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Picture of KC Royals celebrating their World Series victory: every player is wearing a matching protective overshirt' and ski goggles as they do their champagne spraying ritual one guy who is taking pictures/filming has on a freakin' poncho.. The whole thing gives off the vibe of a carefully planned kids party where the nervous overprotective parents have provided everyone w/ a smock so they don't get messy eating their cake.
Very nice report, and your English is excellent! I've recently discovered Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander stories and am curious to visit the region (stories take place in Ystad, not far from Malmo) - all I really know is that Ibrahimovic is from Malmo
I was going to mention the Layla scene from Goodfelas - the music almost makes the bodies being discovered appear to be in slow motion - very powerful!
The "texting-while-walking" thing is bad enough, but the folks who have to do it on crowded sidewalks while carrying an open umbrella really should be fined.
Have you guys read (I think the movie may be more popular) Midnight Express? Same deal: 1970 American Billy Hayes is caught trying to smuggle a couple of pounds of hash at the Istanbul airport and is sentenced to life in a Turkish prison. You can guess the rest....(escapes after a few years)
not sure exactly how the fox stations work, but what used to be fox soccer on twc is now fs1 (400). there is also fs2 (401) - the game was on foxsp (419), if that makes any sense. sorry, i don't know anything about streaming
it was on fox sports
Roma, mamma mia!
The stuffed animal thing is a little weird for a 23 yr old male. Also, I'm sure the idea that a pee bottle is one of his most important possessions is disquieting for his fellow employees. He's probably a "morning guy", but what if you need to drop a deuce once you've settled in for the night?
So I got behind a pair of slowpokes (not old or infirm) going up the subway stairs. As they appeared to be deep in conversation I slowed my pace and fell in behind them - at least they weren't staring at their phones trying to text! When I got to the top I realized they were not talking to each other but rather on their phones (doing that hands-free thing that makes you look like a crazy person talking to themselves) engaged in separate earnest conversations about...
New Posts  All Forums: