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suarez! barca cruising...
and it hadto be nasri, that miserable little tw@t!
Ibra vs. messi iberian battle royale!
Sempre, Cleav! I was too nervous to click on for txt updates (and am dvr'ing) but you have given me coraggio....
The most highly anticipated release since Chinese Democracy is now available!
pB - FYI, Grande Monuments is featured on Jeremiah's blog today
I don't know if the ginko tree in our driveway has detoured you at all recently, but I am always on the lookout....
You mean in real life, right? I'm sure that's the case, it's just the on-line persona and some hearsay anecdotes from an old office mate make me
Finally had a sighting today. It was a little disappointing to tell you the truth - looked nothing like the many shots we've all seen - a little schlocky even. Taller (heavier? ) than I had expected. Don't think he was even wearing tie - i guess there was a little sprezz thing going on w/ his Barbour jacket, but I was hoping for some bespoken splendor. He did look at my shoes...
another wasted opportunity! utd take on the saints today - any score?
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