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to sell more jerseys i thinkbein is broadcasting tonight & i have dvr set!
Coppa tonight 8:45 (Rome time) - game against Parma was called b/c of rain, which is in the forecast for this evening as well, but I can't imagine it being as bad as it was Sunday
Nantes - PSG wasn't a bad game...
Cleav - Domani, Roma v Napoli may be more your cup of tea
can't log on - site's clogged!
and those crazy cows are the source of the famous bistecca fiorentina!
need to do a 180 rotateNo Man Rides the Elevator Alone
watched 1st half at stoke - that blue checked strip is really atrocious. evans, jones out, carrick deflection - the misery continues...
Mamma mia - Osvaldo back to the peninsula! Hernanes to Inter!
Even if you cut the head off - watch out!
New Posts  All Forums: