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Roma away unveiled in Beantown!
pretty sure it's brooklyn roasting - maybe you walk across 11th
tommy's taxi http://www.davidbroscarservice.com/summer_schedule
I always feel like the boat ride is not really part of the journey. Once you arrive at the ferry (and make the boat!) the trip is over. For this reason I always think of FI as being extremely convenient. Sure, you can get stuck in 2+ hours of traffic on a Friday, but that is when you take the train. We go out Saturday mornings - leave the garage by 8:15 and we're at the boat in under an hour - plenty of time to get gas and easily make the 9:30. And as gdl said, the...
it is easy to miss (just got stand-up sidewalk sign). they seem to use african/asian beans which i think are roasted by brooklyn roasters. they said they do their single varietals (? ) a little lighter (more pronounced flavours don'r get 'roasted out'), and the blends darker (although i could have that backwards) - i bought some espresso beans today (india, ethiopian iirc)
Those pretzels are making me thirsty!
Mamma mia! Where did those come from?!
baron - although this may not be very practical, another good way to "pick" is to actually attend a match if you happen to be somewhere and the local teams interest you (and even if they don't)we had a fantastic youth coach who was scottish, so we always heard stories from him (and had that accent running through our heads). his connections got us a game against the celtic boys club who were visiting the nyc area - reigning european youth champs (so we were told), we were...
don't arbitrarily pick! i would consider these factors: country/league, club history, past/current players, and most importantly, uniforms
check out city of saints!
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