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exactly! my first was from st*rbucks (they were "out" of regular coffee, but offered to make me a cup via the pour(poor)-over method - (unsurprisingly) terrible. my second was from a fancy-schmancy (3rd wave, i'm guessing) place and it was just a dishwatery as the first one. no more pour-overs for me!
Sempre Typical though - they just cannot take their fate into their own hands and seal the deal. Fortuna took a capricious turn today, w/ CSKA & City doing their business in the final minute....
yes, w/ everyone w/ something to play for (except bayern!)!
Just playing advocate here: what makes a club synthetic?
The plot thickens - Benatia (former Roma player) brings down Aguero to concede penalty and is dismissed as ManC take the lead over Bayern midway through the 1st half
CSKA at the death!
Totti gol!
have had 2 "pour-overs" - not a fan
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