little effort, i.e. avoid tourist traps (menu in 4 languages), ask around, do a little research. Almost every neighborhood has good solid spots favored by locals. This Christmas we took a cooking class that was a lot of fun: met our teacher at the Testaccio market, picked out our menu/ingredients and...
G - Sorry to be obtuse, but three of the pix show the same nice sweater in a single (cool?) grey color without the bull patches. Is this just meant to show what the single color option would look like (except that it would have the bull patches)?
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