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I am not usually a big pix guy (mostly for technological reasons) but these new guys from NMWA made me go the extra mile
Bicyclists suck! Not the strings of tourist families on Citibikes (although they suck too), but bike messengers - I really think it is time for a mandatory 24 hour incarceration & $1000 fine for any violation these f#ckers commit. Within a 12 hour period I witnessed: 1) Biker flying down the street the wrong way (talking on phone) - pedestrian steps into the cross walk (looking left for oncoming traffic) - the biker swerves to miss him and hits the curb (hah!) Loses his...
Had a really good iced coffee from La Colombe. They seem to make a regular iced with a shot of espresso - very tasty and refreshing.
whenever i see someone getting their coffee ground in the store i think "well, maybe they really are going to brew up a couple of gallons when they get home", but you know that's just not the case....
foo - this stuff will all look good south of 14th...
yes, vanity! there's a fellow hockey dad i see at practice who resembles vanity's avatar so much that i (internally) gave him the moniker "sbd" when i couldn't recall "vanity". then i went to recall vanity's name in this thread and realize i've transposed their identities. thank you - henceforth he will be vanity....
sautee w/ chicken breasts/cutlets
who was the guy again w/ the "epic" flatulence/mass transit posts (among others) that got banned a few years back?
i picked up a refurbished la barazza encore a couple of weeks ago for the same $ - looks brand new to me. i also have a capresso(?) that costs a little less (new) that does a good job and may be even easier to clean
Waiting for what seems like forever as this 20-something hipster gal asks question after question about almost every single giant barrel of beans (in Agata&V), Finally selects 3/4 of a pound of organic something-or-other and then seems a little confused when the salesperson asks how she wants it ground: "Hmmm, I dunno....like, I guess we'll be doing mostly pourovers..."
New Posts  All Forums: