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Maybe switch to R @ USQ - take it 3 stops to City Hall which is 2 min walk to Fulton St
The two IRT lines are total cattle cars,especially during the rush. People attempt to mitigate the experience the by seeking out end cars or varying their arrive/depart time, but even these remedies offer scant relief. What is your start point? Is the R an option?
No, 3 inch is not all that skinny, but remember, when Kent took on his title 10+ years ago the trend in tie widths had fluctuated toward the wide-end of good taste (3.75"!). I believe his moniker was more of a rallying cry to put a halt to the ever-widening trend (4" - don't go there!) and return to a more reasonable width, especially for skinnier guys...
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts - poor Arsenal
Fox Multi-Match Whip-around is positively dizzying Bayern pouring it on. POS Roma have conceded twice thrice! to the Belarussians...
Teaser pic = molte domande ! Give the poor guys a chance to get the stuff up online....
I saw that Eidos Hunting (? - the one w/ the big J scooped pockets) jacket the other day - really nice,,,,
Kent was (is? ) King of the 3 Inch Tie. A number of years ago I gifted a bunch of narrower ties to him and shared a nice Lebanese shawarma lunch .
I knew (sort of) this guy whose daughter ended up like this, although he claimed it wasn't his idea. I mentioned that the mom must have thought it looked it good and he took a huge glug from his beer and shrugged his shoulders: "You know how Spanish people are..." (his wife is Colombian )Scottish NEDS!
Nice job lefty!
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