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Not that they get a ton of use, but our 20-yr old DDs are holding up great
Did move into the nabe yet? I have not seen him around....
They are the Dana Design folks, yes?
Beautiful fish! 'Sea trout' = sea-run brown, yes? Amazing spots - looks like a leopard! We got back from Montana a week ago. Fished the Blackfoot and Clark Fork: LOW water and tons of smoke from Idaho fires (mainly) but fishing was good. My wife got a bull trout!
I watch the show and really enjoy it. When the guys are "on", and they usually are, the hilarious sarcasm rises to a level of comedic genius that is thoroughly enjoyable. My only complaint is that their rapid fire commentary is sometimes difficult to follow. I just wish the show were longer - I haven't bothered with the podcasts but am rethinking that...Roma contribute to Juve's worst start in over a hundred years!
That's a good boy, Lefty! My only fishing has been friending Xenie Hall (the Low & Clear guy, not TVZ's son) and looking at his daily pix We are going out to Montana in August but water level forecastts are looking dismal already....
Tuesday night, Jon Corzine, looking none the worse for wear, at Covenant House event... Last weekend, up at kidz hockey tournament in Massachusetts: Emmit Smith, Pete Rose & Bobby Hull (autograph convention at one of the hotels, I believe). Would not have recognized ES but someone told me and put us on alert for others....
Isn't Savage the guy who had a contest to see who could come up with the best gay sex-related noun/verb/adj that didn't really have a specific name, and the winner was christened 'Santorum'?
Loved the Onion article cite
I doubt that he's just doing "the right thing". DOJ probably contacted his attys about impending indictment Forza Roma!
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