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Is this guy a little long in the tooth? I know you don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I'd thoroughly vet those restaurants.
Sturgill Simpson is my new country discovery - he's very good!
Hmmm, Eminem and Randy Newman I hope you see more eye to eye on other subjects!
We had lunch out at L & B Spumoni yesterday - was OK
lawyerdad - I wasn't joking - thanks! omg - that is a real eye opener....
This is where I seem to have problems - I've never been able to locate this section goodness knows what i've missed out on...
you both could be right!
that jacket's got a cultural revolution vibe going
Pio _ We took your advice (I think:confused:) and got an Acura MDX - aside form all the tech stuff that I dont' know how to use we're really luvin' it!
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