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Finally had a sighting today. It was a little disappointing to tell you the truth - looked nothing like the many shots we've all seen - a little schlocky even. Taller (heavier? ) than I had expected. Don't think he was even wearing tie - i guess there was a little sprezz thing going on w/ his Barbour jacket, but I was hoping for some bespoken splendor. He did look at my shoes...
another wasted opportunity! utd take on the saints today - any score?
dopey - how many days w/ each combination? a couple of days each or do you just do a day apiece (so you are down to 0-4 in 4 days)?
Is the Acura MDX considered ugly? We are 5G miles into our ownership - everyone likes it so far
Do you ever look at Jeremiah's Vanishing New York? At first I thought it was cool (not the disappearing, just his chronicling) but after a few visits it is really depressing....http://vanishingnewyork.blogspot.com/
doh! saturday night before carol burnett show...
i thought i just saw him & his beard on the villa bench a few weeks ago?
could not find bhowie's house so ended up at eastern standard. should not have ordered turkey - wasn't very good and everything else looked much better vinotecca monica(?) for lunch one day - eh sh!tty pizza across from garden b4 bruins' game durgin park at father-in-law's insistence () best was lunch @ b&g oyster
wondering if my favorites are in good taste? (in rough chron order) honeymooners f-troop / hogan's heroes / mccale's navy odd couple all in the family m*a*s*h* cheers simpsons seinfeld (no more tv after that)
I recall the by-line: High noon in Guadalajara!Roma back on track and take apart Inter - nice goal here from new defender (12th man to score this year):
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