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hey, i realized i can play today -right pents/shooz & cameraphone!
That Damsels in Distress is making the rounds - my dad (80 & technological beginner) sent it to me last week, and Orvis just sent it out in one of their weekly adblasts. * Leave for Argentina in 2 weeks - the Rio Corcovado holds brook trout that rival in size those found in the Minipi watershed in Labrador!
i get their corsica beans fairly often - they taste good to me. pB - what is 'third wavey"?
oh what a time for the cable/dvr to go out!
main claim to fame is that conne lived (grew up?) there....
went into propeller on manhattan - very bizarre place. crowded but deathly quiet (literally not a human voice - only tapping on computers) there was no obvious line, and the spot that looked like where I should go at the corner of the bar would've blocked the way to back so i sidled up to the bar. barrista smiled at me and said hi, so i said hi, i'll have a medium coffee. she responded in an icy tone 'i'll be glad to serve you once i've helped these other people...
I saw result but not the game (kids' soccer tournament and then hockey practice ). Nice to see as Samp (along w/ Cagliari) has been a problem team for us in recent years. Destro must learn to keep his shirt on!
Words to live by: Always expect the unexpected!
Hmmm, running into the Laker's GM at the Laker's practice facility... Memorable, yes. Unexpected? No. But no one else is unexpectedly encountering, so what the hey... I ran into Alec Baldwin & Hilaria outside of the bagel placce a couple of minutes after hearing about Philip Seymour Hoffman's OD
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