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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post I'm getting confused about all these Suarez controversies. So much information and opinion to chew on and digest. I wish there was a good bite-sized synopsis that I could sink my teeth int you said a mouthful there, but i dunno - this may be an example of the press biting off more than they can chew (or their eyes are bigger than their stomach?), i mean they've really torn into this story w/ gusto - a couple of sound bites and the...
France was not the defending champion
This may be my least favorite goal celebration, along w/ RVP's tongue-out and the new CR7 flex...So undignified...
Spain may very well end up being the France of this year's competition
So I see these guys lined up at the new lunch place all ordering what looks like Guinness - fairly viscous, slow-pouring out of a beer tap. It is actually nitrogen-infused cold brew that is aged in a keg for a couple of months (maybe years? ). Anyone had it? Supposed to more flavorful...
This is my t-shirt for today
Currents! (I think) You get Alaska water, while we get Caribbean water
You know John Lennon lifted opening to Revolution from Pee Wee Crayton's Do Unto Others, right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Dfh9QIjR3Q&feature=kp
Are we talking homeless scavengers or freegans?
I knew it .....
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