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thnx - not sure what "open a tab" means - i did it as 2 different ordersalso, i'm getting mixed up on the discount - is it automatic, or do you need to do SF10? (SF20?). I did do it on the liner and it seemed to reduce the price, so maybe it's not automatic? can you guys check my coat amount?
Struggling with the NR pre-order - if I'm getting a coat+liner is the checkout doable as a single step, or do I have to do them separately? Once I order the coat I'm unable to 'continue shopping' and then go find the liner to add to my cart...
So the Sacramento Kings(?) give out "Year of the Monkey" t-shirts to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year, only to have to take them back when some players object that they are racially insensitive given that it is Blackhistory month...
Cleav - who are you cheering for this afternoon? Up the Rams!
Dryden are good and fair (although that doesn't mean not expensive). We've used them for 20 years, and my wife's family a good deal longer than that. Very nice family. We were bummed when they got priced off 4th Ave., but they landed on their feet with the nice spot on 13th...
Love the Corsica ! - better than Phocea or Nizza IMO, although I haven't tried the reserve blends. Now they've got all these 'workshop' beans less is more sometimes....* have been drinking A&V's french roast for the last week or so - not complaining
Saw Rafa watching the game @ Anfield yesterday. He really likes to keep those glasses clean!
not sure what this means my post was meant in jest - vox is tweeting some good, snarky (made up) stuff from pitti (where i doubt he is)
i thought vox said gdl had lost the beard!?
Garcia's finalllly gone De Rossi's father to fill in until Spalletti arrives
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