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Roma draw again - the scudetto is now probably an impossible dream in other news, phillipe mexes goes crazy
Who saw Ronaldo being sent off against Cordoba? Dusting off the ChampionsLeague badge as he walked off the field - what a prick. My guess is that his breakup w/ super model is effecting more than he would like....
What size is that jacket?
I posted these in the No Man Walks Alone thread as well - does anyone know if Enrique was wearing a Stephan Schneider scarf last night for the Copa game against Athletico?
Luis Enrique looked to be wearing NMWA at last night's Copa match against Athletico - can anyone confirm? ancora:
There's the big fella....
cleav that name rings a bell - did he spend time at birmingham in the 70s?i don't know about tfc - tuned into the spurs game and saw that defoe was back (@ sunderland!) - i think some guys get to msl and find thmeselves terribly disillusioned
Sweaters are from my personal collection and all in perfect condition. 2 beautiful Norwegian ski sweaters, 1/4 zip: Dale of Norway & Skjaeveland. The Dale pattern is the official US Olympic ski team's (not sure which year). Each has an internal drawcord at the waist. The Barbour is VERY heavy, w/ a fleece-lined collar/cuffs, extra long sleeves and thumb holes. You could wear this working outside in freezing temperatures w/ a polypro base layer and be quite...
EFV - Very nice! These seem to me much better - I understand the need to 'stand out', but glad to see many more 'normal' folks in these. Love the 'photographer becomes the photographed' shots. Monsieur Greg looking quite good, and w/ a break in his trousers!
I may be too old for this stuff - 90% of those people look ridiculous to me....
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