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Cleav - do you know the Len Price 3 (out of Kent, I believe): https://youtu.be/H76hBVukvQ4?t=26
It seems like the Monitaly Field Jackets run significantly smaller through the chest than the Mountain Parka (or Bomber)
So, DEP has the intersection of Broadway & 12th St totally ripped up for some kind of underground pipe maintenance that is tying up traffic both down Broadway and across 12th. There's a giant flatbed loaded with the sidewalk shed that is about to engulf the Strand bookstore (same intersection), PLUS a huge crowd lined up under the rising scaffolding waiting to see lil' Wayne (sp?) who is doing a signing inside. Throw in a dozen cops (commander-types, not flatfoots) who...
Very nice Josh - fall fishing is the best. You need to work on your camera angle - he looks a little "played" ! We only got a couple of days in this summer up in Maine, but everyon, incl wife and sons, caught fish If you are inclined, check out Alex "Xenie" Hall. He lives down in Pagosa Springs & is a true fishing fiend/god. Look @ his FB feed: takes a (good) picture of every fish he catches - you will be envious!
Listening to the Trump last night I kept hearing Jack Klompus (the guy who lives next to Morty Seinfeld at the Del Boca Vista condos down in Florida) Also, his hand gestures (and sleeve length) really do draw attention to his short fingers...
Thnx - I think a Medium might be good for me
Norwegian Rain! You guys didn't mention that.... Greg - what size Geneve are you wearing in the picture (the one you say is a size too small): L?
Elvis' guitar player Scotty Moore! http://www.npr.org/2016/06/29/484043696/scotty-moore-essential-rock-n-roll-sideman-dies-at-84
Not too big (but not too small) Not too thick (but not too thin) Not too many card slots (but not too few)
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