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Did everyone turn off the telly before the game ended?
Among the old survivirs and vanquished artists who were displaced to cheaper neighborhoods it is accepted wisdom that crime kept prices down and the pink bowtied crowd out. There were more 'cool' people living there and not so many 'a$$holes'. Of course this is the standard complaint w/ gentrification, and it is a legitimate one, but a great number of people (assuming they can afford it or are lucky enough to have rent-controlled housing) are more than happy to trade...
What does this mean? How does 'dry' coffee end up in your drink? I assume this refers somehow to dissolved solids and not to grounds. If I do an initial bloom, and then do the prescribed slow controlled spiraling pour does this obviate the need for stirring? How can you tell the percentage of 'dry' that ends up in your drink?
I have never stirred, let alone vigorously stirred, and have never had underextracted coffee (that means weak, right?). I use a fairly course grind setting
I've been making my morning coffee for a couple of years now w/ a Chemex. I have a fairly simple Capresso burr grinder and put in enough beans so that when I set the grinder to around 6 cups all the beans are done grinding just as the motor times out. I pour enough water for 3-4 largeish (10-12 oz) cups and the coffee is pretty good
Who are the three tailors?
Is using a Chemex to make coffee considered "a pourover"? I know that you "pour" water "over" the grounds, but when one talks of the magical pourover they're referring to the weak watery stuff you have to wait for and costs $$$ in the coffee shop, right?
after his chelsea and milan exploits i can't see him fitting in that side - hope i'm wrongin mid-week news, juve are held by inter and roma win in udine to move w/in 1 point - domenico: roma v. lazio!
Help me understand this - what does 450g of water mean? a cup? 2 cups?
...and Hazard (w/ his big bottom) opens the scoring
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