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Murl - Europa not being kind to the kings of Manchester!
Up for sale for almost 1/2 off is a brand new Memory coat I pre-ordered last year from NMWA. Size 5 - the measurements are listed on the NMWA site, but I will be happy to post if anyone needs them.
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post an "interest check", but I have a brand new Stephan Schneider Memory coat (the one NMWA did this past season) SZ V "Fall/Winter 2015 "Memory" coat with removable hood with knit liner Camel wool/cashmere body (90% wool, 10% cashmere) with tonal beige 100% wool knit liner. Please note that this is a different color liner than the one for the beige check version and will reflect the yarn swatch in the photo on this page" I...
Anyone watching CL? Roma hanging on....
Doh! Thinking of Sturridge!
I'm not sure Welbeck got a chance to perform his signature goal celebration in all the excitement - did I miss it?
just curious what the weight of the medium weight fabrics is?
Re: the Field Jackets - are the 550 gram fabrics the heaviest? How do they compare to the "medium weight" fabrics?
Did you find the hat yet?
thnx - not sure what "open a tab" means - i did it as 2 different ordersalso, i'm getting mixed up on the discount - is it automatic, or do you need to do SF10? (SF20?). I did do it on the liner and it seemed to reduce the price, so maybe it's not automatic? can you guys check my coat amount?
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