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yes, vanity! there's a fellow hockey dad i see at practice who resembles vanity's avatar so much that i (internally) gave him the moniker "sbd" when i couldn't recall "vanity". then i went to recall vanity's name in this thread and realize i've transposed their identities. thank you - henceforth he will be vanity....
sautee w/ chicken breasts/cutlets
who was the guy again w/ the "epic" flatulence/mass transit posts (among others) that got banned a few years back?
i picked up a refurbished la barazza encore a couple of weeks ago for the same $ - looks brand new to me. i also have a capresso(?) that costs a little less (new) that does a good job and may be even easier to clean
Waiting for what seems like forever as this 20-something hipster gal asks question after question about almost every single giant barrel of beans (in Agata&V), Finally selects 3/4 of a pound of organic something-or-other and then seems a little confused when the salesperson asks how she wants it ground: "Hmmm, I dunno....like, I guess we'll be doing mostly pourovers..."
It seems like ubes are becoming more numerous and adopting the default driving style of regular cabs (i.e. aggressive & semi-reckless). At least w/ yellow cabs their color serves as a warning beacon of sorts and it is relatively easy to monitor them (from a driver's perspective). With ubers they appear out of nowhere, and are becoming more of a nuisance...
I am glad isn't down here yet and forced to witness this. He might get a bad first impression....
Thanks for the reminder! Saw Helen Mirren 2 weeks ago in the new Westside Market (on 3rd Ave. ) buying groceries.
Not Modell's. I hope! Are you in residence?
Didn't relaize folks were waiting for an update. When grinder arrives (maybe today?) I will grind a cup for you! (no hazelnut)
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