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I think part of Bayern's problem was that they''ve had the Bundesliga sewn up for so long - these guys play a lot of games and it must be difficult to keep the fire burning
(sigh) big, but not that big. a championship every 33 years...they are (or were) provincial largely by choice. until the americans came in they were quite happy to be the club for romans. their primavera youth system (coached by de rossi's dad) is recognized as one of the better ones in europe and always has good talent in the pipeline , but, w/ a few exceptions, they are not at the juve/milan/inter level when it comes to spending or attracting big names. let's hope...
You would hope so!
Cleav did you see Pjanic's goal vs Milan?
Any US viewers can't stand to listen to that basketball guy (Gus Johnson)?
Do you have a chest measurement for the Niche popovers SZ L?
As teenagers we made a special trip into Playland(?) on 42nd for some pathetically corny IDs - walked into the McCann's next to the Garden and the guy never even blinked at us, much less asked for proof. Went upstairs where a lot of people were smoking pot, and my friend says "why did we waste that time & money on IDs? We're in a bar where you can smoke pot, you think they're going to card us?"
We are always finding out-of-state drivers licenses that NYU kids drunkenly lose in around our building. I tried a bunch of times to contact them via FB but never a single response (I think maybe no one looks at FB 'messages') so I just drop them in the mail....
That is some Ornette Coleman-like sh!t right there! The shape of jazz to come....
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