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This is where I seem to have problems - I've never been able to locate this section goodness knows what i've missed out on...
you both could be right!
that jacket's got a cultural revolution vibe going
Pio _ We took your advice (I think:confused:) and got an Acura MDX - aside form all the tech stuff that I dont' know how to use we're really luvin' it!
No coffee?!
Saw a car today that I couldn't identify. It was parked in the garage of a house that was easily $2 million. All I could see was the logo, on the rear of the car, it appeared to be a pair of upswept bird wings with two words beneath it. The rear of the car was rectangular. Car was a two seater, couldn't tell whether it was convertible. Looked new, not vintage. Wasn't Ferrari, Lambo, Vette, Porsche, etc. Any thoughts? Thunder Bird!
And what size would fit a U.S. 40?
Cheeky Demba Ba!
Punahou grads gonna be shoppin'!
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