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Pretty much. 1.5 days in BA at either end, with a week on the ranch (estancia!), which is a couple of hours south of Esquel.Yes, that is remote country. One of the things that strikes me as so cool about Lee Wulff is the thought of him exploring the rivers and lakes of Labrador in his float plane back in the '50's....
Tasty! * fyi - I think the 'IN' chest measurement is off on the first (48) size...
I'm going to pickup the Metro-North sucks chant as others seem to have fallen silent
Where are people seeing that nice coat?
hey, i realized i can play today -right pents/shooz & cameraphone!
That Damsels in Distress is making the rounds - my dad (80 & technological beginner) sent it to me last week, and Orvis just sent it out in one of their weekly adblasts. * Leave for Argentina in 2 weeks - the Rio Corcovado holds brook trout that rival in size those found in the Minipi watershed in Labrador!
i get their corsica beans fairly often - they taste good to me. pB - what is 'third wavey"?
oh what a time for the cable/dvr to go out!
main claim to fame is that conne lived (grew up?) there....
went into propeller on manhattan - very bizarre place. crowded but deathly quiet (literally not a human voice - only tapping on computers) there was no obvious line, and the spot that looked like where I should go at the corner of the bar would've blocked the way to back so i sidled up to the bar. barrista smiled at me and said hi, so i said hi, i'll have a medium coffee. she responded in an icy tone 'i'll be glad to serve you once i've helped these other people...
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