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Cleav did you see Pjanic's goal vs Milan?
Any US viewers can't stand to listen to that basketball guy (Gus Johnson)?
Do you have a chest measurement for the Niche popovers SZ L?
As teenagers we made a special trip into Playland(?) on 42nd for some pathetically corny IDs - walked into the McCann's next to the Garden and the guy never even blinked at us, much less asked for proof. Went upstairs where a lot of people were smoking pot, and my friend says "why did we waste that time & money on IDs? We're in a bar where you can smoke pot, you think they're going to card us?"
We are always finding out-of-state drivers licenses that NYU kids drunkenly lose in around our building. I tried a bunch of times to contact them via FB but never a single response (I think maybe no one looks at FB 'messages') so I just drop them in the mail....
That is some Ornette Coleman-like sh!t right there! The shape of jazz to come....
Is that the Minnis on top!?
Who does 0-0 favor?
Ooh - I like that Niche popover! Is the sizing on these the same as the Niche Western Denim? I went up 2 sizes on that & it barely fits - 40 chest could probably do w/ an XXL?
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