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Roma, mamma mia!
The stuffed animal thing is a little weird for a 23 yr old male. Also, I'm sure the idea that a pee bottle is one of his most important possessions is disquieting for his fellow employees. He's probably a "morning guy", but what if you need to drop a deuce once you've settled in for the night?
So I got behind a pair of slowpokes (not old or infirm) going up the subway stairs. As they appeared to be deep in conversation I slowed my pace and fell in behind them - at least they weren't staring at their phones trying to text! When I got to the top I realized they were not talking to each other but rather on their phones (doing that hands-free thing that makes you look like a crazy person talking to themselves) engaged in separate earnest conversations about...
Highsmith is very good. I think most people are familiar w/ the movie adaptations (Strangers on a Train & Talented Mr Ripley) - I've read a couple of the Ripley books and am looking forward to some of her other stuff - maybe the Lesbian S&M story(?), "The Price of Salt"
You should look at the Glaser Traveler - as dieworker mentioned, they do very nice work. http://www.glaserdesigns.com/Pages/Briefcases/TravelersBriefcases/TravelBriefPD5DealBag.html P.S. Are you are fisherman?
Don't argue with your wife-to-be as you will lose, whatever the outcome. You have 2 choices: either 1) get a grey suit and wear one of the ties you posted, or 2) wear your navy suit and get a tie that conforms. Vanda has a beautiful navy-cream prince of wales
Was in B&N USQ for the first time in over a year (maybe more) yesterday. Patti Smith was appearing later that evening to promote her new book and people were claiming seats well over 3 hours in advance! 3:30 and most were taken (she was reading @ 7). You could not even go in the seating area unless you had purchased a book There was a roadie/tech crew who were going through a sound check ("test, test, 1, 2, 3, test") for all the microphones (there was more than one!)
Maybe switch to R @ USQ - take it 3 stops to City Hall which is 2 min walk to Fulton St
The two IRT lines are total cattle cars,especially during the rush. People attempt to mitigate the experience the by seeking out end cars or varying their arrive/depart time, but even these remedies offer scant relief. What is your start point? Is the R an option?
No, 3 inch is not all that skinny, but remember, when Kent took on his title 10+ years ago the trend in tie widths had fluctuated toward the wide-end of good taste (3.75"!). I believe his moniker was more of a rallying cry to put a halt to the ever-widening trend (4" - don't go there!) and return to a more reasonable width, especially for skinnier guys...
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