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I saw that Eidos Hunting (? - the one w/ the big J scooped pockets) jacket the other day - really nice,,,,
Kent was (is? ) King of the 3 Inch Tie. A number of years ago I gifted a bunch of narrower ties to him and shared a nice Lebanese shawarma lunch .
I knew (sort of) this guy whose daughter ended up like this, although he claimed it wasn't his idea. I mentioned that the mom must have thought it looked it good and he took a huge glug from his beer and shrugged his shoulders: "You know how Spanish people are..." (his wife is Colombian )Scottish NEDS!
Nice job lefty!
That LS polo looks delicious!
Have you left Sir Humphrey? Napoli thrashed Lazio at the San Paolo yesterday - would've been a good match to check out. Where are you staying? Lots of good food, coffee, vino, art, etc. - fantastic city but may not be for everyone (i.e. the urban-averse)
Never showed much - he did get playing time early in the year due to Balzaretti's injury but didn't impress.
POS Suarez says Florenzi's goal was "a slice of luck"
Did he hurt himself during his little diving escapade?
Good article about Joe Perry's sexual awakening under Judy Carne's tutelage:http://www.vulture.com/2014/10/joe-perrys-sexual-awakening.html#
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