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Was out in MT X-C skiing for the holiday and spent a 1/2 day on the Gallatin. First time I've fished in winter - was't too bad and hooked some fish, but the wading (even knee-deep) was a little unnerving. I'd compare it to walking across a 5 inch beam suspended above the ground: 3 inches in the air (summertime) and you can back and forth all day w/o thinking about slipping/falling, and if you do no big deal. Winter wading is like raising the beam 100 feet - not so easy...
No shame in C21 bargains, as long as you consciously avoid the thundering herds. Any finds/scores/kops made during peak hours are offset by having to endure the choking throngs of humanity - the indignity is worse than having to pay full price!
UC - double scarfer! Where's the Astrakhan from? Wearing mine today....
he still looks like an idiot. i'm surprised no one has yanked that thing off his head yet
I didn't consider this, but somehow I really doubt it.
This one's a little strange: there's a guy whose job it is to take care of the bathrooms for maybe 20 floors (just one or two Gents per/floor). He checks for 'spills', replaces burned out light bulbs, fills the soap dispensers, changes the TP, monitors urinal cake disintegration and cleans up the sinks. You'll see him a couple of times of month on the various floors that he services, doing a lousy job w/ a smile on his face, accompanied by the little supply cart that he...
this. but i kinda dig yolandi
I won? mimo, you are too gracious,grazie mille what do i do now?
Sorry - how about $350?
oops, I mean $320
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