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I may be too old for this stuff - 90% of those people look ridiculous to me....
West Ham v. Everton FA Cup thriller! Great game, and exciting PSO - all even after 9 shots - Spanish keepers face each other and Everton's puts his shot off the bar - WH keeper whips off his gloves and buries his kick - Big Sam and the crowd at the Boleyn start blowing bubbles!
2 goals from totti save roma from derby humiliation
I realize were going into s/s, but for next year's cold season maybe moorer coats? i think bloomies (barneys?) might carry a basic model, but i think the better ones maybe unavailable here. p.s. love my tie your ties!
Didn't know they made chips! I am a big fan of their (slightly spicy) relish...
Have you guys tried Route 11 (I think) chips? Love the dill pickle!
This is sort of what I do, minus the preheat and weighing everything - I like to do the 'bloom' thing, tooHonest question: do you guys really have scales in your kitchen?
Well, I was an English major and my high school chemistry class was almost 40 years ago! Anyway, I certainly get the gist of what you're saying and thank you for elucidating the issue...
you lost me at 'refractometer'
I think Shaqiri was just signed today - Podolski played against Juve on Tuesday. Osvaldo throws yet another hissyfit and is frozen out and training alone
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