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Have you guys read (I think the movie may be more popular) Midnight Express? Same deal: 1970 American Billy Hayes is caught trying to smuggle a couple of pounds of hash at the Istanbul airport and is sentenced to life in a Turkish prison. You can guess the rest....(escapes after a few years)
not sure exactly how the fox stations work, but what used to be fox soccer on twc is now fs1 (400). there is also fs2 (401) - the game was on foxsp (419), if that makes any sense. sorry, i don't know anything about streaming
it was on fox sports
Roma, mamma mia!
The stuffed animal thing is a little weird for a 23 yr old male. Also, I'm sure the idea that a pee bottle is one of his most important possessions is disquieting for his fellow employees. He's probably a "morning guy", but what if you need to drop a deuce once you've settled in for the night?
So I got behind a pair of slowpokes (not old or infirm) going up the subway stairs. As they appeared to be deep in conversation I slowed my pace and fell in behind them - at least they weren't staring at their phones trying to text! When I got to the top I realized they were not talking to each other but rather on their phones (doing that hands-free thing that makes you look like a crazy person talking to themselves) engaged in separate earnest conversations about...
Highsmith is very good. I think most people are familiar w/ the movie adaptations (Strangers on a Train & Talented Mr Ripley) - I've read a couple of the Ripley books and am looking forward to some of her other stuff - maybe the Lesbian S&M story(?), "The Price of Salt"
You should look at the Glaser Traveler - as dieworker mentioned, they do very nice work. http://www.glaserdesigns.com/Pages/Briefcases/TravelersBriefcases/TravelBriefPD5DealBag.html P.S. Are you are fisherman?
Don't argue with your wife-to-be as you will lose, whatever the outcome. You have 2 choices: either 1) get a grey suit and wear one of the ties you posted, or 2) wear your navy suit and get a tie that conforms. Vanda has a beautiful navy-cream prince of wales
Was in B&N USQ for the first time in over a year (maybe more) yesterday. Patti Smith was appearing later that evening to promote her new book and people were claiming seats well over 3 hours in advance! 3:30 and most were taken (she was reading @ 7). You could not even go in the seating area unless you had purchased a book There was a roadie/tech crew who were going through a sound check ("test, test, 1, 2, 3, test") for all the microphones (there was more than one!)
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