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isn't that the tombstone place (that sells bread) that you go by every day that is now turning into a tattoo parlor? your post prompted me to ask you if you read the jeremiah's vanishing new york blog?now the place whose passing you were bemoaning is featured on that same blog!
suarez! barca cruising...
and it hadto be nasri, that miserable little tw@t!
Ibra vs. messi iberian battle royale!
Sempre, Cleav! I was too nervous to click on for txt updates (and am dvr'ing) but you have given me coraggio....
The most highly anticipated release since Chinese Democracy is now available!
pB - FYI, Grande Monuments is featured on Jeremiah's blog today
I don't know if the ginko tree in our driveway has detoured you at all recently, but I am always on the lookout....
You mean in real life, right? I'm sure that's the case, it's just the on-line persona and some hearsay anecdotes from an old office mate make me
New Posts  All Forums: