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I may be too old for this stuff - 90% of those people look ridiculous to me....
There is a sweet old lady in our building who took a real shine to our twin boys, especially after she learned that they went to the same school her children had attended. Gracious, elegant and refined, a nicer person you could not have for a neighbor. Last weekend a note went up in the mail area that she had passed away. G.G. was an exceptional woman who will be...
West Ham v. Everton FA Cup thriller! Great game, and exciting PSO - all even after 9 shots - Spanish keepers face each other and Everton's puts his shot off the bar - WH keeper whips off his gloves and buries his kick - Big Sam and the crowd at the Boleyn start blowing bubbles!
2 goals from totti save roma from derby humiliation
I realize were going into s/s, but for next year's cold season maybe moorer coats? i think bloomies (barneys?) might carry a basic model, but i think the better ones maybe unavailable here. p.s. love my tie your ties!
Didn't know they made chips! I am a big fan of their (slightly spicy) relish...
Have you guys tried Route 11 (I think) chips? Love the dill pickle!
This is sort of what I do, minus the preheat and weighing everything - I like to do the 'bloom' thing, tooHonest question: do you guys really have scales in your kitchen?
Well, I was an English major and my high school chemistry class was almost 40 years ago! Anyway, I certainly get the gist of what you're saying and thank you for elucidating the issue...
you lost me at 'refractometer'
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