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Punahou grads gonna be shoppin'!
Like Obama?
I think it it is either a) truly 1st time flying and they don't know how things work - worried someone will get their seat; b) vestige mentality from the time they had to flee homeland (think US embassy downfall of Saigon) or just general chaotic nature of air travel in their homeland; or c) worried overheads will fill up and there won't be room for all the sh!t they're carrying onflight was Jacksonville to LGAa wheelchair was employed here in an attempt to gain a...
The answer has appeared (not Maldivians)! On a related note, apparently their wheelchair ruse is not at all uncommon, in fact airline personnel even have a name for it - 'the miracle of flight'. A not insignificant percentage of those who get pre-boarded because of a disability that confines them to a wheelchair are miraculously cured in-flight and bolt off the plane upon arrival. Not uncommon to see wheelchairs that are lined up for an arriving flight (based on the...
you guys and your stereotypes! no one's guessed correctly yet...
you have to be more specific
This is more for the "I can't believe I just saw___" thread, but I couldn't locate it so I'll relate here: Large group (extended family) w/ tonsof sh!t waiting at the gate to board flight . They seem completely out of touch w/ airport etiquette and procedure, and are very nervous and excited about making sure that they all get on the plane w/ all their stuff. Pre-boarding is announced and several people in wheelchairs are boarded (you can almost see the lightbulb go...
Would happen to know how this translates to tablespoons and ounces?
Is that an old Belted Cow pattern?
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