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This is the wrong thread (but there is nothing over in the 2014/2015 one either)
You know, that guy from Italy...
I was so proud of my kids who said "Hey look, JZ & Beyonce are sitting w/ Beckham and Fabio Cannavaro!"
You are talking about crossing against the light because there is no traffic except for a single cab that appears to be turning? Or are you crossing with the light where a turning cab is slowing down to give to you the right of way, but then senses a moments hesitation on your part and guns it through the turn?Now that we're driving a lot more I have major issues w/ the 50% of pedestrians who walk around w/ their head up their ass! (not directed at you)
They looked good at the San Siro!
This veers off a little from the thread's declared purpose: I pass this memorial stone on the way to our pew each week and am always struck by the powerful epitaph Edith Corse Evans was one of only four First Class women who died on the Titanic (according to legend, Evans had recently consulted a fortune teller in London, who warned her to “beware of the water”). Having missed the first round of lifeboats, Evans began searching for another with a passenger named...
Yes, parents are from Sardegna (Cagliari proper, IIRC)Pjanic in the dying minutes!
I highly recommend this blog which should give you something to chew on: http://www.tweedinthecity.com/
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