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Has Lost Horizons been discussed. I haven't seen too many, but my Suburban is a very nice design in a fairly indestructible horsehide
"This is my rifle, this is my gun! This one's for fighting, this one's for fun!"
thanks for this slips. if you see before i do pls buy him a cup of coffee to welcome him to the neighborhood
!!!! Good luck on the stillwater
Will do! And flight is, what, 3 hrs? The few people (none fisherman) I know who have been all loved it.... Yes, the bull would be a considered fluke as they don't eat bugs so much and should all be be up in their spawning tributaries. But one section of the Blackfoot we floated had a bunch of creeks flowing into it and they were definitely around. I had a couple of 'chases' where I would almost have a cutthroat to the raft and would see a big shadow following it - I...
Not that they get a ton of use, but our 20-yr old DDs are holding up great
Did move into the nabe yet? I have not seen him around....
They are the Dana Design folks, yes?
Beautiful fish! 'Sea trout' = sea-run brown, yes? Amazing spots - looks like a leopard! We got back from Montana a week ago. Fished the Blackfoot and Clark Fork: LOW water and tons of smoke from Idaho fires (mainly) but fishing was good. My wife got a bull trout!
I watch the show and really enjoy it. When the guys are "on", and they usually are, the hilarious sarcasm rises to a level of comedic genius that is thoroughly enjoyable. My only complaint is that their rapid fire commentary is sometimes difficult to follow. I just wish the show were longer - I haven't bothered with the podcasts but am rethinking that...Roma contribute to Juve's worst start in over a hundred years!
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