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this is will ellis' new (?) book, lots of interesting stuff - the pix of the abandoned building in the creedmoor psychiatric hospital are truly remarkable. 40+ years of pigeons roosting there has left the place filled w/ mounds of guano several feet deep. an institutional bathroom for the criminally insane would be weird enough - filled it w/ 3 foot piles of pigeon poop makes it positively surreal
they just opened another spot in that strip on 8th st btwn b'dwy & university - haven't stopped in yet. have been going to madman on university across from bagel bob's
Hey - there is a Caffe Bene opening up in the middle of a string of always emptyB'dway storefronts that AY would tell you are good b/c the landlords are maximizing their revenue! * it is caffebene and is south korean!
kyle - is that the 250 donegal shown on the tunic?
agata has very good oj, too
Citarella is still around, at the least the one down in the Village (which DID replace a great store that had some family problems & tried to reopen at 14th & 8th - why can't I remember the name ?***Balducci's! Jefferson Mkt was pretty good, too
This is partly true (depending on your neighborhood). There were/are a handful of places (Fairway, A&V, Garden of Eden, Gourmet Garage, etc.) that bridged the gap nicely. No one is arguing that some improvement in the grocery scene is a bad thing (although there are WF haters) - it is the umpteen Starbucks, Duane Reades, WaWas, 7-11s, etc that are replacing still vibrant & viable businesses who cannot afford the 10X rent increase.
My views on economics are obviously not as informed or as enlightened as yours, but I'm not sure this is the case, Chains can afford these spots b/c of the economic power of the parent company. They can take a $$$ hit for a while and still survive, and they're willing to make the investment in order to have a presence in such a potentially lucrative market. They sell more stuff (DR just about everything) and can bring in more $$$ than say an old fashioned coffee shop or...
What does it mean (in the context of this forum) when someone "gives you reputation" ()
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