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Those pretzels are making me thirsty!
Mamma mia! Where did those come from?!
baron - although this may not be very practical, another good way to "pick" is to actually attend a match if you happen to be somewhere and the local teams interest you (and even if they don't)we had a fantastic youth coach who was scottish, so we always heard stories from him (and had that accent running through our heads). his connections got us a game against the celtic boys club who were visiting the nyc area - reigning european youth champs (so we were told), we were...
don't arbitrarily pick! i would consider these factors: country/league, club history, past/current players, and most importantly, uniforms
check out city of saints!
gotcha. how old is your nephew? i would've said 'yes' 5 years ago, but i'm not so sure now, especially since i have no background
pB - have you stopped in city of saints on 10th & fourth ave? i can't give you mumbo-jumbo varietal/pourover stats, but the people were extremely nice, the place is super clean and the coffee was very good (had an americano). the coffeemaker setup is slick AND they have a small but nice selection of goodies (bien cuit croissants, doughnut plant ). i would give it a big
lefty - i don't know how to interpret the d&d reference i haven't felt like this since let slip his transformers infatuation...
Rabbit island is the vaccination spot (little island), right? We DID visit, and stashed a bunch of old goblets and costume jewelry in the underbrush early one morning. Later that day we were all out for a nice paddle w/ the kids (then 5 yrs old) and "came across" a mysterious old map hidden in a hollow log on one of the back ponds. After much deliberation and discernment it was determined that the 'X' was probably Rabbit island so we paddled back and had the kids search...
my wife's friend married into family w/ a camp on spitfire. i love those old st regis-only boats (idem? item?) that you see out there. we always had so-so fishing but one night the scheduled dinner fare got pushed back a day as a cousin had got a laker - big & delicious, fed 15+ people! * everyone we met seemed pretty down to earth, but that is big-timer country
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