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Any chance of getting some sizing info on the Big John shorts? S, M, L
Juve stumble!
+ 1To the bend in Doyers ("the bloody angle"), down the steps and past the buddah w/ the burned-down-butt/glass-of-cold-tea offering. Great food & prices - we ate there regularly for 10+ years, assuming it would always be there....Interesting from wiki:Early in the century, the bend in the street became known as "the Bloody Angle" because of numerous shootings among the Tong Gangs of Chinatown that lasted into the 1930s.[4] Hatchets were frequently used, leading to the...
thnx - what is the 38 pop chest - 41.2?
I'm asking b/c the Inglese (which I've not worn) looks to be a full inch + slimmer than the Mazzarelli (which I have worn) in the same size. The 38 Mazzarelli is good on me w/ a 41.7 chest - not sure the 39 Inglese (w/ a 40.6 chest) would work. Are you saying the pop is looser to the extent I'll be OK, or would I go up to a 39?
Now I am getting worried! Are there any measurements on the popovers yet? Is sizing the same as the regular cotton shirts?
That's home of the shoo, no?
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