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have had 2 "pour-overs" - not a fan
Roma in Moscow - time to get warm!
Those cuffs are a little narrow for but igent for sure....nothing is worth a long wait unless you haven't eaten in a day and it is the only place open to get food
Trains have been FU'd all week
Haven't seen it but is supposed to be great Has anyone seen this yet?
^^^^^ There you go . Do the math: _bunga bunga parties X _under-aged starlets/party X the cost of a scarf (more than a tie I would guess) Throw in some state visits and there you have it
Group! thnx
What is the "G" in GMTO?
And that water is pretty murky Nobby wif 'is teef in!
'At's awlright, Argie, come on in for a scrub!
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