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Is that the Minnis on top!?
Who does 0-0 favor?
Ooh - I like that Niche popover! Is the sizing on these the same as the Niche Western Denim? I went up 2 sizes on that & it barely fits - 40 chest could probably do w/ an XXL?
Fleshtones guitarist Keith Streng getting on the #1 train, 14th Street
As much as I love fishing, I just can't see ever willingly subjecting myself to the 'combat fishing' conditions. My dad says that our recent Patagonia trip has made Montana seem a little too crowded for him. Forget seeing another angler - you wouldn't see another person all day. One of my sons landed this guy the first day:
nobody watch the football?
^^^ Concur - I initially went down after hearing that they'd stretch a bit, but a full size down was just too snug.
Sterling's 1st was a cracker! Suarez really is a putz.... Moyes out!?!
He is quick!! * Watching last year's Switzerland-Brazil friendly the other night - Alves OG for the Swiss win
another sizing question: can you give me measurements for the Lightning Bolt shirts? M = ? L = ? thnx
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