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i thought vox said gdl had lost the beard!?
Garcia's finalllly gone De Rossi's father to fill in until Spalletti arrives
D'ya think he'd ever consider taking on a basket case like Roma? Perfect opportunity to take on a real challenge & prove himself again...
Not that anyone really cares about the Coppa d'Italia, but Roma's exit at the hands of Serie B side Spezia spell the end for Garcia I'm afraid....
Good on ya, Claudio! Watched the Chelsea game last night - lotta fun!
Utd fall while City rally commendably. Arsenal, Chelski & Valencia (and Roma!) learn their fate today
No one's gloating! Where are the Leicester lads? Roma are shite again
Wow - a Reading success story! My roommate back in the mid-80s was a college buddy of Bill Thomas - he used to hang out w/ us and was already obsessing about the perfect pair of khakis! He was selling tie-dye ties at the time....
V - What is the width/length on the Scavelli? Grazie
I (sorta) feel your pain. My peeve is extended family meals where everyone has to talk about those who couldn't bother to show up, and then move on to everyone else's medical problems...not general ailments but graphic descriptions of chemo treatments, etc
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