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Loved the Onion article cite
I doubt that he's just doing "the right thing". DOJ probably contacted his attys about impending indictment Forza Roma!
the guys at our garage are "officially" prohibited from washing cars, although a couple of them on the night shift will do it - they make such a big thing about not letting the boss know that I'm always afraid to bring it up....ironically, i finally tried a new carwash place on queens blvd yesterday at lunch - early evening saw us fording some low areas on the midtown tunnel approach and the grand central filled w/ over a foot of chocolatey water
Non-Baller question: our Acura MDX is a year old and we just got a notice that our navigation system is 'ready for a map update'. Do people do this or is it a BS service (like an extended warranty offer)? We do use it now and then when we're out of town in unfamiliar places
it is a sacred godgiven constitutional right, that's how! i'd think a gun nut would jump, not balk, at this relative bargain. folks elect to pay upwards of 5G/yr to avoid rding the bus - surely no 2nd amendmenter worth his armorpiercing ammo is going to blink at an adminstrative fee less than $2/day to pack heat - you pay more to read the newspaper...
sorry but $660/yr is not prohibitively expensive, in fact it strikes me as relative bargain - park a car anywhere and you are spending many X that
I believe so....although now that i think about it, maybe spring bears ARE good, because they are eating mostly plants and have not started consuming carrion yet...
I've heard bears caught in the spring are not good eatingOn North Woods Law (Animal Planet show my kids like) all the Maine trailer folks love moose
i love dogs (all animals, really) but i don't think you should move into a non-dog building and then pull the 'my doctor says i need emotional support' routine (and cost the building $$$ in the process)
this woman had the right answer (I'm deaf) but i laughed b/c she obviously heard the question posed by the manager. i thought maybe she read lips so i looked down at her dog (so she couldn't see mine) and said to it 'well you must have good hearing but how is your english?" the dog barked at me and the woman said that he alerts her when someone has 'attitude'
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