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I am glad isn't down here yet and forced to witness this. He might get a bad first impression....
Thanks for the reminder! Saw Helen Mirren 2 weeks ago in the new Westside Market (on 3rd Ave. ) buying groceries.
Not Modell's. I hope! Are you in residence?
Didn't relaize folks were waiting for an update. When grinder arrives (maybe today?) I will grind a cup for you! (no hazelnut)
^^^^You're putting a damper on this thread
Sub-surface it is - strip those streamers!
You don't need to replace CP. Depending how far west you are, Hudson River Park is a nice alternative - you trade the sea of green for a river view.
very excited. ordered a rebuilt la barazza grinder for fire island! to dedicate for non-hazelnut decaf grinding! summer's coming!
Downtown is not so horrible that you will forever mourn the UWS. Like most things, you'll quickly get used to it and once you're settled in you may even find future trips back to the old 'hood seem like a strange distant land. Are you east or west? West Village is nice (duh), and non-NYU parts of central Village have something to offer. Noho (if I'm thinking of the right are)a is still sleepy at times - ditto Nolita, although all these areas really heat up w/...
I think there is a Bean a few doors up, just down from the Strand Have you been to Madman?
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