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All my LP sweaters are 48 or 50, and I don't know how this one got in the mix but my loss is your gain. This light grey Loro Piana v-neck sweater is in perfect condition, and stored w/ cedar blocks. It was worn a couple of times until I noticed how large it was. This will fit a US 42. These very nice sweaters are priced - I think they are close to $1000 now - get yours for much less! PRICE DROP
Cleav & Clockwise - League Cup quarter-final brings Chelsea to the Baseball Ground (err, iPro?) today! Newcastle did it, now it's the Rams' turn
I had a similar day Sunday. Juve tied Sampdoria and Roma faced Genoa a few hours later with the chance to make up some ground (a chance that was squandered last weekend). Thirty minutes in the Genoa keeper is sent off and a penalty awarded - backup goalie is thrown into his first Serie A game....and makes the save. Roma finally score a nice goal 10 minutes later, but 10 man Genoa frustrate further efforts for the remainder of the match and then get the equalizer deep...
Tough one for the Rams Those 6 pointers can be killers!
Gotcha - so it's just that the Riemers run larger than the Dents...
Be careful there - unless you know all the 'codes' (wide stance, toe-tapping, etc.), you may be getting yourself into something you didn't bargain for.
If you don't mind me asking, what is the sizing problem? I'm a 8.5 in lined gloves - do you think an 8 for unlined would be better?
Hmm, I had no idea. I was on a 4 or 5 around 6 o'clock (Wall to USQ) - a train had just left as I came down the stairs, but another arrivved w/in 2 mins. - not crowded, quick ride up to USQ. Traffic was good, too. Drove out to Flushing around 7:15 - quick ride up 3rd Ave - no tunnel congestion and flowing LIE .....
we live in a pretty big building and when the regular mail deliverer (who does a great job) goes on vacation there is a lot of mixed up mail. I once got the Time Warner bill, paid it, and then a couple of days later got another one figured they had accidentally sent a dupe and thought no more of it until the next one which showed we had a balance from the previous month. So I look at the last month's bill that I had paid and it turned out the fill-in mail carrier had...
isn't that the tombstone place (that sells bread) that you go by every day that is now turning into a tattoo parlor? your post prompted me to ask you if you read the jeremiah's vanishing new york blog?now the place whose passing you were bemoaning is featured on that same blog!
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