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No one's gloating! Where are the Leicester lads? Roma are shite again
Wow - a Reading success story! My roommate back in the mid-80s was a college buddy of Bill Thomas - he used to hang out w/ us and was already obsessing about the perfect pair of khakis! He was selling tie-dye ties at the time....
V - What is the width/length on the Scavelli? Grazie
I (sorta) feel your pain. My peeve is extended family meals where everyone has to talk about those who couldn't bother to show up, and then move on to everyone else's medical problems...not general ailments but graphic descriptions of chemo treatments, etc
Roma reliving their CL ManU thrashing 10 yrs ago....
The other day I saw what appeared to be an old (decomissioned?) beatup unmarked police car cruising very slowly down Broadway. It was painted in primer and had those searchlights near the sideview mirrors. The driver must have been 400+ lbs, in a ratty tank top while his 'partner' was a skinny dude similarly attired. The windows were down and they were blasting Boyz-to-Men-like R&B as they drove along checking out all the pedestrians. Both had eerie empty smiles on...
Not sure this will work... *Forgot caption : Eidos brown boiled wool hunting jacket; Inis Meain Nostoc alpaca & silk Aran cable rollneck sweater; Monitaly chestnut corduroy trousers; Vass brown Longwing boots
That's what eyelids are for (squinting & closing) - cowboy up, you just won the World Series.
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