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Where are the Napoli & the Loro Piana?
same here (10.5 narrow brannock and get waway w/ 10 in many shoes, went down to 9.5) they fit great - maiden voyage today
madrid i think. athletico probably can't get out from under the 3 goals but i think will be better than italian cup (maybe gomez comes back though ? )
Sher Dog?
i got bored at kidz hockey practice & a guy suggested it - it's a couple of minutes away. saw propeller & champion(?) on the way - do you know them?
got a pound from upright in greenpoint - good coffee
It's hip to be square! They gone...
check the eric glennie collection
Well, more than a starter kit really. Instant collection! 50+ squares: linen, cotton, silk (and a wool or two). Lots of makers: Brioni, Robert Talbott, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Brioni, Turnbull & Asser, Paul Stuart, Ducahmp, Emilio Pucci, etc. USA ship - free pickup in NYC
New Posts  All Forums: