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A miserable Marxist shite!
I love it! Derby throw w/ just a minute left - no time wasting - just chuck it back to the keeper! And Paul Breitner had just won the World Cup the previous summer.....* "A Charlie George special!" is what we called all goals scored from outside the penalty area...
I will watch game after work. Believe it or not I think that kit is dark brown Back in my Shoot subscription days just about every team wore Umbro, and IIRC Mitre was the ball of choice! Truth be told I was flipping around waiting for Liverpool-Chelsea to start Roma provide all the heartbreak I need right now. Arsenal was my original English team after a trip to Highbury back in the early 70's, but now I kinda go w/ the underdog, and always against ManU (sorry...
Sempre!Saw the Shotton(sp?) & Hendry goals on Saturday, and then the final score - Rams do the business! Also, the Umbro kit
if you are looking for hard pants, then ed is your man
Been lookin' for some pents!
Waylon Speed
ok, i'm going to have to check in w/ uefa.com...
from your lips to god's ears, cleav! hah - funny story here - a referee's worst nightmare: http://www.football-italia.net/58224/rocchi-runs-roma-fans
hoping to avoid humiliation this afternoon - forza roma!
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